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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Across the Pond


Friends, as you know, I'm currently in Jolly Old England, enjoying my first overseas trip since 2019.  Above is a picture of my guest quarters at Buckingham Palace, where the Queen has been the most welcoming of hosts.  Sure, she spends a lot of time watching her soaps on the telly, but otherwise she's an absolute delight.

In other news, a Republican has won a rare victory in a special Congressional election in south Texas, and, in South Carolina, yet another pro-impeachment RINO went down to defeat to a Trump-endorsed rival.  Note to Liz Cheney: Be afraid.  Be very afraid. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Have you been asked about mass shootings in the States? I've heard that is often the first thing Americans are asked.Please convey my sincere reverence forGood Queen Bess unto her right royal Person!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Re: the article about the, yes, significant Republican win in a South Texas special House election against a dem: the winner is Hispanic and the wife of a border patrol agent. No doubt she has felt the unjust and dangerous excoriation of our dutiful agents fostered by radical dems. Perhaps then, Hispanics are not a monolithic group favoring the dem cause of a completely open and ungoverned southern border. The winner said: "We will Not be taken for granted!"The dems' demonstrated presumptuousness in their casual defense of the seat bodes ill for them. Did they miscalculate or did they give up. ?Too: the loser, Hispanic also ,described himself (counterintuitively, yes?) as a"conservative democrat" . Tell me please: what the hell is that!!?? That is like saying "I am a law abiding criminal, why shore I am". "Oh and I'm a prolife Catholic!" I would say to him: the absurdity of that is refracted by the feeble assertion by Pino Biden that he is dem and proabortion " rights". Such assertion is laughably dismissable!!

    the excoriation

  3. Dr.Wadry from Jack: Declared support from Senator Cruz and Governor Abbot ( in a yet and probably NOT Benoized Texas) was significant in this race! Insolent and presumptuous radicals: you will not capture essential Texas, a damn big and common sense state! Knock ya all out!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack on the nonetheless distant steamy SC: The
    Trump disdaining candidate fluffed!! Even if Trump is discredited by the dem radical onslaught on his character, his example of contempt for the radical American left's presumptuous forays into the real America'x essentials, prevails!

    t remains,





    candidate fluffed!!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack:/Correction to above: ". . .feeble Pino Biden that he is... pro life."

  6. Jack, no -- I haven't been asked about any recent developments in America. In fact, I get the distinct impression that my political views are of no interest to anyone here. Ha! That's been a frequent impression, though, during my international trips. Everyone, everywhere, seems to think they already understand the U.S. They don't.

    Yes, it appears that Hispanics are at least meandering into purplehood, as opposed to deep blue myopia. We don't need to "win" Hispanics, of course. Getting even 40% of their votes would more than suffice, in the short term.