Sunday, June 12, 2022

Gun Rights: Not Dead Yet!


Friends, if you care about the 2nd Amendment, you were no doubt curious whether the "compromise" struck by Democratic and Republican Senators on "gun safety" would end up cancelling your own right to self-defense.  It appears that, at least in the short term, most of your rights are safe.  That's because the compromise announced today doesn't really impinge on anyone's right to keep and bear arms.  It expands funding for mental health resources, to support state-level red flag laws, to better secure our public schools, etc.  It expands background checks for potential gun purchasers ages 18 to 21 (which may or may not be constitutional), but otherwise it represents a mighty timid effort at "gun control", which falls way short of what Democrats want, and of the list of demands they issued in the wake of recent mass shootings.  In fact, one has to ask: will we see Democrats in Congress balk at voting for this bill, given that it's so watered down, from a progressive perspective?  That a small but significant number of Republicans will vote for it seems guaranteed.  That the hard left will play ball is less sure.  President Biden is on board.  That counts for something.  Maybe not much these days, however.  We'll wait and see.  All in all, assuming this bill does pass, I'd say gun rights enthusiasts can count themselves relatively lucky.  Every mass shooting puts the Left in a position to threaten your gun rights -- ALL of them -- and to win over, via scaremongering propaganda, a significant portion of the citzenry to their way of thinking.  Thus we have to be thankful, on a certain level, that we have any rights left!  Those Dems are canny, of course.  They'll be back.  This law likely won't prevent a single shooting anywhere, so, just as soon as another mass shooting occurs, the Dems will say: the current bill was a good start, but it was only a start.  Now let's finish the job by prying that AR-15 out of Joe Public's law-abiding hands.  And it could easily happen, as we all know.


Chris Jacobs isn't going quietly into the night.  He's doubling down on his love of gun control, and it sure looks like he wants a package WAY more ambitious than what those Senators just agreed to.  Jacobs must be asking himself: I torpedoed my political career for this??? 

Congrats to France's moderate conservative President Emmanuel Macron, whose followers look like they will retain their parliamentary majority.  Hey, Macron may be a French RINO, but he's still better than the alternative!


The New York Times has published an analysis of Joe Biden's political future that is stunningly candid about his, uhh, limitations, and the need for Democrats to explore other options.  This is big news, people!  On the left, when the Times turns on you, you're in major trouble.  And, again, just imagine how these whispers will be magnified once the Dems get scorched in November... 

Finally, here's a great perspective on the January 6th hearings, and how the media's indulgence of this Dem dog and pony show demonstrates, once again, how the Left is determined to control the narrative and redirect the public's attention away from real-world problems, like inflation.  As usual, Tucker knows the score!


  1. NO! Macron is NOT better than the alternative! Don't forget that this is the guy who wanted to strip his citizens of their citizenship for not getting their Covid vaccine.

  2. With regard to Gun Control, the goal of The Left has always been NO guns for the masses, period. The exception of course will be members of The People's Secret State Security Police, and the bodyguards of high party and government officials, to include certain classes that serve the state well, such as the Hollywood elites, who will of course be allowed to carry concealed, just in case one of their fans goes nuts and tries to blast them. Meanwhile, back at criminal headquarters in numerous locations, weapons of all kinds can be purchased at various prices. Did you know that certain police departments in the U.S. have refused to respond to 911 calls due to having exceeded their fuel budgets. We are at present living in what was described in the movie "Tango and Cash" in a FUBAR Society.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The unrelenting gun grabbers (not those people who sincerely but mistakenly believe gun restriction enhances public safety), no, rather the Schumerite crowd, have one purpose in their unending quest: to politically discredit gun owners and their organizations , like NRA,by passing incipiently more restrictive gun control.That is because they know that gun owners and their very powerful organizations also support office holders and candidates conservative on a wide range of issues beyond gun rights. One might say: "but every time they do gun sales and NRA membership increase!"" The history of the far left shows an essentially emotional motivation which rejects reason. Eg. 70 years ( a lifetime in Russia) of completely counterintuitive Soviet communism sustained forcefully mostly by emotion and its pathetic, unreasonable, antiempirical belief in Marxism! What about China's insane "great leap forward" which starved 20 million and its consequent mad "cultural revolution" sustained by Mao's cynical incitement of murderous emotion in Chinese youth. What about the American left's emotional devotion(why how DARE you doubt our unassailable, self evident wisdom!!!)to the unproven concept of the human generation of global warming by which it frantically justifies complete transformation of our economy, lifestyles, education and freedom from elitist gov't fiat?

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack:As a gun owner, I agree with you:the Senate committee approved measures to quell gun violence, apparently approved by Madame Pelosi, appear to present few new restrictions to personal gun rights.But: they may contain fertile ground for indirect far left , incipiently corrosive attacks on the ESSENTIAL American gun owning culture. Eg. "expanded mental health measures" which include comprehensive elementary education condemnation of yet lawful gun usage! It might also interpret "better security in our schools" not as direct onsite physical defense of our schools but rather school defamation of the lawful gun ownership the left wishes to mislead us as the root cause of insane violence! The misuse of perhaps even well intended gov't funding for purposes disingenuously misdirected by cynical, presumptuous far leftist administrators at all levels, is an old, old story! Do ya think that otherwise Madame Pelosi would have given in?!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Since complete disarmament of lawful Americans is the ultimate leftist goal, we should assume that they regard ever increasingly tight restrictions as but a step. OF COURSE they fully expect future outrages! Those will, they hope, further enable their final goal! That is, the destruction of essential ownership and free lawful use of guns, against nonethelessC onstitutional guarantee and free of totalitarian intent.

    destruction of the real America's essential gun culture

  6. Dr.Waddy: France, I dunno! Having experienced totalitarian command you might think them resolutely committed against any recur
    rence! But with them you never can be sure.

  7. Hmm. I'm not well-informed about Macron's vaccine fascism, but I can believe he would try almost anything! That's Euro-idiocy for you.

    Yes, it's a fair bet that the leftist upper crust will always have access to firearms, and if necessary to armed guards. Once they seize power, will they tolerate a violent underworld, or will they grind it underfoot? Can't wait to find out!

    Jack, you're right: the Left has proven its ability, even its eagerness, to cleave to even the most absurd axioms, based on pure stubbornness and raw emotion. No human being would follow a self-evidently self-destructive program, you say? Ha! History shows us that's simply not true.

    Jack, you're right that the "gun safety" bill may contain poison pills that the conservative media has yet to uncover. You're also correct that the renewed emphasis on "mental health" is a double-edged sword. Pretty much every leftist believes pretty much every conservative to be mentally ill by definition. That may seem laughable, but, as we already determined, just because a belief is laughable doesn't mean it won't be implemented as policy.

  8. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: Correction to above: " . . .against Constitutional guarantees and freedom from totalitarian fiat. "

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Past totalitarian regimes are reputed to have had no trouble in dealing with everyday street trash and their movers and shakers. Those amateurs would have stood little chance against the NKVD and the Gestapo, with their painful methods of detection and persuasion!I think that fairly predicts what possible future American totalitarians would do. They would unmercifully suppress any suggestions of the exercise of force other than their's. In an earlier America, mentally perverted monsters feared the assuredly savage societal response guaranteed them should they live out their dark dreams! A totalitarian regime would, with a vengeance, restore those now unenforceable fears, without misgivings!

  10. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Well,.the Soviets made extensive use of suppression of dissent on grounds of mental illness. And, uh, "increased support for mental health" could, under "American" leftist administration, provide so very much more space in personally debilitating mental incarceration for those the left considers proven insane by their conservative convictions! Do not doubt this outside the certain convictions of the still presumptuous "American" left!!

  11. Interesting analysis, Jack. Didn't organized crime, drug abuse, and certainly corruption thrive in the Soviet Union, though? I suppose I'm thinking of the very late USSR, which was surely past its prime in terms of repression... "Totalitarian" is all relative, in any case. Plus, I should think a savvy dictator could use crime and violence as a means of persuasion/control. Just a thought. Time will tell?

    Ah, but anyone who wished to incarcerate all ideological opponents as "crazies" would, in our society, quickly run into the problem that all the asylums have been closed, and all the genuine crazies are walking the streets. The infrastructure of confinement would thus need to be recreated more or less from scratch...

  12. Dr.Waddy from Jack: We certainly have suitable physical plant in NY in lots of recently closed prisons.Jeanne Kirkpatrick defined a totalitarian state as one where the government tyrannically observes and controls all aspects of public and"private" life. The cynicism so evident in the later USSR from the very top down may well have made it into an authoritarian state, which she defined as one where if you don't make waves, government couldn't care less what you do.Just let Leonid enjoy his 100 cars!