Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Lowest Common Denominator


Friends, meritocracy has long been a part of the American creed.  We're supposed to compete with one another, to strive, and may the best man win, right?  Occasionally, the best man might even be a woman.  With God, all things are possible!  The point is that, since the days of Jefferson, we've dreamed of making America an aristocracy of talent -- of creating the conditions so that the best and brightest among us can rise to the top.

All that is under threat, because the dastardly Dems are allergic to merit.  When they hear "merit", they think...white supremacy!  Or, almost as bad, Asian supremacy.  That's because, when you test people, including children, for educational attainment or other forms of merit, not every racial and ethnic group achieves the same results.  Imagine that!  Horrors.  For progressives, the solution is simple: stop testing!  Don't judge people based on objective criteria.  Judge them on subjective criteria and struggle mightily to find that all racial and ethnic groups are equally great in every way.  Okay, maybe sometimes people of color are better than white people -- that's permissible -- but never worse, surely!  The end game here, as usual, is the demolition of the educational project itself.  We'll end up sending kids the message that hard work and natural ability don't  pay off: it's all about checking the right boxes, in terms of your background and your ideology.  And, make no mistake, America works as well as it does because we've been a nation that rewards merit.  Once we stop doing so, everything around you is going to start grinding to a halt.  The distinction between living in First World America, and Third World Honduras, will evaporate overnight.  For shame!


Newt Gingrich says it well: the hypocrisy of the "Facebook Oligarchs" in silencing Trump while they allow total scumbags to have a field day on their platform is, or ought to be, "a national scandal".  Instead, half the country cheers the obliteration of its own liberties!  Sad. 

Lastly, the good news is the Senate likely won't advance the Dems' pernicious "voting rights" bill.  The bad news is that even Newsmax is repeating the propaganda line of Bloomberg and the mainstream media, as you see here.  They're repeating the lie that voting rights are under attack, which couldn't be further from the truth.  Every time an ineligible voter votes, my legitimate vote is diluted.  Thus, I, a law-abiding voting citizen, benefit from efforts to ensure election integrity, just like all my law-abiding, voting neighbors, of every race, color, creed, and partisan affiliation.  Okay, maybe not the Dems -- they thrive on cheating, and they only care about winning, but you get the idea...

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  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I read a great quote from Churchill today: " the Americans said 'all men are created equal' and the Socialists say ' we'll ensure that they stay equal'". How true that is. Individual initiative and effort is as dross, dust to the comprehensively "ist" left!