Thursday, May 20, 2021

Mea Culpa


Friends, seldom do the Dems ever admit fault, but they are willing to own up to some failures in the 2020 election cycle, it seems.  They expected to gain seats in the House of Representatives, and yet they lost about a dozen, giving the GOP a very solid chance of taking over the House in 2022.  How did it happen?  The Dems admit that their polling was off, specifically insofar as it didn't account for the enthusiasm that President Trump was able to generate on the right.  The Dems also credit the GOP with formulating some artful "lies" in 2020: namely that Democrats are "socialists" and they support "defunding the police".  Oh yeah -- not a grain of truth there!  In any event, the Dems are tacitly admitting two things: Trump is a lot more popular with voters than they imagined possible, and attacks against the police have been, are, and will be in the future, major liabilities for the Democratic Party.  I wholeheartedly agree.  We should never waste an opportunity to remind the voters that the Dems are the party of criminals, while the GOP is the party of law enforcement and good, old-fashioned American justice.


In other news, about 20 rural counties in eastern Oregon appear to wish to secede from that state and join Idaho...for all the obvious political, cultural, and ideological reasons.  This effort, under present circumstances, has very little chance of succeeding, BUT it bears watching, because, if the chasm between red and blue America continues to widen, one potential resolution would be a thoroughgoing reevaluation of state boundaries, and a substantial boost to state sovereignty, so that patriots and Bolsheviks could essentially go their separate ways -- and as few people as possible would be displaced, if a rejuvenation of federalism proved insufficient, and a national divorce ensued.  Sound far-fetched?  Never say never!  Many a country has broken up before.


  1. I was raised in Oregon. Eastern Oregon has ALWAYS been conservative. However, not a lot of people live out there, so the entire state is run from west of the Cascades, which is where most people live.

    Western Idaho is becoming somewhat Leftist these days, so combining Eastern Oregon with that area of Idaho means that everything would be run from Boise, Idaho instead of Salem, Oregon. Those sheep and and cattle ranchers out in Eastern Oregon might be better to go it alone.

    A more likely scenario is California splitting up into different states, although I doubt that will happen any time soon.

  2. A much better combination would be for Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon to form a state. Also, Eastern Washington has the city of Spokane. You could even add the Panhandle of Idaho.

    And by the way, most of those who are fleeing California are Conservative Californians.

  3. Interesting perspective, Ray. If we were to redesign the states and their boundaries on the basis of geography, ideology, culture, etc, the results would be most intriguing...but I suppose the criteria would also be essentially subjective. Personally, I could support any plan that results in 500 or so red states, and maybe 20 blue ones. That seems like a good ratio.

  4. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack:It makes much sense that many of the people moving from The People' Republic of California are conservatives who have had more than enough. But the phenomenom of liberal Californians and downstate NY ers invading nearby states, presumptuously and casually imposing their dysfunctional ways: Eg. Colorado, Vermont, Virginia. Afriend from Idaho Falls tells me its happening there (though I think those kind of! outsiders will find the Mormons a well organized and resolute opponent!).

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Certainly the "Southern Tier of NY," our common sense region of this enslaved leftist political entity, would celebrate freedom from it. Cuomo and his ilk are utterly and irreconcilaby inimical to our views! Our political domination by such as him is intolerable!

  6. Jack, should we retake the presidency, Senate, and House (a feasible program), then WE would be in a position to abolish the filibuster and add as many states as we please. Why not divide NY into about five states -- four red and one blue?