Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Separate and Anything But Equal


Friends, a generation or two ago Democrats were demanding an end to discrimination.  Now they're demanding compulsory discrimination...because they get to decide who's on the wrong end of it.  How times change.  Make no mistake: "positive" discrimination, i.e. bias in favor of people of color, is built into the Dems' "American Rescue Plan", and thus we need to work hard to nip this trend in the bud lest discrimination creep into more and more federal programs and policies.  Luckily, the Supreme Court has an opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of "affrimative action" and all racial preferences.  I hope it does, because otherwise this country -- in which whites will soon be a minority, and are increasingly (and openly) despised -- is destined for discord on a gargantuan scale. 

This story is fascinating and deeply troubling.  It's about how Facebook spent hundreds of millions of dollars in 2020 trying to coopt local elections officials and engineer a Biden victory.  There's little doubt, in addition, that the strategy worked.  Maximizing Democratic turnout in a few key areas, and minimizing the number of mail-in ballots that were rejected because of flaws, gave Biden the slim margins he "won" by in states like Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.  Now, how would the Dems feel if it was right-wing organizations or individuals funneling money to elections officials?  Speaking of which, why aren't we conservatives throwing money at red jurisdictions to help them boost turnout?  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.


There are various practical reasons why the Left has started to pull the strings in corporate America, which used to be so Republican-friendly.  One is that leftists are far better at activism, and activists know how to manipulate shareholder meetings and corporate boards.  Check out this story: leftists are literally maneuvering oil companies into pursuing their own self-annihilation.  Impressive! 

Today we got some interesting poll results.  One, most GOP voters want Trump to run again in 2024.  Two, most voters overall dislike Trump and aren't very inclined to support him.  And, three, crime is an issue of rising importance, and despite the media's efforts to demonize police and excuse criminality, voters understand that the first duty of a politician is to promote order and public safety.  If crime continues to worsen, you can expect it to be one of the major themes of the 2022 and 2024 election cycles. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I couldn't get the site to give me the article so maybe this question is addressed in it. How has the left managed to infect the oil industry? My guess only: those who run the industry have concluded that leftist triumph is inevitable and are trying to secure the best deal they can get out of it.If that is their conclusion we must appreciate it; they are not fools. I've never thought that those who are the heart of this industry were social idealists.But I do think their honorably self seeking efforts have been vital in building blessed, life enhancing prosperity in America. Since comprehensive economic dysfunction is all that the left has ever produced, this development in the oil industry must give us much concern!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Crime on the ascendent is always a major issue. Today's Dems are very vulnerable to the destructive perception that either: they favor crime and criminals or that they are reflexively loath to confront criminality with the FORCE which is its only remedy! Frank Rizzo was right down there in anarchic Philly: " A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged! " How very imbued with common sense was that observation and Rudy Guiliani put its principle to the proof, with obviously beneficial results. Today's "fundamentally transformative "far left thinks the time has come to loose the criminal class it considers "revolutionary" but it may have overreached, as it so often does! And that offers us opportunity. Wnen they overextend, cut them off!

  3. Well said! The crime wave does offer us opportunity, although I must say I'm a tad surprised that the American people are aware of the trend, given how much press every police shooting gets, and how little press every other kind of shooting gets. Local news, I suppose, may be the exception.