Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Totalitarianism Unleashed

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show covers more ground than the pony express.

In terms of current events, Brian and I consider the troubling developments in Portland and how the media is deliberately misconstruing who is responsible for the violence there; the proposed new $1 trillion coronavirus relief bill, and the fiscal hole we're digging for ourselves; Kanye West's improvisational, but highly consequential, bid for the presidency; the state of the polls; and President Trump's recent order mandating that Congressional redistricting be undertaken without reference to the numbers of illegal aliens in a given district.

The news is coming thick and fast these days!  You can count on the dynamic duo of me and Brian to keep you up-to-date.

In "This Day in History", Brian and I talk about the abolition of intermediate range nuclear missiles by the U.S. and the Soviet Union in 1987, and how this heralded a turning point in the Cold War.  We also talk about the Nazi death camp at Treblinka, and what it tells us about the dangers of the modern state.

It's all sobering stuff!  You won't want to miss it.

And, when you've soaked up all that broadcasting excellence, check out this article about Joe Biden's spending plans, which, as usual for Democrats, defy gravity and common sense:


  1. Portland, Oregon Well now, since I was raised in Oregon, and my sister still lives in Portland, none of this is a surprise to me. What can one say about a city that has an annual festival with people riding nude on bicycles? Oregon has always been weird and ready to raise hell about almost anything. Seriously folks, this is part of THE LEFT COAST of CalOrWa, California, Oregon and Washington. This is where the beatniks got started. This is where the hippie movement took root. Kind of wondering about that racism. Never saw hardly any Black People ever growing up in the area. They must have been living in the nearby forests.

  2. Speaking of Joe Biden, it should be apparent that he is merely a front man for The Left. A lot of people have probably been brain washed into believing that Joe is basically a moderate guy and knows what to do to heal the country and get it back on track. Those who were on the fence might well swing this election without any tampering with the election process, by voting for Comrade Joe.

    The truth is that Joe Biden is more of a eunuch than anything. He is being manipulated by the radicals. His so called choice of VP will determine a great deal about the future. When Joe becomes incapacitated by Alzheimer's his VP (female and blackish) will take over and pave the way for the ObamaLISTAS to gain power again, through Michelle of course. The Obamas are power addicts, and we have not seen the last of them by any means. So, Uncle Joe is really a puppet in this equation. He can be manipulated easily, whereas guys like Bernie cannot.

    Of course there are those who believe such predictions are all a part of the usual right wing paranoid mentality and so on. Maybe they are correct. After all, Joe Stalin said that he would ensure Eastern Europe would have democracies after World War 2. And they did. They all got People's Democratic Republics, and lived happily after after.

  3. Folks, I just want you to know that if Biden surprises us and picks either Whoopi Goldberg or Oprah Winfrey as his VP, I will vote for him. I also believe that he needs to pick all "blackish" females for his entire cabinet. Also, I have been seeing a lot of advertisement lately as a solution to our race issues. Saw several recently depicting these kind of "Albino Black" kids with blondish hair (maybe dye) and lighter type skin color. I would say this is a compromise in producing a more blackish race with a lighter tinge maybe? Anyway, Biden needs to surprise us with his VP choices, so I can vote for him. And you know, there is a way out for us evil White Conservatives, and that would be Brain Transplants. Why not, they have everything else. You could pick out a ready made Marxist thinking brain, and be a new person within hours. The Brain Transplant (Left Only) could be the wave of the future.

  4. With reference to that engineer hanging out of the Treblinka bound train, I highly recommend one of the best books ever written about the place "Into That Darkness...." by Gitta Sereny. Based on 70 hours of interviews the author had with Franz Stangl, who was the Commandant of Treblinka, the largest of the Nazi extermination camps in Poland. I read it because it was required reading for my Holocaust course in graduate school.

  5. With regard to presidential elections in general, and Joe Biden specifically, it's a shame that we have a system that permits a former VP to become president except in cases where VPs take over from presidents who die in office or are incapacitated. Think about it! Why should someone who has served as a VP be allowed to become president? More importantly, why should the spouse of someone who has been president be allowed to become president. That would eliminate Hillary from running, and prevent Michelle Obama from running as well. We were blessed with two presidents from the Adams family when the country was young. They were outstanding people I doubt we will see the likes of ever again. Interestingly, John Quincy Adams did not think it was beneath him at all to serve in Congress AFTER he had been president. Maybe Obama should think about that and run for Congress so he could keep flapping his gums and telling everyone how great he is. Also, why not six year only terms for presidents instead of putting The American People through a circus every four years? On that note term limits for Congress would also be appropriate. House terms could be four years and then bye bye. We would not have to be threatened with the likes of people like AOC and those of her ilk for years on end. Pelosi should have been gone long ago, not to mention several others. Best of all would be to eliminate parties and presidents would be elected on their own platforms and not that of some power hungry party bureaucrats. Well, none of my ideas are really original now are they?

  6. What's happening in Portland now is what happened in Paris, France in 1870/1871 when the Communards declared themselves to be an "autonomous" entity. But finally, the French Government did the right thing and crushed that rebellion with the utmost force. In The United States, the government is afraid of the "American Communards" and will eventually pay the price for such cowardice with increased demonstrations and violence. The Portland "Police" have actually decided to join the criminal and potentially criminal mobs through their inaction. Such cowardly bullshit by law enforcement is inexcusable and unforgivable. I hope the human trash in Portland burns down the entire city, seriously. It will give the crazy left wing politicians that run the damn place exactly what they deserve. Piss in Portland!

  7. Portland. Another good example of the end product of 60 years of our educational system coming home to roost, coupled with social and genetic degeneracy and defective DNA. Just talked to a bunch of tree cutting service White guys in my deplorable Midwest neighborhood yesterday, and that said they were too busy working to demonstrate. Too bad those guys can't be deployed to Portland to demonstrate the effectiveness of their chain saws on a few butts out there.

  8. With only a little over three months left until the crucible of the 2020 Presidential elections, keep this in mind, and especially if you want Trump to win.

    If Trump actually wins because Demo attempts to rig and manipulate the elections fails, plan on massive demonstrations and violence throughout the country on a massive scale that will make current events look petty.

    If that happens and Trump does not make moves to squash these uprisings (because that is what they are) than any chance to bring things under any order will be lost, possibly permanently.
    Right now in that shit hole city of Portland we are seeing a Left Wing mayor being jeered by the mob. Hard to believe, and he probably deserves it anyway, but this fact means that these anarchists and other enemies of a decent society want complete control.

    If the Bidenistas win, I'm sure he and his gang will declare peace and harmony, but don't count on that either. What's that old term? FUBAR? You know, Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition!

  9. Looks like that Gay Guy Leftist Mayor of Portland got gassed by the DHS while joining with the anarchist protestors who were jeering him simultaneously. Now ain't that a pain in the butt!

  10. Finally, for those who support Trump and voted for him in 2016, BEWARE that Americans tend to get fickle and afraid after being intimidated by Leftist propaganda without mercy for four years now. I'm willing to bet that more than a few Americans will "Go For Joe" as a path to the least resistance. Hoping this doesn't happen, but it could, and we could wake up in the morning after election day to be told that the Biden gang has now almost taken over the country so they can plan a nice Marxist future for you, ably assisted by the pimps in the news media, the academic mafia, and the film land cartels. Wonder what kind of position Hunter will get in Daddy's regime? I'm placing my bets on Ilan Omar as Secretary of a newly created Religious Affairs Department, with AOC as head of a Department of Cultural Affairs and Enlightenment. Anyone for Al Sharpton in charge of a reorganized DHS?

  11. Ray, you're right that Portland is "weird" and evidently very proud if it. Now it's also completely dysfunctional and unsafe. Are they proud of that too? Maybe not, but they're in denial about it, to the extent that they see Trump and his "goons" as a bigger threat. I tend to agree that the people of Portland deserve what they get. If enabling Antifa is their idea of virtue signaling, then let Antifa have its way with them.

    I agree that Joe Biden is a front man -- nothing more. He seems content to serve in that role too. Of course, he may be in such a fog that he doesn't know the difference. I hesitate to underestimate Uncle Joe, however. He did well enough in the Dem debates to secure himself the nomination. He might do well enough in the campaign to secure the presidency and thus destroy the country. He can't take him lightly.

    Ray, it might surprise you to learn that the ads you watched with light-skinned blacks in them may well have been guilty of "colorism". Look it up!

    "Into That Darkness" sounds fascinating. Thanks for the recommendation. It strikes me that Treblinka was, in a way, a far more interesting place than Auschwitz. Parts of Auschwitz were fairly mundane, but ALL of Treblinka was surreal and murderous.

    Term limits would have a revolutionary impact on Congress, without a doubt, but I'm not convinced they would be the right move, or even all that effective in promoting good judgement and good character in our political leadership. After all, once the rot sets in with the voters, you're NEVER going to get model citizens in elected office.

    So the protestors in Portland were jeering the very mayor who grovels at their feet? That's typical. The corporate titans who think the far left can be appeased will get the same treatment. You'd think some of these people might learn eventually... It may well be too late when they have their epiphany, though.

  12. As I have said many times before, if Joe wins, there will be no more free elections in that the only candidates allowed will be "Democrats". The Republicans will exist on paper, but will have no real power. Sound drastic? Well then wait until 2024 to see what I am saying is true.

  13. You may well be right, Ray. My forecast would be for the GOP to stick around for a while -- as a hopeless, craven, defanged, and definitively token opposition. Why abolish democracy altogether when you can engineer a sham democracy instead? Just ask Vlad.