Monday, July 27, 2020

Should I Buy a Summer Cottage?

Friends, as many of you know, the weekly revenues from the WaddyIsRight commentating empire easily reach into the billions.  This leaves me with a dilemma: what do I do with these gigantic piles of money???

I could, of course, give it all to the poor...NOT!  Have you met the poor lately?  What a bunch of layabouts!  Any money I gave them would be blown on booze, meth, and weed.  No, sir!

Lately, I've been considering the purchase of a summer cottage, as befits a captain of industry like myself.  In the Gilded Age, the well-to-do would "summer" in Newport, Rhode Island, where they would sail, play tennis, dine sumptuously, and generally congratulate one another on being awesome.  Sounds nice!  So I betook myself to Newport this past weekend to do a little real estate shopping.

Now, the grandest and most opulent of the "cottages" in Newport is this one: The Breakers.  Currently it's being run as a museum by the Newport Preservation Society, but for the right price, well...  What do you think?  It's nice, I suppose, but the exterior seems a little bland to me.  Why couldn't they have used colored stone?  Meh.  And I have to wonder: would 62,000 square feet be enough for me AND my entourage?  Hmm.  Some of you might want to stay in a separate guest cottage, and The Breakers can't accommodate that request, at least not yet.  I'm torn.  Maybe if the Preservation Society is MOTIVATED to sell we can work something out, but otherwise...I dunno.

Naturally, I will keep you apprised as I consider all my palatial needs.

Thanks, as always, for your continuing support, and for buying all that WaddyIsRight merchandise, for patronizing Waddy-themed tv shows and movies, and for donating regularly to the cause!


  1. DR.NICK

    FORGET Newport! It's not nearly classy enough for you. You need to start looking at property near George Clooney's place up on Lake Como, Italy.

  2. DR. NICK

    BUT WAIT! Before you rush off to Lake Como so you can be near George Clooney and his wife (and both are activists, and I thought that meant someone who had regular bowel movements), think about this, GREECE. That' right, no pun intended. And why? BECAUSE (are you ready), Tom Hanks and his wife just became Greek citizens. Maybe, if he plays it right (sorry no pun intended again) he can become King of Greece, replacing that family they kicked out of Greece decades ago. And not only that, but the climate is better than Lake Como. Also, during the tourist season, all those Swedish cuties from the Socialist paradise up north will hit the Aegean Beaches NUDE. Lots of Nordic big boobs bouncing all around where Jason and the Argonauts used to hang out. YOU DESERVE THIS SORT OF ENVIRONMENT DR. NICK. And, if you feel holy enough, you can always pop over to Mount Athos, and mix it up with the monks there, eating black bread and some sort of mush. However, DO NOT steal any icons from the place. Got it? Best of all, you need to think of Greek citizenship, just in case events take a turn for the worse here.

  3. Ha! Ray, you can't go wrong with Italy OR Greece, except insofar as both places are thick with socialists, but as you point out the weather is sublime and the Nordic tourists are a delight. It's an interesting question whether, once America ceases to be a democracy, right-thinking Americans would be better off fleeing to Europe. The Europeans are more far gone than we are, in some ways, but they are refreshingly sensible in others. Plus, the Left's coveted "demographic victory" over the right, which here depends on mass immigration from the Third World, is a lot less plausible in Europe, simply because the raw numbers of people of color there are low. All in all, I wouldn't be surprised if Western Civilization has a slightly longer shelf life in Europe than it does in the U.S. -- but Trump could alter that equation by winning in 2020 and then stuffing a sock in the media's gaping maw. We shall see.

    1. If Trump does not win in November, you can kiss our Constitutional Republic goodbye!

      The European equivalent of mass immigration would be Muslims from Africa and the Middle East.

  4. DR. NICK

    Speaking of "people of color" I was watching a news clip of a confrontation between some so called "conservatives" confronting some Antifa types. This was at some park in downtown Portland, Oregon. There were no "people of color there" but all the W(w)HITES I could see on both sides looked like they were "intellectually challenged". In other words, people living on the margins of society. Except in numbers, they are not a threat to anyone. In crude terms, all of them (both sides) looked and acted like a bunch of retards. The same goes for the BLM mob, many of whom are W (w)HITES, with a fair number of "fat chicks" many of whom are no doubt, I suspect, hoping to get boinked by some "man of color". This would be radical chick and Mau Mau to pun off on Wolfe's descriptions of 50 years ago. Wonder where their food is coming from, who finances these events, and I am willing to bet there are drugs involved. Some of the people I saw looked like they were on something. Maybe if they get brave they will attack Bill Gates estate up on Lake Washington near Seattle. Bill will then have the Air Force napalm them.

  5. Ray, sure, there's been lots of Third World immigration to Europe, but the scale and numbers aren't comparable. I believe overall about 3% of Europe's population is non-white. Here it's 30-40%. You do the math...

    I'm sure you're correct that it's generally not the best and brightest on the left and on the right who choose to engage in street violence. That was equally true of Weimar Germany, of course. The "muscle" on both sides of the spectrum could be classified as "useful idiots", I suppose, but they're also a liability, insofar as their (regular) excesses can be an embarrassment to their respective causes. The difference, of course, is that right-wingers only need to embarrass themselves in a small way, and it will be national news. Left-wingers really have to attempt to overthrow the government or assassinate the president before the news media would take any notice of them. C'est la guerre.

  6. Yeah.......ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm......not without your adopted family, the Conley's. (lolol)

    We have been looking at property in Maine. Of course, the job market is not very kind at the moment (no matter where one is looking up and down the coast and in between). I am afraid this mask mandate and never ending quarantining of states is getting out of hand. ANYWAYS, back to your summer cottage thought, how wonderful that would be. If only one could be that rich --something tells me though, that would be boring after a while. lolol

  7. Linda, I can't imagine why being rich would be boring. Money isn't everything, but I'll tell you what it is: it's power...the power to control your own fate, choose your surroundings, work when you please, play when you please, etc. Money expands your options, in short, which could be burdensome, if you have qualms about free will and what to do with it, but it seems to me that having all those choices is the exact opposite of boring... Those are my two cents -- which incidentally is also the size of my 401k. Ha ha. Not really. Profs don't have 401k's. We have 403b's.

    Keep us posted on the job hunt, please! All things are possible, you know. What about an online job (which would allow you to live anywhere)?

    1. AH, didn't know that about the 403b's, interesting. Oh, I meant, being bored as in eating bon bon's all day and laying around in the pool all day, LOL. After awhile, that would drive me mad.

      Oh, been looking at that avenue-online. Did you know, for instance, if one were to be a tutor, one would still have to have a license/certification from NY? That's NY's rules, way over regulated. ANYWAYS, something will pop up. Hey, my son started his first day on the job today, a government job (BEFORE ME!). Ah, that's youth though...sigh.

  8. Linda, I agree that a lifetime of indolence would be a giant waste of time. Everyone needs to produce something of value to justify their existence. The rich can do that just as easily as the poor, however. Actually more easily, because they have infinite and elaborate tools to assist them...

    Congrats to your son! What sort of job did he land? BTW, I know someone who's a contact tracer. It pays very well. Granted, it's not a lifetime career...