Saturday, July 18, 2020

Go, Kanye, Go!

Friends, don't fret -- I haven't evaporated in this heat.  I'll be posting more soon.

In the meantime, ponder this article about the incredible shrinking Democratic National Convention.  It seems like the Dems are content to go into hiding in 2020 and assume that Trump will self-destruct.  A novel strategy, to be sure!

And, in other news, Kanye West continues his bid for the presidency.  How serious is he?  How many ballots will he appear on?  How many black voters may be tempted to forsake Uncle Joe for "Yeezy"?  These questions may seem arcane, even ridiculous, but on Kanye's faux campaign may hinge the fate of the nation, and I mean it!


  1. If Trump is reelected, you know the DemoA******* are not going to accept it, no matter what. The American people will be put through another four (4) years of the usual b******* with Trump being accused again of colluding with Russia, followed by another impeachment circus. Whatever is says or does will be labeled as wrong, even if he does really cure cancer by some miracle. All this, plus the Antifa and the BLM would continue to raise hell, and Democrat Governors would think of new ways to control people by keeping the CoronaVirus going.

    In fact if the heavens opened and God Himself shined a light on Trump with approval, the DemoFOOLS would still say it was some sort of a divine plot.

  2. If Trump is reelected, one of his first acts should be to declare the Democrat Party a terrorist organization. Reopening Alcatraz would also help as a place to send Pelosi and Schiff, for starters. They would be a lot closer to their constituents there.

  3. Ray, when you make comments about declaring the Democratic Party a terrorist organization, it really is hard to take what you have to say seriously.

    Dr. Waddy, Kanye is not going to impact the election at all. What it will do is show how psychologically troubled a man Kanye is. I take no joy in watching mentally ill celebrities self-destruct in public.

  4. Rod, from your perspective, Donald Trump has already proven that a mentally unstable egomaniac can run for President...and win! If Trump can do it, why not Kanye? Of course his campaign will be a farce, but that won't stop him from winning some votes, and even a few hundred thousand could be decisive. This won't be a Trump-Biden race, after all. It will be a Trump-Biden-Libertarian-Green-Birthday Party race. I don't discount the possibility that the also-rans will be a significant factor.

    Ray, you're right that, whatever Trump does or says, Dems will hate it. The media will take care of that. Even when our economy was soaring, most Dems were convinced that economic pain and misery were worse than ever. They're a melancholic bunch. They genuinely believe that our species will soon be extinct (but that, given how nasty we are, it's probably a good thing)! You can't reason with such people. You can only pity them.

  5. Dr. Waddy, there's been no indication that any significant votes will go to third parties. Plus, the notion that you think Kanye can win a few hundred thousand votes is ridiculous.

    My point is that Kanye is a very troubled man, and this "campaign" will end with him in a psychiatric hospital.

  6. Rod, I honestly think Howdy Doody could win a few hundred thousand votes, if the media gave him the time of day. Assuming Kanye stays in the race until November, I hereby GUARANTEE that he'll get over 100,000 votes. My best estimate would be closer to a million.

    Sure, there's no evidence that third parties will get many votes, but has any pollster yet asked the question? Not to my knowledge. And no doubt that suits the Biden camp just fine.

  7. Dr. Waddy, Kanye can only make a difference in swing states. He has already missed the filing deadline in AL, IL, MT, NV, NH, NM, NY, NC and TX. He has only until the end of the month to get enough signatures to get on a number of other states, including CO, FL and MI. So far, he is only on the ballot in OK, which is not likely to go to Biden anyway.

    Kanye will be very lucky to get 100,000 votes. The black community is not going to waste their votes -- it's too important an election.

  8. Rod, I believe that many more blacks than polls suggest will vote for Trump or for a third party candidate. Blacks are hopping mad, or so it seems, but continued blind loyalty to the Democrats may not be the consequence. Not this time.

    You're right that Kanye won't make it on every ballot. This will be such a close election, though, that one or two states could decide it. If I were the Dems, I would want to sideline Kanye and the Greens ASAP. Have no fear -- the media is working to that end.