Sunday, July 19, 2020

Are Trump Haters Merely Unhinged...or Are They Criminals? Durham Weighs In

Friends, we all know that the Dems and leftists have clung on to their Trump-Russia delusions with fanatical devotion.  Never never never will they admit that Trump didn't collude with his "master" Putin to steal the 2016 election.  The great unanswered question, though, is this: were the Dems merely naive in accepting the flimsy "evidence" in the Steele dossier, and believing in the guilt of Trump and his associates because they desperately wanted to...or were they fully aware, in many cases, that the case against Trump was bogus, but they kept the investigations going anyway as a means to damage him politically?

The likelihood, in my opinion, is that a definitive answer to this question will never be obtainable.  At best, a few FBI agents and officials might go to jail for "process crimes," but uncovering a wide-ranging conspiracy to frame Donald Trump will be virtually impossible, whether or not such a conspiracy ever existed, or needed to exist to achieve the same result.  My expectations for John Durham and his inquiry are low, therefore, but it sure would be nice to see someone held accountable for foisting the Trump-Russia farce on the American people, wouldn't it?  Fingers crossed.

Check out the latest Fox poll, which shows Biden's lead over Trump narrowing.  Keep in mind that this is also a poll of registered voters, not likely voters, so it probably overstates the Biden advantage.  Keep in mind also that the national numbers are only vaguely relevant to what happens in the battleground states.  The upshot?  Biden shouldn't count his chickens!

Lastly, this is quite a story!  A black woman vandalizing a BLM mural painted by a white mayor.  Only in America!  Naturally, I don't condone vandalism of any kind, but you have to admire the lady's pluck...  Personally, I wonder what our streets will look like if Biden and Co. win in November.  By the time the neo-Marxists are done with us, every thoroughfare will look like a technicolor tribute to the pantheon of leftist heroes and heroines (and whatever the gender neutral version of that word is)...  At least untalented artists will be fully employed in the workers' paradise, eh?


  1. Hillary Clinton is a major player in the anti-Trump campaigns. She thought she had the election in the bag, and that she and Bill would be back in The White House for another eight. When this did not happen, she was enraged. Trump's victory meant that her chances of ever becoming President are slim to zero, more like zero. The Clintons are power addicts so their loss of it has been a trauma. No more power for Hillary, except possibly under another Obama Presidency with Michelle in The Oval Office this time. Now all Hillary and Bill can really do is sit back and watch power fade into history. One thing for sure though. Bill and Hillary will at least be in future history books, while millions will never even be a footnote.

  2. I have said this before, but I will say it again, and probably yet again in the near future, but I really believe that the DemoLISTAS will NOT PERMIT (those are the key words) Trump in The White House for another four years. I think they will do anything to prevent his reelection, no matter how criminal it might be. Make your own list, but come November this is going to be a contested election in every way. Sorry folks but this is NOT going to be your normal election, by any stretch of the imagination.

  3. It is also very IMPORTANT to understand that not only Trump, but someone like Trump becoming President stands in the way of the DemoBOLSHEVIKS continuing to create a Socialist State in this country, run of course entirely on the ideology of Marxism. People like Trump are American Nationalists, and this will not be tolerated in a world run mostly by global elites.

  4. Well said, Ray -- nationalism, especially of the American variety, is anathema to the global elite. Aside from his obnoxiousness, that's what the elite so despises about Trump. His American First philosophy represents a real danger to their game plan for world domination and "progress," and thus he MUST be eliminated.

    Hillary is one bitter old lady, that's for sure. She's been fairly mum lately -- perhaps because she got the message that her griping was an embarrassment to her own partisans. Her absolute contempt for Republicans and conservatives makes her a good spokeswoman for her party and for the leftist movement, though. She "gets" it.

    How far will the Left go to deny Trump a second term? We shall find out in the next few months. Quite a few battleground states have Dem Governors and Attorneys General, so the mischief-making could get pretty intense. Vote-by-mail will be a major bone of contention. I read recently that the Dems are worried, because their corona-phobia could, in some states, cause their voters to stay home. Think of it: what self-respecting geriatric Marxist would toddle off to the polls to rub shoulders with slavering, maskless white supremacists like you and me? The question answers itself! Granted, absentee ballots are an elegant solution, but some Dems aren't competent enough to navigate that system (by which I mean the U.S. mail).

    On the other hand, when all else fails the leftists could foment a few race riots at opportune moments. That could scare some lily-livered Republicans into staying home on election day.

  5. The only person likely to be indicted by Durham will be Andrew McCabe as he appears to have made false statements to investigators. The person who changed the paperwork in relation to one of the FISA warrants is also at risk. Other than that, it would be difficult to charge and convict anyone else. Plus, unless those indictments are initiated and trials carried out before Biden wins in November, then no one will see prison.

    As for the polls, I don't see anyone in the Biden campaign resting on their laurels. As for the difference between likely voters and registered voters, it applies more in off-year elections than presidential year elections. Moreover, most polls start screening for likely voters after Labor Day, once the conventions are done. Finally, the Trump campaign is banking on the findings that enthusiasm for Trump among his voters is greater than enthusiasm for Biden among his voters. Two problems with that. Biden has not named his VP yet, a choice that will likely boost enthusiasm for his ticket. Second, Biden voters may not be driven by love for Biden, but very strong antipathy for Trump.

    Finally, these scenarios about how society will be destroyed if Biden wins are just silly.

    1. SILLY! REALLY? So please tell me what Joe Biden is going to do (should he win) that will make this a wonderful country to live in? Clearly, you want him to win, so please explain why he is going to be a "great" president.
      Please list your thoughts on this 1, 2, 3 and so on. Tell me why I need to quit being so "silly" about my fears of a Biden presidency. Your use of the word "silly" to describe my opinions is in itself silly. All it tells me is that you are a typical leftist in that if someone does not agree with your leftist points of view that he/she is "silly" or wrong, or deranged and so on. So, I'm waiting for you to tell me why I should not worry so much about Joe winning this upcoming election. Thanks. Looking forward to more of your comments.


    Let me rephrase my question. WHY IS IT THAT YOU DON'T LIKE TRUMP?

    Been hearing the same b.s. about him for years now from the Left, but no real reasons as to why. Most of the propaganda (real and imagined) directed against him never really gives any really specific reasons as to why he is so terrible. All I ever get from The Left is that Donald Trump should not be President of The United States because we say so. No detailed reasons are ever given. Again, what are your reasons? Is it because his hair looks weird? Is it because he doesn't talk like a president should or look like a president should?

  7. Ray, in terms of Biden:

    1) The economy will get back on track. In the three years that Trump was in charge before coronavirus, fewer jobs were created in that time than in the last three years of the Obama Administration. In the last three quarters before the pandemic, GDP was 2.0%, 2.1% and 2.1% -- tepid generally, but way off for the president who promised "3, 4 even 5%."

    2) Deficit spending will be controlled. Obama's last three deficits were $442B, $585B and $665B while Trump's have been $779B, $984B and $1.083T (budgeted). In other words, Obama's last three deficits were $1.692T and Trump's (before COVID) were $2.846T, an increase of 68%!

    3) Science will be valued, particularly environmental science. Mileage standards will return to cars, research into more car battery technology will be ramped up, no new fracking will be allowed, and any connected to environmental damage will be curbed. Renewable energy sources will get more attention. It won't be a "Green New Deal," which is too expensive and too impractical, but a Greener Deal than we have now.

    4) More people will get health insurance. Obamacare will be strengthened, and a public option (along the lines of Pete Buttigieg's "Medicare For All Who Want It" plan) will be offered.

    5) People will be in cabinet positions who actually have expertise and are not there to either purposely cripple their agencies (EPA, Interior) or do so through their sheer incompetence (Education, HUD). There will also be an Attorney General who is not the president's personal attorney (such as Roy Cohn Barr with his radical view of presidential power), but America's attorney.

    6) We will return to having a leader who is respected by the world community, rather than just dictators such as Putin, Orban, Erdogan and Duterte.

    7) We will have a president who will take the COVID crisis seriously, unlike the present occupant.

    8) Peace will return to the streets as Biden will turn the heat down on the unrest, rather than ramp it up with federal forces.

    I don't like Trump because:

    1) He is an unbelievable liar. He says things that he knows are not true (like he was Man of the Year in Michigan) or makes stuff up (99.7% of cases of COVID are "sniffles" when, according to the CDC, 20% have actually required hospitalization and 3.7% have died).

    2) He doesn't pay his debts. He went bankrupt four times, stiffing his creditors. There are still hundreds of lawsuits out there, many involving vendors he never paid. He has never reimbursed a single city for campaign events requiring security. And, as noted, his deficit spending is way above what Obama had.

    3) He has been married three times and cheated on all three wives. He has been credibly accused at least 24 times of sexual assault. He has, at least in two instances, paid women tens of thousands in hush money. He makes Bill Clinton look like a Boy Scout.

    4) He has no core values except to make himself look good. It's all about him. Look at this weekend. An icon of civil rights, John Lewis, dies. Does Trump tweet out his condolences first thing? No. He plays golf first! And, when he does, it's a boilerplate statement.

    5) He is petty. The way he treated John McCain was shameful, even after McCain died. He just moved the presidential portraits of Clinton and Bush to a small room with little visitor traffic because he doesn't like them. He sends out oppo research on Dr. Fauci because he disagrees with him (because Dr. Fauci actually knows what he is talking about).

    6) He's incompetent. Nothing has demonstrated that like the COVID crisis, though he has had no real successes. BTW, when is Mexico sending that check to pay for the wall?

    I could go on, but I have other things to do.

    Finally, if you are going to address me by title, it is Dr. Carveth, not Mr. Carveth.

  8. Thanks for the list DR. CARVETH. I certainly appreciate your valuable time, and pearls of wisdom. I will not bother you again with my petty questions. If only I were not so dumb I should have been able to figure out for myself why a Biden Presidency is going to be so much better. Thank you again DR. CARVETH.

  9. Ray, your reply is passive-aggressive. You asked for a list. I gave you a list. I spent some time on it, and could have gone on, but as I am teaching this summer, I had to break it off to attend to my classes.

    Further, I am happy to be referred to as "Rod." But, if you are going to apply a title, I prefer that you use "Dr." rather than "Mr."

    Finally, you don't have to agree with my list or my characterization of your dystopian vision of America under Biden as "silly." I also did not call you "dumb."

    Generally speaking, there are five different systems of government-economic relations. There is Libertarian, where the goal is a laissez-faire economy with as little regulation by the government as possible. There is Social Libertarian, where there is limited government intervention (safety and health, tariffs). There is Social Responsibility, where a capitalist system is directed in certain ways to promote social goals. There is the Command system, where the economy is a command economy, directed by the government. Then there is the Authoritarian system where the economy is directed by a small dictatorial autocracy, usually backed by the military. If Trump wins re-election, we will exist as a Social Libertarian system. If Biden wins the election, we will return to a Social Responsibility system. We have bounced back and forth between the systems for the last 150 years.

  10. Rod, I agree that leading Dems are highly unlikely to go to prison for fomenting the Trump-Russia boondoggle. Dems are notoriously good at covering their tracks! They also believe their own nonsense, which is a big advantage.

    Ray, your question is apropos. The Left has been calling Trump names for so long that it has long since dispensed with rational argumentation. His absolute evil is simply taken for granted, and lefties just nod knowingly at each other and...enough said. Jack knows all about this phenomenon. They hate Trump for the same reason that they call everyone who disagrees with them "racist" -- because it's easy, fun, and self-affirming. Stopping to think it out would spoil everything.

    Rod, economic growth under Obama was "tepid", especially in 2016, and that's one of the reasons you lost. You're right about Trump's deficits. Unfortunately Pelosi and Co. have every intention of making them worse. The spending plans of the Democrats are absolutely insane, or else completely disingenuous, given our fiscal problems. Agreed -- many "green energy" hucksters, i.e. the kind who contribute to Dems, will get rich. Yes, more people will get health insurance, and government spending on health will rise inexorably, pushing us closer to financial armageddon. An Attorney General who is "America's attorney"? Like the America-hating partisan hack Eric Holder? Yay! Sure, Biden won't tweet as much, and he won't be as incendiary. Maybe his VP can fill that gap? Moving portraits around? Oh yes. How petty. No Dem would ever "censor" history. Perish the thought! And, as for immigration, Trump has been tremendously effective. When Obama left office, and again about a year later, we had legions of "refugees" showing up at our southern border. Trump did what needed to be done: he turned economic migrants away. He saved the integrity of our border. That's a success, in my book!

    So, Rod, obviously we don't see eye to eye, but I do appreciate you taking the time to explain your position. Your "pearls of wisdom" are always welcome are Ray's "pearls of passive aggression". Usually, it's just plain aggression, so we're making progress! :)

    Interesting take on the ideologies of the Left and Right. Your formulation is somewhat instructive, but vague and purely theoretical. Bottom line: no president in the last 70 years, NOT ONE, has succeeded in reducing government's power or its spending. Thus, the question is not: which direction are we heading in? It's: can Republicans succeed, or do they even want to, in SLOWING the growth of big government? Usually the answer is a resounding: NO! Personally, I don't think Trump is much of a libertarian. He's a nationalist, for which you lefties will never forgive him, but otherwise I don't think his ideology differs that much from mainstream Democrats. I would also point out that theoretical ideological commitments mean little when faith in democracy and free speech are eroding. Both sides may ultimately support authoritarianism -- the only suspense lying in which side will succeed in silencing and crushing the other.