Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The White Elephant That Liberals Wish Was In The Room

Friends, today I bring you a couple of great analyses of the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax. Once again, the media embraced a story that confirmed its own prejudices: OF COURSE rampaging Trump supporters are targeting blacks and gays in America...  How could it be otherwise?  Surely, therefore, it would be impolite to question Mr. Smollett's claims, or to subject them to any critical analysis -- that would be too much like "journalism", which went out of fashion decades ago.  Smollett played liberal America for fools.  As these articles indicate, though, none of this is an accident.  The myth that America is a hateful, racist, and unfair place is absolutely CENTRAL to the Democratic Party's viability in this day and age.  Expect more of the same.

In other news, Bernie Sanders is running for president again!  Hooray!  The more candidates, the better, I say -- and Sanders will further divide the hard-left, making it more likely that a squishy-soft moderate like Biden will win the nomination.  In fact, my guess is that NO ONE will win the nomination, at least not before the convention.  Chaos will soon have have the Democratic Party is its steely grip!  I can't wait.

Finally, as you might expect, I fully endorse President Trump's decision to pursue the construction of a southern border wall through the declaration of a national emergency.  The Left will use its standard legalistic playbook in an effort to block the declaration, needless to say.  Expect a national injunction to be issued in a matter of days or weeks.  My hope is that the Supreme Court will take up the issue on an expedited basis, and I would be fairly confident that the President's emergency powers will be upheld.  The upshot?  The wall is coming!  Another promise kept by President Trump.


  1. Dr.Waddy: First things last: I once said to a devoted leftist acquaintance "You people never give up on this issue do you?". I meant it to be a denunciation of leftist bigotry but he replied that it was a confirmation of their resolve - "they indeed never would give up". I think that to be justification for a principle that our gutsy President has exemplified - these people must be overpowered - they are beyond hope of persuasive reason. Once accepted, this realistic perception should wonderfully concentrate our efforts. After all, America has done it before. We defeated harrowing German, Japanese and Russian totalitarianism and we can beat this existential threat from within if we remain true to the truism that our country is worth essential preservation.

  2. Dr. Waddy: Accordingly, I fully agree with your endorsement of the President's relentless effort to fulfill his campaign pledge of a truly secure, lawful and just southern border. There will be many obstacles on the way, just as there were in other creditable fights against destructive and dreamy ideologies (like that of the ever more viciously lala Dems) (eg. victory in the Cold War). In fact, I think, the triumph of common sense is already assured in President Trump's gutsy resolve and powerfully urges his continued tenure in office on all who welcome his firmness after decades of prevarication, spinelessness and, yes, treason. If he has his way ( and we would be tragically ungrateful if we failed him in his courageous dedication to this existential cause) he will have worked the only healing balm to this running sore which preserves our national integrity and our ability to give aid to those less fortunate (show me a Marxist nation anywhere, anytime, which was of benefit to the others anywhere). OK, yes,Commie Vietnam did end the indescribably hellish, insanely Marxist Cambodian regime but that was not for opposition to its depraved oppression - well, besides that ?!

    As per the Covington situation: I'm reminded of consistently America disparaging Dan Rather's excuse when he was shown to have fabricated a story describing "W"'s putatively and disingenuously Clintonesque avoidance of hazardous service in Vietnam. "Why, it should be true and is, of right, then, credible". I knew guys who fought in country in Vietnam who told me Rather was notorious for constantly lying about the American soldier and his efforts and that Rather ran a real risk of being "fragged" for it. The present day MSM's reflexive assumption that the Covington kids were deserving of summary and forceful condemnation for assumed political incorrectness is of a kind with Rather's career ending presumption. And now, well, one of their paramount exemplars, the Washington Post, has a very serious lawsuit on its hands as a result. The Post richly deserves such hazard. Though not yet resolved, the Smollett situation stands in stark contrast to the instant condemnation of the Covington kids _" why of course Smollett was victimized and if you question that, to hell with you". We'll see, won't we, thanks to principled news sources such as Fox.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Finally, oh Gads, Bernie, please invoke those heady days of imminent boomer awakening! 1963 on -. Let us all rejoice to the sounds of our salad days - of Peter Paul and Mary, of "The Eve of Destruction", of the young eventual Nobel Prize laureate Dylan's seminal musings(though they were almost universally incompehensible), of the awakening conviction of we boomers that we were exalted by our numbers, to the tragically presumed perfidy of our country and all who believed in its fundamental goodness. Take us back Bernie, take us back. Our 50th college graduation ceremonies are nigh and if you don't do it for us now, well, we will soon be resident in nursing homes and they won't listen, really they won't. So run, Bernie, run.

  4. You're right, Jack. Many leftists will never change their spots. It's the impressionable bleeding hearts who are led astray by the MSM to whom my heart goes out -- and who I firmly believe CAN be redeemed...

    It will be interesting to see if the lawsuit against the WaPo has any legs to it. I rather doubt it. They don't seem to be alleging libel -- just a lack of professionalism. That isn't a crime, although it may produce "harm" justifying monetary damages. Is there precedent? I'm not sure.

    Your enthusiasm for Bernie is touching! I welcome him to the fray. I can think of no one better to lead the Dems to perdition. I have a premonition, though, that he might end up giving a hand to some "moderate", establishment candidate like Biden -- for a price. We'll see.

  5. Dr. Waddy: I've thought for awhile that Biden gives the Dems a way to appear moderate in order to win but to empower a real looney in the process. He could be a stalking horse even after taking the inaugural oath and Sanders,as you point out, might bid him take some radical heir apparent as VP - one step away. Should the junior Bernie "somehow" ascend, he or she could then appoint a similarly lala backup.

  6. Very possible, Jack, but ultimately academic as long as Trump wins (fingers crossed). I agree that Biden isn't a real moderate, but might be perceived as such. By the hard-left, though, he'll be perceived as white, male, and old (all accurate), and that won't help the cause.