Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Friendship 7

Friends, don't miss this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil.  We cover a lot of ground -- from Bernie Sanders to AOC to Andrew McCabe to Margaret Thatcher to George Washington to John Glenn...  Whew!  My perspicacity knows no bounds.  Perspicacity...or pomposity???  I always get those two mixed up.  Enjoy!


  1. Dr. Waddy; Perspicacious pomposity is putatively pronounced in Patagonia only - therefore take heart.

    Casual leftists, insulated as they are from loss of the American citizenship they so disdain, ought to be visited by the Ghost of the Human Condition Past and his compatriots, so that they may be afforded understanding of their monstrous ingratitude.

    Colonel Glenn's first space flight! What a redeeming memory it is. I was so glad for him that he was able to return to space in much more comfortable, though comparably dangerous, circumstances on the Shuttle. I know I dread the landing approach when flying; imagine him alone in that Mercury tin can in that inferno. He was a hell of an American.

    The Tet Offensive; the VC were crushed and the NVA offensive decisively defeated. Cronkite and Rather lied about that and succeeded in handing Marxists an eventual victory they could not have achieved otherwise. No country ever has defeated a properly and justly led U.S.

    Frantic and fatuous radical humbug! That's the comparison of the wall our President WILL keep his promise to build and the Berlin Wall as you pointed out in detail. Its buhhhhlooney sausage as we say in Buffalo.

    Thanks for taking note of Dershowitz's explanation of the 25th Amendment. If only all leftists were as principled as him; cooperation might well be possible but because they aren't,it isn't.

  2. So true, Jack -- space flight took real guts in the early days. Even the Shuttle was hardly foolproof... Hats off to the Russians. Their Soyuz system isn't high-tech, but it still works, and reliably so.

    I wish I had been a fly on the wall in 68-75, if only to watch the news media finesse our victory in Vietnam into a "lost cause". Who says magic isn't real?

    Dershowitz is 100% right about the 25th Amendment. The media's celebration of Andrew McCabe's "patriotism" is a very, very bad joke, at America's expense. Could there be a better sign of how sick our democratic polity has become?

  3. Dr. Waddy: Anti Americanism on the part of any but a despised fringe element meeting in grotty leftist salons was a profound shock to most of us back then; one can well imagine how terribly disturbing it was to the Greatest Generation, after what they had endured, to behold the faithlessness of many of their children. What was even harder then to conceive being misled by Cronkite, who was revered as has no other in his profession since. And so he was believed when he declared Tet an American defeat.

  4. Interesting, Jack. Why was Cronkite so venerated? I suppose, before the honeyed words of Agnew, no one thought to question the media's verities, but still...

  5. Dr. Waddy: He just looked and sounded right and he had hosted inspiring series like "Air Power" and "The Twentieth Century". Everybody liked him. So he had to be right, right?

    Agnew was the courageous progenitor of doubt for the, even then, burgeoning leftist tumor in our body politic.