Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Once Again, Democrats Eat Their Own

Friends, for the umpteenth time Democrats are tied up in knots over an essentially trivial, symbolic matter.  Now it's because one of their own, Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia, may or may not have posed in a racist photo more than three decades ago.  Northam has not handled the controversy with the greatest of finesse, it's true, but the fact remains that no one should be judged solely based on a faux pas committed in their misbegotten youth.  Does Ralph Northam hate black people?  If he does, he has a funny way of showing it, because his political career has been dedicated to racial "justice", at least as liberals define it.  What we can learn from this incident, in any case, is the ease with which Democrats will turn on each other, if their political interests are served by doing so.  Republicans -- or so I like to believe -- are more judicious, more loyal, and more forgiving.  The political takeaway is this: Democrats have an almost limitless capacity for self-destruction, and we are going to see a lot more of this silliness in the coming months, as the various Democratic contenders for the presidency vie to paint one another as bigots of one sort or another.  The mean-spiritedness of the liberal movement is about to be front and center!  Gird yourselves.

See what the irrepressible Laura Ingraham has to say on this topic:

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  1. Dr. Waddy: Couldn't get to Laura's article; hope I'm not repeating anything she originated. Its a common phenomenom in modern movements driven by militant, tyrannical and bigoted ideologies for them to turn on any of their cadre or leadership deemed even fleetingly apostate. We must rejoice at a prospect of internecine political mayhem among them both discrediting and disempowering them. And do they ever deserve being engulfed by their totalitarian political correctness.