Friday, February 15, 2019

Fake News, Fake Reality?

Friends, my Valentine's Day gift to the world was this article, appearing in American Greatness.  I'm quite proud of it.  It explores the contrast between the sunny, optimistic outlook of Trump and his supporters, and the dark, sinister outlook of liberals.  The liberal worldview is especially unfortunate when you consider how many things in America and the world are currently going right (pun intended).  Read on, and see what you think.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Its helpful, I think, to consider the life that so many American leftists actually live, contrasted to their negative view of American life in general. So many of them conform to a stereotype which has, as so many stereotypes do, some truth to it (where stereotypes defy reason and sometimes do great wrong is in presuming that all members of a definable group have certain predictable attributes). That is,that of the "limousine liberal" or perhaps the "tony house in the 'burbs but disdainful of the economy which afforded them that opportunity type". They lament what they see as intolerable injustices in our polity, society, economy and legal system but they stand aloof from the day to day realities of the phenomena which cause them so much "righteous" indignation. One thing is for sure, they would be loathe to endure the remedies they casually support for such "injustices". Would Nancy Pelosi host a caravan encampment on her lawn? Uhhh, no, we may be assured of that.

    How 'bout them oh so outraged leftist college students? Whew, now,their life is real ordeal isn't it( except for engineering and science majors - they do have a tough row to hoe). For most of us, college is a fond memory and understandably so.

    Then there are those who have lived a hard life and have tragically adopted the murderously discredited by the 20th century view that this is due only to "exploitation" of their class by the "privileged" and unfeeling. I do believe in the existence of classes in America but do not believe them to be in mortal conflict in our mobile and opportunity rich country. I've been a custodian, a steel plant unskilled laborer, a union steward, a Navy enlisted man, a prison staffer and a Master's in Library Science recipient; I took the opportunity to challenge Hillary Clinton to her very face and was not arrested and I defy those who embrace the untruth, which has been productive of such incalculable injustice in this world, that this country is fundamentally unjust.

    I do not know enough about psychology to be able to creditably diagnose the abundant neurosis of perfectionism but I think I see its manifestation in the dismissive and smug self righteousness of the American left. Its origins? I can't say in any well informed way but I would suggest that it may originate in the purely coincidental and circumstantial influence of the gargantuan baby boom generation, shielded as it was by the travails which informed the preceding generation and convinced by its inordinate numerical influence on our society that it had realized Promethean wisdom.

  2. Hmm. Very thought-provoking, Jack. I truly would like to know where the Left's fixation on doom and gloom comes from -- especially since, as you say, it is so self-destructive. Why tear down a civilization that gives you so much? It seems to me a peculiarly Western disease, but I'm not knowledgeable enough of other civilizations to be sure. Maybe a vein of anti-establishmentarianism runs through every society. I suppose it must, but on the positively industrial scale of today? How can a civilization persist when its elite is trained to hate its religion, its morals, one of its genders, its history, its culture, its economic life-blood, and its dominant ethnic group? It boggles the mind. No doubt you're right that self-isolation, and the fact that so many are insulated from the consequences of their own stupidity, play a role.

  3. Dr. Waddy: To live for a time in a Kommunalka, to have been summarily driven from one's home by ideologically blinded savages in Cambodia, to have suffered through Kristallnacht - such experiences would be all most fashionable America haters would need to drive them, mewing for relief, back to this incalculably fortunate place. I saw it first hand and the particular bitter cynic I knew went only to Ireland!

  4. Yes, it would be nice to give leftists "an education", but since sabbaticals in Caracas are not mandatory it will be difficult to arrange.

    I note with some amusement that liberals often have mixed feelings about these "refugees" coming from Central America. Of course they want to welcome them, but it makes them uneasy that they're choosing to come to Trump's America, of all places. Remember, these are the same people that nurture fantasies about fleeing to Canada or Sweden themselves...

  5. Dr. Waddy: Great point. But since popular leftist reasoning is driven and defined by emotional factors the unsoundness of their reasoning on this issue is dismissed by them simply and characteristically by blithe condemnation of your consummate evil in having taken note of it in the first place. I would commend to you a fine article in January 2019's Commentary which discusses "gaslighting" ("A Gaslight unto the Nations"), which is described as a concept enabling leftists to dismiss conventional standards for sound discourse and reasoning in favor of the erection of personalized emotional defenses to any argument which causes them the least amount of distress.

    Talk about amusement, I cannot but enjoy that at Bernie Sanders' announcement of his candidacy. Not that I think his intent to be absurd; his 2016 performance shows him to be an honest, open and credible threat to American liberty and soundness. He's never recoiled from declaring it; he will do his best to destroy America as we know it and replace it with the most historically condemned notion of justice ever forced on unfortunates. The fact that he cannot succeed, even if he is improbably elected (were Obama or Trump any more predictable?), does not preclude his doing immense damage should he be given ultimate executive authority. But its the image of him in 1959, grooving to Pete Seeger and Maynard G. Krebs, turtle neck sweater beclad (in the midst, moreover, of blasphemous cigarette fumes) and unknowingly presaging the '60's ingrate perfectionist cess pool, which tickles me. Why he was actually there! If he ascends can fashionable gerontological unkempt chic be far behind? Why, I'll fit right in!

  6. Ha! Maybe the three of us could agree on turtlenecks, but little else, I trust. Bernie does have a certain lovable quality about him. A candid curmudgeon. He, and most of his fellow Democratic candidates, are embracing MANY, MANY positions that can be used to scare the wits out of moderate voters, however. You're right -- we can't rule out the possibility that he would win, but it seems unlikely. Personally, though, I don't rate his chances of being the candidate higher than, oh, one in twenty. I just look forward to the mischief he will make in an already crowded field.