Thursday, February 21, 2019

Let's Build a Wall...Around Socialism

Friends, my latest article, appearing in the Daily Caller, takes AOC to task for comparing President Trump's proposed southern border wall with the Berlin Wall of Cold War fame.  There are so many holes in her analogy that, well, you just have to snicker.  Read all about it:

And, while you're at it, check out this superb article on why so many leftists were eager to believe the Smollett hoax:


  1. Dr. Waddy: AOC is a loose cannon.The term derives from sailing warship days when immensely heavy cannon, which were mounted on wheeled carriages, broke their bonds in heavy weather and careened and trundled about insolently and indiscriminately, squashing virtually anything in their way. They were of course mindless and completely unreachable by reasoned arguments - you know, like AOC! Her potential for such limitless destruction, which we must hope would be confined to the reckless dismantling of her party's national influence through unbridled adventurism, grows by the day. Right on AOC!

  2. Dr. Waddy: Mr Jackson's essay was an exceedingly eloquent exposition of faith in our, on balance, good nation. What standard other than that can be applied to any nation; even the miniscule Vatican state is held up for criticism and the histories of most all nations are far too complex to be judged otherwise. Some nations are found wanting so, objective evaluation of our national experience shows us to have achieved a painful, yet ultimately positive, record. That the most sociopathic and presumptuous of ideologies would choose to apply other worldly standards, only, of course to those of whom they disapprove,confirms their fundamental and amply demonstrated inhumanity.

    I do not know what Smollett's intentions may have been. Were they purely venal,smacking of the tawdry and stupid attack on Nancy Kerrigan? Were they indeed political statements meant to further discredit our country?

    Far more obvious, though, was the MSM's reflexive assumption of the verity of Smollett's now seriously questioned claims of victimhood. Its so tiresome but it proves yet again their fundamental, unprofessional bias and their determination to use their immense public power to do our country destruction. They must be marginalized and relegated to the most discredited and comical settings available - we all know what places I'm talking about!

  3. You said it, Jack! AOC is the best thing to happen to the Democrats in a long time...although Sheila Jackson Lee might be a close second?

    I agree, Jack -- it was a superb essay about how wrong the America-haters are. It's very refreshing to see a black American so clear-eyed. It would indeed be interesting to know more about Smollett's motivations. We're lucky these false flag attacks aren't more common. Can you imagine an "attack" like this staged right before an election? I sure can.

  4. Dr. Waddy: Frankly, given the totality of their experiences past and sometimes regrettably present, it is a courageously generous thing for black Americans to evince such a sanguine, objective and constructive view, I think.

    Maxine Waters has been AOC's mentor too, I think,in disgracing the Dems.

  5. Dr. Waddy: If the Dem ticket is headed by a woman or women and appears to be losing big in the waning days of the campaign, I think we can count on all manner of "realpolitik" from an incensed and desperate radical bunch.

  6. Jack, the reality of racism which black America currently faces (or has faced in the recent past) is one thing -- the relentless exploitation and excitation of their racial grievances by leftist demagogues is another. I would agree that it's a small miracle that a few black Americans can see clearly, despite that thick liberal fog...

    Oh, I fully expect dirty tricks from the Dems in 2020. Maybe this time they'll time their October surprise a little better. Last time they hit Trump with the Access Hollywood tape too early. This time I rather doubt they'll be as cocksure as they were before, but they'll certainly be as underhanded.