Sunday, February 10, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Emerges From Rubber Room to Announce Presidential Bid

Friends, first I would like to wish godspeed to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is officially running for President.  This phony Indian and crypto-socialist is -- you can tell -- President Trump's dream opponent, and I happen to agree with him that she would be a train-wreck as a national candidate.  Let's hope the Dems really are dumb enough to choose her!  Fingers crossed.

In other news, check out this interesting analysis of the Left's campaign of slander against D.C. Circuit Court nominee Neomi Rao:

Note the use of a -- commonsensical -- article written when she was a college student.  Next, liberals will be trolling through the pictures that their political enemies drew in kindergarten...  "What?  None of the astronauts you drew when you were five years old were transgender?  You MONSTER!!!"

And this article also commits the unforgivable sin of applying common this case to the charge that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.  In fact, the case for Dem/Clinton collusion is much stronger:

Keep fighting the good fight, people!


  1. Dr. Waddy: I agree with you on Warren; she is a laughable prospect for election and I wish her right well up until that very day. She should take some boxing lessons; that jab she throws during her mousy expectorations needs some work. And those glasses; if she wants to alienate virtually every noncoastal nonelitist, that,and her stereotypical Massachusetts disdain for the real America, will do the job, thank you. My, my, the Dems have had some real winners ("I'm Spartacus, I am" - if that's what they want they should nominate Kirk Douglas, who I think still lives) take to the campaign trail of late and I'm getting more optimistic by the day.

    I read a breezy, lurid novel about Florida condominium life years ago. Depicted in it was a condo building described as simply a concrete and steel mesh box casually placed upon a site, with no foundation or direct connection to the ambient soil. Predictably (or at least had the residents known of its shortcomings),it caromed madly down the beach during a good blow.That's a plausible analogy for the emerging 2020 Dem party.

    They are so very convinced that the nation breathlessly awaits its deliverance at their hands from a man so "obviously unfit" for the Presidency that they honestly think their most fantastic dreams now realizable. Since at the heart of those dreams are thoroughly historically discredited expectations (eg., oh Gads, "Green New Deal" - green indeed - FDR would have denounced it, had he thought it worth his serious attention),they stand as did that shoddy building and bid fair to be swept away as it was.

    I hope they plumb the depths of obstruction in delaying Ms. Rao's seating on the Circuit Court. Of course she is a Supreme Court prospect and they but enhance her chances with their obdurate and self destructive resistance. Serious but ultimately unsupportable charges did not prevent Justice Kavanaugh's rightful ascension and their objections to Ms. Rao are of a humorously picayune nature. Why those poor things - is that all they have? Let them stew, let them thrash! They do but raise their 2020 straw house to disastrously untenable heights.

    When a disgruntled sailor throws a wrench into his ship's gears we do not blame the wrench now do we? The Mueller investigation is simply a wrench thrown by Dems unable to endure democratic disempowerment with grace and patriotism, into the Trump administration and thank you for yet another provision of sound empirical evidence to that effect.

  2. You put it all so eloquently, Jack!

    I agree. The attacks on Judge Rao are of the downright pathetic variety. Are conservatives allowed to say or write anything at all these days, or should we expect to elicit outrage as soon as we wake up in the morning? The snowflakes grow more fragile every day.

    The Green New Deal is a gift to Republicans, to be sure. The sweeping and fanciful nature of it is quite extraordinary. Make the airplane obsolete? Please! An income for everyone "unwilling" to work? I suppose, to be fair, that the Dems have been working pretty hard to provide THAT for decades...

    Warren is indeed just the sort of sanctimonious know-it-all that Democrats love, and ordinary voters blanch at. I sincerely hope she makes it all the way to the Democratic convention -- and no further.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Thanx for the good words about my blather; I do not recall my encounter with the Blarney Stone, perhaps for good reasons.

    The summary depopulation of Cambodian cities was the fruit of unbridled Marxist fantasy. Had the fast ascending American far left the power Pol Pot had it actually would enforce the "Green New Deal", a certainty I think beyond appalling! I'm reminded once again of what Admiral Yamamoto was supposed to have said after Pearl Harbor ( "I fear we have simply awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve"). Americans radicals, in their insanely ill advised reckless onslaught on the real America and its values, ought to consider that well; they won't though and we must rejoice at their accelerating "progress" to the very brink. We haven't been sleeping but we are getting thoroughly riled and once fully mobilized we can, if we remain true, return these vicious dreamers to the tawdry marginal regions from which they rose in the '60's.

  4. That may all come to pass, Jack -- and how I would rejoice if it did! There are two sides to the coin, though. Not only must patriotic Americans be roused, but the leftist horde must be bewildered, dispirited, and ultimately turned on itself. Let's think on how we can help them along...

  5. Dr. Waddy: Ditto squared. Victory for the right in 2020 might send them underground and they are doing that end yeoman service just now. Prodding them into ever more catastrophic franticness and detachment from reality, which President Trump does with skill and aplomb, will do us much good. Why, "do random acts of political incorrectness everyday!" might be a constructive credo for us. We need to convince the real America that 2020 is yet another critical confrontation in this, the "Era of Decision" and it could make us or destroy all we hold dear.