Thursday, February 7, 2019

Queen, But Not Quite Empress

Friends, don't miss my latest appearance on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480. Brian O'Neil and I discuss a wide range of issues, from the curious implosion of the Democratic Party in the Commonwealth of Virginia, to Governor Cuomo's cluelessness about New York's high taxes, to the rank brutality of Marxism and Marxists, to the moral calculus of withdrawing from Syria and Afghanistan, to the historical legacy of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. Check it out!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Great portrait of that wonderful, right royal monarch. She's very beautiful. I love her dearly, really I do, and consider her our Queen too. I also think Great Britain has been nobly served by her reign and able ministers like Margaret Thatcher - God Save the Queen!

    I listened to your broadcast and I agree; leave it to the frantic and thoroughly bigoted Dems to rend their benighted and America disdaining party asunder, while we stand by and watch.
    Sic semper gloria mundi!

    In their undemocratic futile rear guard resistance to President Trump's salvation of the Federal judiciary from their totalitarian designs, the Dems, yet, yet, again give credible evidence of their intent to subvert our laws to their destructive arbitration. If President Trump gets six more years in office and a Republican Senate, he will have accomplished the denial to them of the bastion of their much desired antidemocratic, antilegislative power.

    Thanx for holding forth on what should be a universally recognized condemnation of Marxism and anyone who suggests continued toleration of it. Nazism is rightfully and decisively excoriated,marginalized in the minds of all of human persuasion and permanently disempowered. And Marxism deserves exactly that fate for its manifestly demonstrated and guaranteed fully analogous evil. Anyone proposing any reprise or reconsideration of this damned ideology is to be shunned by civilized people.

    You hit it right on the head about Reagan and communism. He proved to them that they could not best us and in doing so delivered untold millions from Marxist earthly hell. God bless him always for his confidence in our cause and foster in all Americans confidence in our overall benefit to this old world.

    As for Vietnam: I would bid all who look to us for support consider whether history provides an example of a country more productive of human well being in its use of force, than we. Our abandonment of the just resistance to expansive Vietnamese communism as a battle in the well advised crusade against the world enslaving intent of that cancerous and murderous ideology was enabled simply by the monstrous naivete of too many of our post WWII children, whose well being had been secured by the destruction of an analogous and similarly incalculably malign and inhuman movement. We cannot, however, now persist at the cost of American lives, forever in defense of those who will not defend themselves. The fundamental inhumanity of the Taliban is obvious; we may well have done all that can be reasonably expected of us to destroy them in that atavistic land. Yes, we did it in our own interest but as has been so very often so, the promotion of our good has facilitated the untold benefit of so many others.

  2. Jack, thanks for the insightful analysis, as always. You're right -- America's influence in the world has been, on balance, hugely beneficial. The phrase "the Americans are here" ought to be greeted with a great sigh of relief. And yet, we have erred in the past, and will do so again. Our credibility is high, but not stratospherically so. Today we face the additional challenge that the world knows that half of our government and most of our elite are intent on undermining our rightful leader... What must the world think of us?

    I consider us part of the Anglosphere too, and I wish we would join the Commonwealth. We belong it.

    Six more years of Trump and a Republican Senate might just be enough to save this country from leftist oblivion. I fear one term wouldn't be enough to deflect the Left from what it conceives of as its destiny: totalitarian dominance, combined with the evisceration of traditional American values. We need -- desperately need -- to win in 2020!

  3. r. Waddy: I should have said "sic transit gloria mundi". My guess is that much of this old world wishes it could be us and is mystified by the dissatisfaction recklessly expressed and acted upon by so many of us.

  4. Maybe, Jack -- maybe. On the other hand, I suspect that when many Europeans think of America, they think of...gun crime, obesity, racism, and carbon emissions galore! Their media is no less despicable than ours, after all.