Sunday, July 15, 2018

All the (Fake) News That's Fit to Print

Friends, it can be hard to figure why the Left hates Trump as much as it does.  Their loathing seems off the scale.  We must keep in mind, though, that an extraordinary constellation of propaganda and "fake news" undergirds this Trump-hatred.  The drumbeat repetition of anti-Trump narratives, including the Russia collusion conspiracy theory, makes an impression, drip by drip.  To me, the miracle isn't that so many people hate Trump -- it's that, given the establishment's universal detestation of the man, he still retains the loyalty and respect of a high percentage of ordinary folks.  That's a testament to his fortitude and ingenuity, yes, but also to the reduced influence of the traditional media.  If everyone was watching CNN, as they once were, we'd be truly lost.

This story puts into perspective the media's anti-Trump obsession.  Imagine if you were getting your "news" from these people...  How warped would your worldview be?  Thus, have some sympathy for the poor slobs on the Left.  Most of them mean well, but they've been thoroughly duped.


  1. Dr. Waddy: I was denied access to the article but I get your point. I know so many people with sympathies which generate intense antipathy toward President Trump. I cannot but attribute to the majority of them the bigoted influence of the MSM. But some of them are fully aroused by what they correctly perceive as his unapologetic faith and consequent executive affirmation of the American way, for which they harbor profound disdain thanks to the poisonous '60's.

    I've held forth many times on the origin of such tragic antipathy to a nation which embodies necessarily painful human progress. They will not be dissuaded;they are incapable of abiding the discrediting of doctrines in which they have invested their lives, be they boomers or millennials. They can only be overpowered by a real America thoroughly confident of its credibility and we see its progress every day, these days.

  2. There is so much wrong with this post that I do not know where to start.

    First, the Fox News story. It's written by Dan Gainor. I personally know Gainor. He is a dolt. Moreover, he works for the so-called Media Research Center, a fraudulent 501(c)(3) organization (to qualify it bills itself as an education and research outfit, and it does neither). So, you can't take anything from Gainor seriously.

    The administration has two television outfits (Fox and Sinclair) who put the Soviet media to shame in terms of its use of propaganda. Even with that, Trump hovers between 41-43% approval -- historically low numbers. That's because Trump is an embarrassment to the country. In the last week, he has trashed democratic leaders and embraced autocratic ones. He attacks the Russian investigation as a witch hunt, while it just indicated another dozen Russians involved in attacking our election process. He attacks the news media "as an enemy of the people." He is the most unqualified and dangerous man ever to occupy the Oval Office.

  3. Doc Rod -- welcome to the blog! We embrace alternative viewpoints here, so please keep on adding your two cents.

    I don't know anything about Gainor, but it seems to me that either he's right or he's wrong. You can't deny the vehement anti-Trump bias. It's been objectively measured. The mainstream media (which includes Fox) covers him, on average, more negatively than any other President. You will say that's because he's objectively awful. Many of us would beg to differ.

    As for his visit to Europe, I would say the fact that he was an "embarrassment" was preordained, given the loathing that the elites feel for him. He spoke truth to power, and there's never plaudits for that, from the powerful, at least.

    And sure, Mueller has produced indictments. That's step one in justifying his existence...but he hasn't gotten anywhere close to nailing Trump, and that's the ultimate test.

    Jack, I partially disagree with your analysis. You're talking about the bitter-enders. They're out there, sure. I think a lot of leftists are actively cultivated, though. Every day they receive several hours of indoctrination, and that's what keeps them...vitriolic. I honestly believe that, if the malignant influence of leftist propaganda were removed, only a handful of liberals would still seethe with rage. Think about those images of crying children splayed across the media. They're irrelevant to the true believers. Their target is the impressionable masses, which are innumerable. I still say the media is the key to the future. Sadly, most of it is in roguish hands.

  4. Dr. Waddy: Good points on your part in reference to my opinion. I do not say that reflexively - that would be an intellectual faux pas and I
    try to avoid those. The media is extraordinarily important but perhaps the real America can someday
    relegate the present day MSM to the same cellar for which the activist SCOTUS may well be headed. Ditto on your reply to Doc Carveth.

  5. Along those lines, Jack, it would be great to see more right-leaning news channels, radio stations, newspapers, etc. spring up -- or for some of the big boys to defect to our side. Often, as things stand, we can't even rely on the "conservative" outlets like Fox and the Wall Street Journal to back up Trump!

  6. Dr. Waddy: He's still a mystery, I think. Who among us could ever have anticipated that he would be close to all that any conservative could ask for on social policy? We got a miracle just when we needed it most and even some stalwarts of our movement just don't know what to think quite yet. Additional conservative outlets (I'm confident they are coming) can be the vanguard of a renaissance of common sense, a return to well thought out progress and an end to this bizarre interlude of ingratitude and reckless willingness to discard all that has been painfully won over centuries, in favor of murderous smoky dreams.

  7. Jack, you're an anomaly these days: an optimist who follows the news! I wish I had your faith that the forces of good will ultimately triumph... What's your secret?

  8. Dr. Waddy: First, its my perception of the incalculable good fortune we have to live in this country. It may sound trite but it does amaze me every time I go in a Tops or Wegmans (I try to see those stores as someone from the old Soviet Union or from central Africa would see them) or get in a new truck, where everything, including the AC, works and realize that most of us have access to this astounding material wealth and the general well being it fosters (I would bid the Pete Seeger types who sneer try the alternative - its readily available in much of the world - poverty is a wretched experience). That blessing may still stand by us in this turbulent era; it was personified at other critical times by Washington and Lincoln and may have been by Donald Trump in his defeat of the Clinton curse in a truly pivotal election. Second (and I hope I do not appear to preach - I'm grateful for the chance to explain my views to people whose attention thereto I value) I think this era since the '60's to be a temporary bump in the road caused simply by the monstrous size of the now passing baby boom and its monstrously ungrateful and naive leftist faction. Third: I believe the real America is the REAL AMERICA and its why I use the term so much and am willing to defend it. The real America will win out; as Waylon Jennings and Charlie Daniels sang: it may have been slow to anger but once its feathers are ruffled - watch out. Fourth: My knowledge of the progress of Civil War I and how it must have looked at various stages, motivates me to think the good will out. Thanks again for bearing with me.

  9. Interesting! I hope you're right about the "temporary bump in the road". I tend to agree that human nature will always win out against utopian drivel, but it can take a very long time, and the interim steps can be mighty disagreeable. Are our best days ahead? I hope so!

  10. Dr. Waddy: President Reagan thought our best days were ahead. History shows many examples of emergence from dark and contentious days to be harbingers of prosperity and well being. Eg. China's many resurgences; America after the Civil War (compare 1860 to 1920 - and it was less than a life time); Europe and Japan after WWII(with decisive help from us which showed us to be the most benevolent of history's conquerors and proved us to be a certain step forward in civilization's progress).