Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Darth Putin Ensnares Hapless Trump? Hardly!

Friends, the Left gets more and more addled by its Russophobic hysterics every day.  You'd think it was 1962 and we were at DEFCON 2!  Is Vladimir Putin really controlling the animatronic movements of President Trump-bot by remote control???  Find out in this week's Newsmaker interview, featuring yours truly and Brian O'Neil.  We get to the bottom of it.


  1. Dr. Waddy:I agree that the MSM has an opportunistic and disingenuous obsession with Russia. They had to find some anchor for conviction that the President must be run out of office and that's it. They are succeeding, at least, in gumming up the works.

    Liked Farage's comments and I'll bet he speaks for the majority in Britain.

    Soros is no regular billionaire thats for sure. Again, I wonder that a Hungarian expatriate can be so supportive of Marxists.

    The President does speak the truth to power. Truman was blunt too and he was reelected.

  2. All sage observations, Jack. The American people appreciate candor, and Trump may well be rewarded for it in the end. Part of it will depend on the sort of candidate the Democrats put up. Ten to one it won't be a straight shooter.

    Does Farage speak for most Britons? That I doubt. I think the center is genuinely befuddled by Brexit, and a re-vote would thus be dangerous for our side.

  3. Dr. Waddy: I misheard or misunderstood what you said about Farage's comments. I understood him to have said that if Parliament fails to vote on enabling legislation, then Brexit takes effect automatically. I think any revote on Brexit except perhaps in the House of Lords, would be outrageous. I wonder if the Queen would consider stepping in should such a vote be scheduled.

  4. Jack, it sounds like you're agreeing with me, rather than Farage. I'd say you bet on the right horse! Ha ha. Farage seems to think the Conservatives will choose a pro-Brexit P.M., who will then force a referendum on TRUE Brexit, which he will win handily. A lot of holes in that theory, if you ask me. The notion that Britain could run out the clock and then make a clean break with the E.U. was my suggestion, based on what I've heard others say. In politics, of course, there are no rules: probably the E.U. would just invent a new clock!

  5. Dr. Waddy: Ok, I think I see your points and, in total, they work for me.A second referendum, with True Brexit as the central question, begs this consequent question; what if it fails? Do the naysayers then see it as sanction to discard Brexit altogether? They are just like America's radicals in that way - they think their preeminence inevitable and righteous. Will Britain eventually rejoin the Roman Empire? The frantically idealistic French dreamers of 1789 would have been crestfallen had they known of the eventual accession of Napoleon, the quintessential counterrevolutionary.

  6. Yes, Jack -- revolutions often produce a result utterly disagreeable to the revolutionaries. Where will Brexit lead? I'd say the odds are it will lead to a squishy soft sort of Brexit that keeps Britain semi-dependent on the EU. Even that would have a silver lining, however, as it would encourage other countries to "leave".

    I'm still hopeful that the jerry-rigged structure of the EU will collapse in a heap one day...