Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Birthday, USA!

Best wishes for a highly enjoyable Independence Day for you and yours!  We certainly are lucky to live in the USA, although much work remains to be done to make America as great as it can be...  We're getting there!

When you get a chance, listen to my latest interview with Brian O'Neil on WLEA 1480.  We discussed the wave of anti-ICE sentiment, the Mexican presidential election, and perhaps most importantly the golden opportunity we now have to reshape the Supreme Court.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Your on the air conversation prompts me to comment at length; please forgive my prolixity, you held forth on matters of much substance. First, I think that for the most part, when one is born in the U.S. one has won life's lottery already. What one does with the winnings . . . .

    Our 200 year+ national journey contains much that is terribly painful and shameful to contemplate. But on balance, the only common sense standard for any great nation, we have been a distinct asset to humanity. July 4 is a good time to reflect on that.

    You said the Supreme Court opening can help to reorient our federal system to a renewed emphasis on local decision making. That would go a very long way toward tearing the Court away from the onerous and presumptuous influence of those who saw it as a remedy to what they see as the inability of the American polity, through democratic institutions like legislatures, to achieve justice as they see it. How ironic it is that a thoroughly democratic process like free and open election, is serving now to prevent them from taking over the most undemocratic of the three branches, one which nonetheless, in its place, has a vital function.

    So the left is mad at Justice Kennedy. Do they really expect him to sacrifice his retirement for THEM!?

    Left wing violence in response to its latest heartfelt grievance, the separation of children from parents who commit the crime of violating our borders (which has been addressed, in response to the concern of Americans of good will, by our President, in a considerate and responsive manner)begs this question: Don't they realize that such behavior, in this relative microcosm, fairly predicts their conduct in a far more forceful manner, should they ever achieve the macrocosm of the totalitarian rule they seek? I'm reminded of the horrid political cartoon by Herblock (a noted commentator) in the late '50's, of Richard Nixon rising from a pool of slime and assuring "everyman" "I'll be different if you elect me President". I don't think Nixon deserved that back then but leftists would, from a latter day Herblock.

    I think you covered almost all the possibilities in your comments on the Mexican election. Maybe the new leaders will prove to have been attentive to Alinsky in hiding their totalitarian intent. And that leads right into speculation of Democrats generating a "blue wave" by faking some empathy with the President. Should they succeed thereby, characteristic leftist chutzpah would manifest itself quickly and to their disadvantage. I do still think it possible that the President's first term will be largely a process of pitched and productive conflict with his detractors leading to clear sailing in his second term.

    I love Judge Napolitano and rely on him for clear explanations of national legal matters but he does not have the background in higher settings which is probably most necessary. Gads how I'd love to see Trey Gowdy seated but his confirmation process could cause alot of Maalox moments, especially among the RINOs in Maine's Senatorial delegation.

    I wonder if the nomination of a woman to SCOTUS would deter the dissemblers of the radical feminist sty and their male toadies at all. It might well incense them for its "apostasy". Remember how shamefully Justice Thomas was tried? But then,an extended ordeal, forced on an eventually successful nominee, might well redound to the disfavor of the ever (we must always remember) fundamentally totalitarian Dems this year and in 2020.

  2. Jack, your last point is a great one -- the Left, by treating anyone associated with Trump and Republicans with its trademark disdain, helps to solidify the bond between us. Perhaps, in that sense, a Supreme Court nominee who really attracted liberal fire would ultimately prove to be a blessing for the country. Hmm. It depends how seriously one takes the possibility that Trump's nominee could be defeated. Personally, I would rate that as nearly impossible. Above all, I want to see Trump choose a Justice who is a SOLID conservative. How we get there...I'll trust Trump to work that out.

    And would a woman be spared leftist venom? No, of course not, but I do believe a woman might go over better with the political "center" and attract more votes from red-state Democratic Senators. Perhaps we don't need them, though.