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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Let's Follow the Evidence

Happy Superbowl weekend!  In-between wings, pizza, and beer, try to make time for another hallowed American tradition: the pursuit of justice!  It now appears that the FBI and Justice Department undertook serious efforts to undermine the Trump campaign, and they misled a federal judge in the process.  I strongly recommend that you read this excellent analysis:

I'm not sure whether I agree with the author about the proper fate of Rod Rosenstein, but one thing I am sure of is this: the allegations against high officials in the FBI and Justice Department are serious enough that a new special counsel is absolutely necessary (as I have written before).  Whether this trail of malfeasance leads all the way to President Obama and Hillary Clinton...remains to be seen.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Some random thoughts: I followed most of the progress of Watergate and this is reminding me of it more and more. The GOP was pummeled in the 1974 midterm elections partly as a result of Watergate and we can hope that this situation will similarly redound to the Democrat's denial of their self confidently expected victory in November. If these ever more serious revelations and increasingly likely expanded probes continue, they probably will eclipse the Mueller investigation and oh how richly the Dems will deserve that reverse. Jack Dempsey, the "Manassa Mauler" was known for his determination to beat his opponents into the ground. Where he came from, it was necessary (though it got him into trouble later in his career). If one ancillary consequence of these developments is the final nail in the political coffin of the Clintons (as both complete future and historical discrediting of their disgraceful legacy) we may rest easy, as he did after standing over some poor Palooka and finishing him. On Rosenstein; was he a Trump administration appointee or did he work his way up? Your concerns about his possible replacement certainly got my attention and I'll be watching further developments on that.

  2. Hi Jack. That's the big question: how will all this nonsense affect the mid-terms? Your guess is as good as mine, and the public mood may shift many times before November rolls around. Rosenstein was a Trump appointee, yes, but he set the Mueller wheels in motion, and by most accounts has not provided effective oversight, nor has he seen fit to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Democratic "collusion". I sincerely hope he's considering it!