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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

If I Had a Nickel...

Friends, the capacity for self-delusion evinced by the left is truly breathtaking.  I can't tell you how many articles I've read by liberal talking heads opining that Trump's and/or Republicans' latest outrage will be the end of the Trump presidency, or the Republican Party, or conservatism itself.  "The sky is falling, the sky is falling," these leftists are always declaring...  Surely, America will wake up and realize that the lefties were right all along.  Here is the latest example of this extraordinary conceit:

Now, if you got through that drivel, I congratulate you.  Did you notice the compelling evidence offered for the author's key assertion?  Why will the Parkland, Florida school shooting be the end of Republicans, when they have survived every other political controversy since the 1850s?  Because, according to Mr. Linker, "this time feels different."  Ha!  You're right, sport.  It does feel different.  This time it feels like the left is truly off its gourd.  But I hate to break it to you: the Republican Party is stronger now than at any time since the 1920s.  President Trump won the last election despite the fact that almost the entire economic, cultural, and political elite of the WORLD was united against him.  And Republicans, conservatives, and President Trump are presently gaining in popularity, not tanking.

Ah, liberals.  Their smugness knows no bounds.  There's no point in grousing over it, though.  In fact, arguably, their complacency and arrogance make it that much easier to keep them in check.

Keep up the good work, lefties!


  1. Thanks, Kenny! Keep fighting the good fight. :)

  2. Dr. Waddy: Much wishful thinking by a significant segment of the left is in evidence here. Alot of those people are of good will and they are hopping mad just now because they mistakenly think that stricter gun control would have prevented these outrages. Too, some of them just want to see "something" done but find the defensive hardening of the schools an unbearable thought. Sneering as they pull these good people's chains are the real leftists who know they must defeat the NRA to prevail, not only in order to disarm the real America as a prerequisite for dictatorship but because they know that NRA very effectively supports candidates and lawmakers who are conservative on a broad range of issues. And they know that NRA knows them for what they are: since the '60's they are the vanguard of the moral degeneracy which is the real explanation for these shootings. By the way,contrary to the article's ill informed assumption, armed guards in the schools would do very nicely with weapons no more effective than AR-15s. Good old 12 gauges with double ought buck would do just fine and at least in rural areas like this would be no more unusual to the kids than a rooster, a pickup or a proudly displayed American flag or an NRA sticker.

  3. You're right, Jack: the obliteration of the NRA seems to be the real objective for many on the left at the moment. After all, when you can disarm your enemy -- literally or politically -- the battle is already won. Personally, I think the left is barking up the wrong tree, and ticking off gun owners will work against them in the Fall.

  4. Dr. Waddy: Slick Willy, Hillary and Al Gore can all speak to what happens when you threaten gun owners' rights and disingenuously blame NRA and its members for tragedies we did not cause. You'd think they'd have learned by now that it just doesn't work for them but being definitive bigots they are incapable of such honest introspection. They may be close to going into the very deep end.

  5. Yes. Granted, this time they have some telegenic teenagers on their side (or so I'm told), but the NRA plays a long game... Did you see Dick's Sporting Goods' virtue-signaling announcement today? Pretty disgusting. I'm just glad this 18 to 21 business isn't catching on in Congress. Paul Ryan said some very sensible things about guns the other day.