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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Connect the Dots, People!

Friends, the stories about the Democratic Party/FBI "collusion" against Trump are getting more and more interesting by the day.  Initially, I was inclined to give the left the benefit of the doubt.  After all, they're so disposed to self-delusion that maybe they all believed their own spin about Trump and Russia...  It wouldn't be the first time they scampered off to Never-Neverland.  Now, though, it appears that information was fed to British spy-for-hire Christopher Steele by a Clinton crony -- and President Obama was kept personally informed about the shenanigans.  The left-wing media's obsession with discrediting Nunes' FISA memo is starting to make sense.  They may be beginning to realize how much jeopardy luminaries like Clinton, Obama, and Holder are in...  I sincerely hope that the deceptions that the FBI and Justice Department engaged in are down to incompetence or wishful-thinking, but it is getting harder and harder to believe that.  This might be one conspiracy theory that turns out to be true!  The sad part is that, even if it could be proven conclusively that prominent figures in the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration criminally conspired to discredit their political adversaries, most liberals wouldn't believe it, and even if they did believe it they wouldn't care.  Stopping Trump is their prime directive.  Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, matters as much to them as destroying Donald J. Trump. 

Read on, and judge for yourself:


  1. It just gets more interesting by the day. However, I think the majority of Americans are 1. Tired of hearing about it. 2. Or simply don't care.

  2. I agree, Linda. I think most Americans wrote both parties off as hopelessly corrupt a long time ago. Thus, they will believe almost any negative spin, but on the other hand they are very skeptical of any expression of moral outrage...

  3. Dr. Waddy and Linda M. Conley: Having worked in the executive branch of state gov't I saw the power publicly anonymous and unelected officials empowered by elected executives can have. Elected leftists bring along factoti some of whom have views extreme enough to prevent them from being elected. Van Jones was just the very tip of the iceberg in the Obama Administration. I know Saul Alinsky bade radicals conceal their views in order to gain power; I wonder if he advised them to let radical underlings do the real work of dissembling while they fronted in high office? The radical left simply cannot help revealing its totalitarian essence whenever it thinks itself in possession of sway. The trench work of undermining America and "fundamentally transforming"it was no doubt at work in any setting subject to Federal executive authority while that Communist was in office.

  4. It's interesting how every functionary of the Trump administration is subject to media scrutiny, while Obama's mandarins could do as they pleased with no accountability. That's politics for you. Anyone who takes up the cause of America must realize by now that they'll have a target on their back. Luckily it's usually a metaphorical target, although Steve Scalise might beg to differ...