Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Keep On Truckin'!


Friends, did you know that all truck drivers are Satanist, fascist, white supremacist terrorists?  I didn't!  Luckily the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is enlightening me...  Thanks, Canada!

This week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil covers all the hot button issues, including the squabble over Ukraine, the controversy surrounding "Freedom Convoys", the deterioriating economic picture, and the outrageous revelations about Clinton campaign spying on President Trump.

When we get to "This Day in History", we analyze the role of the United Nations in the Korean War and the Cold War as a whole, the legacy of the Tet Offensive, the saliency of historical comparisons to "Watergate", the significance of the U.S. campaign against the Barbary Pirates, and the difficulties in exciting historical curiosity in college-age Americans.

What a lineup!  Could it be the greatest radio broadcast of all time?  It's definitely top-ten!  That's why it's so imperative that you listen and experience it for yourself:




Here's the Wall Street Jorunal's take on John Durham's recent allegations about Dem spying on the Trump campaign and Trump White House.  They're not scoffing, as you'll see: 

Finally, DJT is getting one step closer to launching his HUUUUUUUUUUGE new social media platform.  He's gonna rock your world!  Gird your loins, people!


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I am good friends with several retired long haul truckers; no liberals they, outspokenly! Truckers are acutely sensitive and have been for a long timeto badly thought out regulations, promulgated arbitrarily by distant authorities who demonstrate little regard for the manner in which these dictates make a very difficult job even harder.They rightly perceive that such bureaucrats hold them in contempt due to the truckers' (surprise, surprise) blue collar and often rural culture. I think truckers are FED (so to speak) FED UP with it! These covid restrictions are a step too far and the truckers have made their long gathered resentment obvious! Of course a reflexively disdainful liberal government in Canada headed by a sanctamonious cub, disingenuously expresses no perception of any measure of merit in the obviously self sacrificing efforts of so many of these heavily indebted working guys and gals! Such disorder would be countenanced, yea lauded, were it tocome from politically correct sources and forces. The same can be expected from the present US administration should US truckers similarly stand up!

  2. Yes, it doesn't surprise me either that the culture of trucking is broadly individualistic, entrepreneurial, and conservative. I wonder, though, if any truckers see regulation as a boon. Didn't they not so long ago undertake much more perilous journeys, defined by unsafe trucks, excessive speeds, and pep pills galore? My sense is that the conditions under which truckers labor have improved considerably, but I could be wrong. And maybe, if I'm right, the credit doesn't belong to government, per se?

  3. Dr.Waddyvrom Jack: Hmmm: good point and it does give me pause. The ones I've talked with have said they think thejob more difficult now and the demonstrating truckers are certainly a highly motivated bunch.