Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Bill "I'll Do Anything For a Couple of Yuan" Gates


Friends, you may be wondering how it is that the Chinese can invent a virus, unleash it on the world, kill millions, and get off scot-free...  It's simple, really: you just buy off and/or collude with all the major opinion leaders and power brokers in the free (and un-free) world.  The Chicoms have developed an impressive knack for subversion, almost all of it, I hasten to add, completely legal, and most of it publicly admitted.  Here's a fine article about Bill Gates that details his long-standing relationship with various organs of the party, military, and state in Red China.  And ask yourself this: if one of the world's richest men can be "bought and sold" by China, what chance do rank-and-file businessmen, academics, scientists, journalists, and politicians have?  Heck, Trump once boasted that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and still maintain the full support of his loyal base.  The Chinese aren't just boasting about it: they're actually doing it!  They're killing their own people, and ours, by the millions...and all the world has to say about it is: thank you, Chinese Sir, may I have another?


The Left is redefining seemingly innocuous terms all the time, and their latest trigger word is "freedom", which of course those nasty, nasty truckers have misappropriated.  The next time you hear someone say, "I love freedom", you'll know what they really mean is: "I love Hitler and slavery and AR-15s and fossil fuels and Fox News".  And knowing is half the battle, right? 

As per the CDC, having babies is passé, but even more so is having babies while married.  Having babies while married to a person of the opposite sex is practically unthinkable.  My, how times have changed.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack : I would suggest that the far left perceives the present as a tumultuous but nevertheless "progressive "transition to a perfect world. Why, traditional marriage , conception and child rearing? Why of course we will put paid that abomination as soon as we usurp the power to dictate its demise.

  2. Jack, one wonders how the Left thinks humanity will perpetuate itself if not via families and impregnated females... As usual, though, the sheer abstraction/idealism of their belief system absolves them of the need to be practical. The babies will materialize, damn it, because they will it!