Monday, February 7, 2022

It's Official: There's Not Going To Be a Joe Biden Centerfold in Playboy


Friends, am I the only one starting to notice a resemblance between Sleepy Joe and the one-foot-in-the-grave version of Hugh Hefner, the grandsire of the Playboy empire?  Perhaps.  Be that as it may, my commentary on Brian Karem's article on the growing Dem disillusionment with "President" Biden has just been published by American Greatness.  Karem, in case you've forgotten, was Playboy's senior White House correspondent, so he's a man you'll want to pay close attention to.  The bunny ears alone demand respect.  Enjoy!


In other news, here's an article by a lefty who argues that the RNC's recent censure of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger means that Republicans are running scared.  What are we afraid of?  We're concerned that the January 6th committee might "deliver the goods" and prove that Trump, his inner circle, and all 74 million of us who voted for him are a bunch of insurrectionist domestic terrorist bastards.  Uh huh.  That's a big worry, all right.  I jest, but the article does have a point: we conservatives have a decision to make about how much we "engage" with the committee itself, how much we acknowledge or ignore Cheney and Kinzinger's pearl-clutching, and how much we seek to change the subject and talk about immigration, on inflation, or Russia Russia Russia, or something else entirely.  By and large, it's in the interests of Republicans to keep the public focused on the failures of the Biden Administration.  Then again, what Cheney and Kinzinger are doing by defying the will of their conference, and by trying to drag people totally unconnected with the Capitol Riot into their "insurrection" fairy tales, is downright dangerous and deeply divisive.  Maybe it merits a summary condemnation?


Speaking of which, what will happen to the January 6th committee when (not if) the GOP takes control of the House in January of next year?  There's a world of possibilities, and some of them could cause lefties' jaws to drop... 

Kudos to Coca-Cola for maintaining a consistent line on the morality/profitability of Olympic sponsorships.  They didn't let Nazi genocide rain on their Olympic parade in 1936, and they're every bit as indifferent to the fate of Uyghurs in China now.  And yet, as this article points out, Georgia's minor voting reforms required immediate and pointed criticism from Coke's CEO.  Now that's a company with its priorities straight...


Finally, as you can see here, the revocation of COVID restrictions isn't just a trend in Europe.  It's starting here too.  Long may it last!  One has to wonder which restrictions will remain in place by the time of the November midterm elections...  Democrats appear to be figuring out what the polls have been saying now for a while: COVID paranoia is a political liability.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: How very grotesque Hefner was in his dotage, blithely cavorting with nubile nymphs who would, but for his wealth, have disdained him. That may also bear comparison with Pino Joe's increasingly cringe worthy performance. Well, great administrations have been preceded before by less than commendable ones: eg Buchanan before Lincoln and Carter before Reagan. Karem's apologetic and reflexive excoriation of President Trump and Trump nation does provide a fillip to what I think you rightly see as plausibly predictive of a Dem turn against their marionette, who was revived only to thwart the person of President Trump, against whom (or "which", by their fevered lights)they bear an unprecedented and insane antipathy. "Of course I loathe Trump and all who support him but I must say we may need to rethink our defense against the return of him and his mindless throng" he appears to say!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: So very glad to see your continuing publication in national publications. Your commentary can be a significant contribution to what gives daily promise of steady progress in meeting and defeating the leftist onslaught on America!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The reaction of heroic Canadian truckers and their supporters to the wrongheaded restrictions casually orderedby their Federal gov't is striking! For one thing, PM Trudeau is a perfect caricature of a young, dismissive, arrogant liberal oblivious to any views other than his own. I would guess that for him, the western provinces are terra incognita! Reminds me of Cuomo. But, ooooh, these guys are proving to be: "Oh gosh, I may actually have to listen to them, yeeech!" . As always with leftists,POWER is all they pay attention to. Of righteousness and justice they assume themselves essential and automatically morally superior. Is the truckers's movement coming to the US? Stand by!

  4. Jack, one of the interesting features of Karem's analysis is that he doesn't consider its ramifications beyond apologizing for his apostasy. I mean, if Biden is a political dead letter, and he keeps going from bad to worse, what's a Dem to do??? Demand his resignation? Hunker down for three more years and then find a leftist savior? Pray for a bolt of lightning to strike Sleepy Joe AND Kam Kam before January, so Crazy Nancy can take over? None of these options can enthuse the neo-Marxist true believers much.

    Thank you, Jack! At long last, I'm cranking out articles again at a respectable clip. It's the least I can do.

    You know, I wonder how many blue states are abandoning their COVID restrictions as we speak partly because of what we're seeing in Canada... Could this be a preemptive strike by the Left, or rather a preemptive retreat?