Friday, February 18, 2022

Climate Change Eschatology


Friends, climate change alarmists are MAD AS HELL!  It's not because the oceans are about to catch fire, either.  Oh no.  It's because COVID stole the limelight, and for the past two years hardly anyone has cared that "science" proves that climate change is gonna kill us all...and incinerate our carcasses, just to rub it in.  I mean, what's a lefty eco-scold gotta do to get a little respect around here?  Keep in mind that almost all left-wing activists are peddling one version of catastrophism or another.  Problem is, though, that there's only so much abject terror to go around...  It's a predicament, for sure.  The Left might need to start rationing paranoia.  How else are we to achieve neurotic equity?

Do I believe in climate change?  You bet.  I'm also open-minded enough to acknowledge that heat is not, contrary to what you might have heard, always a bad thing.  Nor is "change".  The long-term effects of a slightly warmer climate are, in fact, difficult to predict, but, as this article demonstrates, the medium-term impacts of climate change that have already occurred are mostly -- gasp! -- positive.  Food for thought, indeed!


When the Dems' own polls are telling them that swing district voters believe they've gone way too far in pushing COVID authoritarianism, opening our borders, attacking the police, and promoting reverse racism, then you know the party has a major problem on its hands.  One option: change course!  That's an absurd suggestion, though.  Leftists don't make mistakes, and they certainly don't admit them.  Far better, then, to double down on accusations that all Republicans are treasonous, white supremacist, terrorist swine.  I wonder, has the saliency of those attacks been poll-tested?  I mean, I don't see much evidence that they've worked up to now... 

Could the enfranchisement of non-citizens in municipal elections lead inexorably to their participation in federal elections too?  That's a bit of a leap, since it would clearly violate federal law...but since when do election laws govern our elections?  It's elections bureaucrats who run the show, and their loyalties are suspect.  We need to keep a very close eye on the procedures that are in place to prune non-citizens from voter rolls.  There's nothing the Left would like more than to, uhh, stop enforcing the pesky requirement that you need to be a citizen in order to vote.  And they have demonstrated time and time again that they simply don't believe that the Constitution or the law are meaningful barriers to enacting their agenda.


The betting markets are saying that Donald Trump has the best chance of anyone to win the 2024 election.  That's nice, but they're also saying that there's a 75% chance that he won't be the winner.  Betting markets signify little at this stage, and polling signifies scarcely more.  Three years is an eternity in politics, and, what's more, our finely balanced two-party system almost guarantees that 2024 will be a nail-biter.  Don't kid yourselves: the GOP might win in 2022 by default, but 2024 will be a far bigger challenge.


  1. There is always the possibility, even as late as 2024, that some truly outstanding people no one has ever heard of, will appear almost like magic on the presidential campaign stage.

    Such people could be either true traditional Democrats or Republicans. Yes, the chances are slim, but we can always hope for miracles.

  2. Oh, absolutely, Ray, and I think the oddsmakers are taking account of that possibility. If I had to bet on the Dem nominee -- Biden, Kam Kam, or "Other" -- I'd bet on "Other". On the GOP side, I'd bet on Trump, but I would not be shocked to see someone other than Trump or DeSantis as the nominee. The process is brutal, which often means that, by the time people begin to cast votes, the original frontrunners have long since been cast aside.

  3. Looking at that pouting face of Greta Thunberg (without any degrees in climate science or anything connected to it), begs the question of who will remember her 50 years from now?

    Does anyone remember the singer Janis Joplin who die of a heroin overdose in 1970?

  4. One thing for sure, if "Democrats" continue to run the country in the foreseeable future, freedom as we have known it in The United States of America will fade away and disappear. We will then morph into an assortment of continual Marxist dictatorships, and become a third world country in the bargain. As it is, we are already in the early stages of that national terminal cancer.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I think it probable that some climatic change is occuring but I have no faith in the typically dictatorial assertion by the infallible left that it is human generated. Since the American scientific establishment is much afraid of leftist commanded professional ruination for heresy, I assume they are loath to run that risk and I can't blame them. Getting a physical sciences PHD must be an ordeal! Thank you Doc, for your characteristically insolent expression and citation of very plausible views on warming contrary to those of the irrefutable far left.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The far left (and its merely left followers) wants whatever it wants at any given time. Its standard? Whatever it embraces at any moment;it is by definition infallible and subject to change ONLY by their unchallengeable fiat! Need I reprise the subhuman history of far leftist regimes in China, Russia, N.Korea etc.? So, whatever floats the American far left boat, why that is their intention. Any election situation favoring their goals would be forcefully and intolerably advanced. And this in their captured minds would continue should they achieve their almost 60 year + goal of totalitarian rule. Then there would be no dissent, no opposition, no doubt. Why, it "vould be strictly verboten, harrumphh!"

  7. Dr.Waddy frm Jack: Do you think that petulant young cub could define the term Eschatology? Probably not and perhaps that reflects upon her ability to focus intellectually creditable criticism on any vital issue. As a 1960s + survivor I have seen much youthful presumption given far too much regard, due simply to its generation's entomologically multitudinous power. The present far left cannot quite claim this advantage, no, but it seeks to assume moral verities "established" by those boomers who bustled in the casually '60s generated reflexive anarchic antipathy to order.

  8. Ray, if climate change really does "pan out" for the Left, and half of humanity is broiled alive, then I suppose Greta will look like a prophet. If not, they'll just tweak their narrative and find some other chimera to terrorize us with. As usual, there's no danger that they'll admit fault.

    I could easily see us morphing into a dictatorship. Whether it will be "Marxist" is another matter. Whether even the Soviet Union was "Marxist" in any meaningful sense is up for debate! Seems to me all dictatorships are ultimately run for the convenience of the elite. In that sense, we may notice very little change when democracy finally dies, since it's been hollowed out and somewhat illusory for a while now.

    You're welcome, Jack! I'm no climate scientist, of course, nor am I a scientist of any type -- not even a "social scientist", since the term has always struck me as self-important and profoundly inaccurate. Be that as it may, I possess a modicum of common sense, and so the idea that a planet a couple degrees hotter MUST be a planet virtually unlivable has always struck me as highly suspect.

    Jack, believe it or not, I've never heard the teenage High Priestess of Climate Doom speak. I assume she's insufferable. Or maybe she's very bright and charming? In either case, all that proves zilch about "the climate". She's a "front man", if you will, for a secular religion/cult. That doesn't make her right. In fact, it makes her presumptively wrong.

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack:Ya know, this Ukraine thing is beginning to fit very neatly into the environmental far left's plan, though I do not think they foresaw this potential windfall. Possible events in Ukraine could result in a cutoff of Russian resources to Europe. That could result in scarcity, rationing and attendant disorder, like unto the 73 - 74 Arab Oil Embargo!. Now, sans a doctrinally fossil fuel despising American administration, America might well, using the infrastructure unforgiveably built after '74, help out. But no, our White House esconsed radicals have seento the suppression of our politically incorrect fossil fuel industry. What then? What more? Would we send our Strategic Reserve to an energy starved
    Europe? How our radicals would celebrate the diminution of this last of America's self sufficiency!


  10. Interesting take, Jack! I suppose higher oil prices could also be an excuse for even more radical efforts to promote green energy...