Friday, August 20, 2021

The Blame Game


Friends, few things are more pathetic than a flailing politician trying to blame his enemies for his own failures and missteps.  Witness Sleepy Joe's recent ramblings about how our retreat from, and defeat in, Afghanistan is all Trump's fault...for proposing a different plan that the Biden Administration decided to ignore.  Now, would we have faced challenges in Afghanistan even if Trump had stayed in office?  You bet.  How Trump would have navigated those challenges is anyone's guess -- but it's Joseph R. Biden, alleged President of these United States, who "lost" Afghanistan.  Deal with it, Dems!  The polls clearly show that no one is buying your obfuscations. 

In other news, the Dems keep telling us that "democracy" is on the brink, and unless the Dems can change the rules of the game at the federal level, future elections will be stolen by us white supremacist Republicans.  Yikes!  Of course, GOP legislatures have been fiddling with election laws for years now...and minority voting rates continue to climb, so the Left's concerns about "Jim Crow 2.0" seem pretty far-fetched.  That doesn't matter, though, because "voter suppression" is part of the creed of progressivism now.  "Proof" is redundant.  They have faith in our inveterate (and highly effective) racism, and that's all they need. 

What's the answer to the "lies" and "hate" constantly spewed by folks like you and me?  Censorship, of course!  More and more Democrats are pushing for it, and that ought to scare the wits out of anyone who believes in pluralism, free speech, and democracy.  We are headed to a very dark place, and soon, unless people who think this way can be evicted from the halls of power.


All things being equal, and elections being fair (we hope!), things are looking good for a big GOP comeback in 2022.  Witness our recent success in Connecticut. 

Despite all the leftist hyperventilation, what happened on January 6th has been obvious from the start, to anyone with common sense: it was a riot, spawned on the spot by the frustrations of aggrieved Trumpers, but in no way planned by Trump and his allies, and on which Trump had no plans (and no ability) to capitalize.  In short, there was no "insurrection", and people who invaded the Capitol had not the slightest idea what to do with that glorious edifice once they had seized it.


Finally, there's new evidence -- from the New York Times, no less -- that plastic dividers, despite their popularity with COVID-crazed virtue-signallers, are not especially effective at preventing the spread of COVID, and may in some circumstances actually do more harm than good.  Hey, that could be the motto of the CDC: "we mean well, but we usually do more harm than good"...


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Sorry Biden you blithely ,reflexively and contemptuously abrogated many of President Trump's measures, all of which negations had highly unfavorable human consequences yes, but you just were compelled by principle to follow thru on President Trump's conditional withdrawal from Afghanistan, sans, conveniently, the conditions, their oversight and their promised consequences for dishonesty. Aw Gee!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: That was a very good point raised in the article, that those of us who recognize the all out leftist attack on free speech, should beware of empowering government too far in resisting this fundamental and presumptuous attack on persona! freedom, even unto tasking big tech influence on government to far. One could say it might come back to haunt us should we establish Fox like power in social media. But let us strive to OVERPOWER leftist cringing big tech in the marketplace of assertive discourse!

  3. Minority voters have increased because of efforts by people like Stacey Abrams to get minority voters registered -- in spite of and to spite voter suppression efforts.

    BTW, there is nothing "alleged" about President Biden's role as president. He kicked Trump's ass by 8 million votes.

    As for Afghanistan, Trump saddled Biden with a bad deal. It's par for the course. Bush 41 left Clinton with a bad economy to clean up, Bush 43 left Obama with a bad economy and a. two-front war to clean up and Trump left Biden with a badly managed pandemic, a bad economy and a awful withdrawal plan for Biden to clean up. Democratic presidents are continually having to clean up GQP shit.

    1. Hi Rod

      Looks like the real GOP will be spending years and years cleaning up that DemoMarxist shit! Maybe by the time your heroes get done with The United States of America it will be impossible to clean up the shit. But you are absolutely correct about the Bushwhackers.

      Wondering how much the military was involved in that "withdrawal plan"? I was on Guam when Saigon fell (seriously) and I saw the results of our withdrawal plan firsthand. It was F*d up!

      How about a new party called the DemoPublicans?

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Re: Jan.6:Its so obvious that a similar leftist incursion would have been celebrated by the left as as "talking back to power". Their sudden patrotic concern for the seat of Federal government is comprehensively disingenuous and laughably unconvincing. They are still schooled by Slick Willy and his tactic of preemption. "Wha shore, ah've allus bin a limited govment man!"

  5. Jack, I wholeheartedly agree -- if we begin to see government (temporarily in the hands of the GOP) as the solutioon to Big Tech censorship and indoctrination, we better ensure that Dems and progressives never again operate the levers of federal power, because when they do they will use whatever leverage we achieve over Big Tech to obliterate free speech once and for all.

    Rod, lamenting the exclusion of minorities from voting, when they are clearly more INCLUDED than ever before, may not seem like a contradiction to you...but that's because your brain works differently than mine. Vive la difference!

    Again with the popular vote totals from 2020? Check your constitution, Rod. The national popular vote makes for interesting trivia, but it doesn't determine ANYTHING...

    Aww. All Biden's problems are Trump's fault? How convenient. Good luck selling THAT to the voters in 2022!

    Jack, it's well-established that the Left actually had planned demonstrations/riots on a national scale had Trump had the effrontery to win in 2020 (officially). I imagine they will go ape when he wins in 2024, and with a sympathetic Bidenist regime in power their rampages could be quite impressive! Stay tuned.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: But in 2024 it may well be the real America vs either Kamalafornia ( having succeeded an exhausted Biden) or AOC. In the latter case Civil War II is assured

  7. Ray, my guess would be that the military was very secondary in the planning for our withdrawal from Afghanistan. For one thing, the deadline for our withdrawal -- Sept. 11th -- was clearly not chosen for any military purpose. It's political, pure and simple. And let's not forget that the main job of the top brass is to tell the politicians what they want to hear...

    Jack, I'm less sanguine that the "real America" would stand up to the feds, assuming Biden could convince law enforcement and the military to prop up his little banana republic... Of course, it's probably more likely that the police and military would be split in their loyalties, which makes your scenario of Civil War II entirely feasible. First, though, the "real America" would have to be convinced that it won in 2024 and was cheated of its victory. Frankly, I think one of the main reasons why the lefties are beating Jan. 6th to death is to intimidate right-wingers into biting their tongues on the issue of election integrity in future. I mean, if Kamala says SHE won in 2024, and Trump says HE won, who will the mainstream media and social media believe? And, regardless of the truth, I would imagine they'd do everything in their power to build a narrative that guaranteed their desired outcome.

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: If Kamalafornia/Durbin were to beat Trump/DeSantis in 2024 it might be iffy. Surely in a close one much doubt might be fully realized. But I meant, if AOC/Whitmer were to win, then I think Civil War would be nigh, because AOC in executive power would be unendurable, unacceptable and assuredly destructive. I agree with you in that the left beats Jan.6 into presumptuous leftist doctrinal fodder suitable for all manner of leftist usage in the near future. They will of course recoil from and seek to discredit recent official conclusions as to the lack of culpability for President Trump and outstanding conservative organizations in Jan.6. It was a spontaneous expression by "the people" of their "rage" about their cavalier treatment by the disdainful left! Now don't let us hear you lefties deny the validity of any action so inspired!

  9. Boy, Jack, do you really think this country is so far gone that it might elect AOC as its president? In my most pessimistic moments I've never even imagined such a horror...and yet!