Monday, August 30, 2021

Falling in Line with Red China


Friends, today I highly recommend to you this long article, which analyzes how deeply irrational much of the Western response to COVID has been, and how much this response has been inspired by, and sometimes dictated by, communist China.  It's a frightening story of how oblivious and/or craven our political elite has become, and how far we've traveled on the road to totalitarianism in the last year and a half.  Gird your loins, because it isn't easy reading.


In other CCP news, it turns out that China has made major upgrades to its nuclear arsenal -- so much so that we're in danger of being left in the dust.  Needless to say, you won't hear Biden or Wolf Blitzer talking about that... 

Here's a very interesting piece on the desirability of moving to greener (or, in this case, redder) pastures.  The author argues that living amongst fellow Christians/conservatives can produce a major boost in one's quality of life.  Having said that, it brings with it inherent challenges as well, which one would be remiss to ignore.


Cancel culture hasn't let up in the midst of the Afghanistan debacle.  Check this article out.  The "debanking" of Michael Flynn is particularly disturbing, given its peremptory nature.  I encourage all of you to reconsider any business you do with JPMorgan Chase as a result.


Hey, guess what?  The feds are now viewing my refusal to wear a mask, for instance, as a violation of your civil rights.  In other words, mandatory, universal masking is a requirement if the civil rights of the medically vulnerable are to be protected.  This is some extraordinary sleight-of-hand, when you think about it: the preservation of freedom now necessitates the abolition of freedom.  Get used to it.  It's clear that the Left intends to beat the drum of authoritarianism, which proved so popular in the age of COVID, much more often from now on.


Does it sometimes seem like federal spending is wildly out of control?  Well, it's not all in your head.  The bean counters in DC really have gone off their gourds.  Domestic spending as a percentage of GDP is at all-time highs, and our yearly deficit is over $3 trillion!!!  We're told all these eye-popping numbers will come back down to earth after the pandemic passes us by...but what are the chances of that ever happening?  The powers-that-be are having way too much fun milking our pandemic anxieties for all they're worth. 


  1. I'm trying real hard to look on the "bright side", or whatever words you want to use, but I'm happier because Denmark lifted all Covid restrictions. I know they are a small country and all that, but still. It's good news to hear, and I think they still have good pastry. Let's hear it for Denmark!

  2. That's heartening, Ray! I wonder what that means... The surge has passed Denmark by? I hope so. Maybe high cheese consumption or sex with blondes is the silver bullet that provides immunity from COVID. (I'm rooting for the latter.)

    You pointed out (separately) that it's tragic how politicized our reaction to COVID became in this country. You're right. From the start, COVID was just one more way to "get Trump" for the leftists, and one more way they could virtue-signal vis-a-vis Republicans. Under the circumstances, is it any surprise that Republicans/conservatives have become pandemic-skeptics? No! They're just falling into the trap that the Left (eagerly) set for them...

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack We moved from a now close to dysfunctional city to the real America in the '70s. I was lucky enough to be married to a country woman who was willing to return. I would add this advice to that contained in the article: if you move to common sense land, which is, more often than not, culturally rural even in the smallish cities it includes, PLEASE DO NOT try to change the ways of those who have always lived there. It is THEIR ways whicn make the quality of life so good in those places and when presumptuous outsiders move in and try to take over, it generates volcanic resentment which has become politically significant in places like Vermont and the Mountain West. Too, out here you can probably afford a few acres to shield you from the inconsiderate types you find anywhere. That's very hard to do in the 'burbs and probably impossible in any Dem mismanaged city. Its possible to find common sense places even in politically benighted places like NY state.

  4. That it is! Good advice, Jack: all too often the refugees from mismanaged Dem hellholes descend on the "real America" and proceed to preach about the virtues of progressivism. Pick a side, people! It's America, or...un-America. Your choice.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: What does China want? I think: guaranteed security from the humiliation, suffering and hopelessness it experienced in its temporary and uncharacteristic period of weakness from 1820 to 1949 and the resultant ordeal of leftist totalitarian misrule. The Chinese understandably see the remedy in POWER, lodged completely in their hands. At least regionally overwhelming military power is very obvious in their perception of a guarantee of security. But may thay see such power as necessistating powerful influence throughout the world? That must give us pause! Much of often seen deference to Chinese views is reflexive "politically correct" obsequiousness. Let us recognize China's legitimate concerns as a great nation for millenia but let us not submit to overreach on their part!

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I am appalled by the undeserved ordeal to which General Flynn and his family have been subjected to by the sociopathic left. I will be certain to disdain in all ways any person or entity which effects or effected, supports or supported,any oppression of this good man!

  7. Jack, I would LOVE to see General Flynn truly vindicated, i.e. reinstalled as NSA under Trump!