Sunday, August 1, 2021

Finally, a Victory for Misanthropy/Misogyny!


Friends, given the rapid proliferation of new genders -- some of them pretty darn outlandish -- and the inability of many young people to pick just one, it might be for the best that the American Medical Association is, in effect, giving us a nudge in the direction of a genderless society.  To placate the transgender heroes/heroines/heroic individuals among us, the AMA is suggesting that we delete all reference to "sex" or "gender" from most birth certificates.  You have to believe that more companies and institutions will make similar decisions, making accommodations (like bathrooms) available to everyone, and asking us as few loaded questions about sex and gender as possible.  Indeed, even our gendered pronouns might have to go.  We could just call everyone "hey you!"  A side benefit will be the effective abolition of man- and womankind, and let's face it: half the population has long looked on the other half with a jaundiced eye, all because of sex/gender.  Once no one can tell what sex/gender you are, much less care, everyone will be in the same, admittedly weird and biologically untenable, boat.  What a brave new world we live in!


In other news, the blasted "infrastructure bill" is making some progress in the Senate.  A host of Republicans seem ready to vote for it.  Its travails aren't done yet, though.  The reconciliation package that the Dems want to accompany it is in some jeopardy, and the House may or may not have the votes to pass one bill without the other.  Presumably, the House will also change whatever it passes, making final passage in the Senate and Biden's signature a hard slog.  Stay tuned.


Kamala Harris, believe it or not, is less than beloved by the American people.  What a bunch of shameless racists we are!  In reality, the causes are myriad, but the takeaway is profoundly important: neither the "President" nor the "Vice-President" enjoys strong, visceral support, even from Democrats, and certainly not from independents and Republicans.  It's been said that we've already seen "peak Biden", and I believe it.  The fact is that Kamala is the Dems' "Plan B"...and she's even worse! 

Finally, as hard as the media is working to scare Americans with the "delta variant", and to convince us that Ron DeSantis is now our country's leading cause of death, the fact is that the current viral surge is producing a lot fewer deaths that previous waves.  If the British are the pioneers, so to speak, of the delta variant, then their experience indicates that we may also soon see a diminution of cases.  In short, don't despair just yet.  We've made major progress in the war against COVID, and we're not going back to the bad old days of universal lockdowns and masking.  Count on it.


  1. Nick, not wanting to engage in a back and forth about the media "hyping" the danger of COVID. We now have the Delta variant, which is far more infectious than the Alpha variant, which was far more infectious than wild type. There have been fewer deaths with Delta because so many of those most at risk are vaccinated. As a result, people infected today are younger, and usually survive their hospitalizations. There is a variant of Delta, Delta +, which is much tougher to survive because it targets the lungs more readily.

    There are now four more variants of interest -- Eta, Kappa, Lambda and Iota. Lambda is the more concerning at the moment, because it is the South American variant that is so prevalent. But, the concerning part of all the variants is that they all have multiple mutations to the Spike protein, which make them more resistant to the antibodies created by the vaccines (which is called "immune evasion").

    The reason why that is scary is because the more mutations this virus goes through, the greater likelihood the virus will mutate enough to become more infectious, more deadly and more resistant to treatment.

    Think about this. What if the lab theory of the origin of the virus is correct? What makes anyone think that the Lab would not have created a virus that kept getting more infectious and more vaccine resistant as it mutated. The history of past epidemics generally follow a path of one or two variants that are tougher to combat, then get weaker (1957-58 flu epidemic, Swine Flu). That has not happened this time.

    I would be afraid. Be very afraid.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Re: Biden and Harris 'shortcomings suggest a perhaps ever more viable path for AOC.Speaking of her, I must be as presumptuous as to celebrate, because of today's Cuomonews, in the following manner: Hey Dems! Great going! You sure have done yourselves and NY proud in your provision to us of some real paragons: Spitzer, Weiner, Cuomo, AOC ,Schumer, probably etc. Not to mention (but I just did)that the Clintons'freely chose NY as as a welcoming refuge. No wonder the country despises our benighted state, no wonder! Gee Dems, maybe your party needs "fundamental transformation".

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: "Infrastructure and Reconciliation" ehh? We know from long experience that when bills having expressed such objectives are passed unto the tender care of a Dem administration, they undergo miraculous "fundamental transformation" into pools of ever changing pork enabling leftist determination. Why not provide fundingto "Arts" which happen to sneer at the real America which finances them? That is their conviction and it is guaranteed to be manifest in all legislation subjected to presumptuous leftist enforcement by Dem executives.

  4. Interesting perspective, Rod, but I'm puzzled: if past pandemics suggest that eventually a virus will mutate into something LESS harmful, why are you so sure that this time will be different? I fail to see how, even if a virus was engineered, its designers could specify HOW it would mutate... Mutations are random, are they not?

    Jack, are you suggesting that AOC will be the prime beneficiary of Cuomo's fall from grace? Could be. I bet a lot of Dems are salivating over what they assume will be an open seat Governor's race... I wouldn't get too excited if I were them, however. That Cuomo is plucky!

    Jack, as I understand it even the infrastructure package that Republicans are willing to accede to is full of leftist junk. The reconciliation bill would be, we can safely assume, a hundred times worse!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack; No , I was speculating thatif Biden and Harris don't float the Dem boat it might make a sensational AOC nomination for Pres conceivable. That's the ticket! AOC and Van Jones for America hating Americans.The squad would make a ready made inner circle. In 2013 Trump wuld have seemed as unlikely, if he seemed at all. AOC for Gov? I dont think she needs to take that step. "Haughty" is my word for Cuomo and I'm looking forward to having a decent Governor for awhile, though some of the arguments holding that Cuomo will hang on are plausible and well taken. He outdoes Slick Willy in presumptuous self adulation.

  6. Jack, I'd say it's certain that Cuomo will hang on. What's unknown is whether the legislature has the focus and courage necessary to remove him...

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: What an onerous thing to contemplatethe continued public disgrace of having this compromised man in office. But I think you are right in your prediction. A recent commentator said Cuomo will not be shamed because to be shamed one must be capable of being shamed. His ego and sense of entitlement cannot countenance the possibility.