Friday, August 6, 2021

Systemic Racism: It's Not What You Think


Friends, all roads lead to Nixon, as you know.  Bear with me.  Now, there's a lot of talk about "systemic racism" against people of color in America.  The truth, though, is that, since the early 70s and the onset of "affirmative action", almost every American institution has been practicing systemic, widespread, and mostly covert discrimination in favor of blacks and Hispanics.  Much of this discrimination is measurable.  A lot of it is pretty extreme.  Check out the average SAT scores of entering white and black freshmen at many of our elite colleges, for example.  The point is that there is ingrained, flagrant, and shameless racism infecting our major institutions, therefore, just as the Left alleges.  The reality, though, is that that racism operates not so as to oppress minorities, but so as to uplift them -- or, to view the matter from a different perspective, American racism routinely denies whites and Asians opportunities that, on the merits, they have earned.  This article exposes the contradiction well:


In other news, Biden's border policies are a disaster.  Even Biden's allies are starting to admit it.  The lefties are scratching their heads, though, because they can't figure out why so many illegals are showing up at the border all of a sudden...  I mean, it can't be bad policy, right?  It must be...COVID!  The cluelessness of these people is impressive, I must say! 

In the upcoming school year, parents, teachers, and administrators -- not to mention politicians and lawyers -- will be battling over whether classes are conducted in person or online, students are masked or unmasked, vaccination is required or optional, etc.  It could get ugly.  I mean, it will get ugly.  In the meantime, Florida is trying to make it easier for parents to opt to send their kids to private school via vouchers.  We can all see the writing on the wall here: COVID will permanently expand the percentage of kids who attend private schools or are home-schooled, and that's all to the good.  The only question is: how bad will the damage to our public school system be?


Biden's poll numbers really are sinking.  No doubt the Rod Squad thinks it's all a passing fancy.  We'll see.  Not so long ago, though, Sleepy Joe was hanging in there with 52-53% average approval.  Now he's edging towards the break-even point.  Pretty soon he'll be below it.  Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, needless to say. 

Speaking of polls, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's numbers are looking mighty bleak right now.  Expect an article from me soon about Cuomo's likely fate.  The only good news for Cuomo is that time is on his side, in the sense that the heat from the Attorney General's report is likely to fade.  The bad news, however, is that politicians in both parties now want him gone.  And, as the second article suggests, while his departure from office might actually harm the GOP politically, Republicans are in no mood and no position to help Emperor Andy. 

Ever wondered why the West is in terminal demographic decline?  One big reason is abortion.  It's easier than ever to terminate a pregnancy -- many abortions are now do-it-yourself affairs, performed in the comfort of one's own home.  Not surprisingly, therefore, in England about 25% of all pregnancies now end in abortion.  Young women are particularly keen on terminating their pregnancies.  That makes perfect sense to the warped moral sense of the modern age, but young women are also, biologically, the very women who ought to be having the most babies!  These days, black is white, and white is black.  What else is new, huh?


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I agree: up is down , good is bad, bad is good, ad nauseum and seemingly ad infinitum. Since the presently abundant strain of this syndrome started in the '60s, it has entered its fourth generation and among its proponents (some of them present at the creation) it has degenerated into mindless, reflexive iconoclasm conveniently ignorant of its origins and precedents and frivolously dismissive of its now obvious socially decadent consequences. It is the product of a perhaps historically unprecedented era in which youthful exuberance and naivete was celebrated, endorsed and foolishly empowered. It affords an endless array of imaginative excuses for the rejection of time proven morals such as the sanctity of innocent life.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: One must wonder what motivates a man SEEMINGLY impervious to almost universal public condemnation. And it is not easy for a
    persona!ity proven over time to be so intensely self centered and so very eager to demonstrate his transcendent virtues to an expectantly appreciative public, to demur, yes?. Consider Richard Nixon in extremis.He persisted in defending himself against withering disapprobation during the leftist celebrated Watergate assault on his, yes, treasured Presidency (he who had been savaged by unrelenting media calumny of the most primitive water in his tumultous career, motivated by his ultimately proven anti communism, untilhe was convinced by those whose approval was vital for him, that he had no chance of redemption, no matter the evil of those who gleefully tasked him? Has or does Cuomo already, faced or face such advice? Has he a Goldwater? Would he be amenable to such council? Under NY law he would be temporarily removed from Gubernatorial sway upon impeachment alone. He would have to relinquish it to (gasp!) Western NY Kathy Hochul and he would be deprived of the powers of retribution he treasures unless he can convince its objects that, yes, he will be back, like unto a Taliban potentate.

  3. Dr. Wwddy from Jack: In saying so I mean no comparison between Nixon, a decent man and Cuomo, a presumptuous nevertheless LOWLIFE.n

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Surely Covid is a factor, both in fear of the disease and from the additional economic dysfunction which is the last thing Latin America needs. Why are vaccination rates in Latin America relatively low?Is it poor transportation ,poor communication or scarcity of the vaccines? Perhaps El Jefe and his crowd are loathe to spend the necessary amount since it might cause some drop in their necessarily opulent lifestyle. I think such a dynamic may persist in much of Latin America though I know much democratic progress has been made.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Well jeepers creepers Dems; what COUlD explain the present ehh, "appreciation" in the incidence of illegal immigration? That the climate appears not to be a factor just may caused in part from relief from President Trump's policies and consequent frustrated demand. Now stick with me Dems! I'm confident you know this in your heart of hearts but I bid you believe the common sense real America is fully cognizant of the following truth: President Trump's policies worked! You do not want policies which work to curb illegal immigration because. .. . oh bless me for a fool but I ken me that you WANT illegal, uncontrolled massive illegal immigration!

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Now why, pray, would you want this Dems? Surely you are loyal Americans yes? But you do seem to have an incipient desire to work "fundamental transformation" on America to a point where it will no longer be America. And your withering contempt for the cultures of the border states most directly and destructively effected by your "compassion" is, well, we all know it don't we? I mean New Yawk and the East and West left coasts vs Texas?

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: You in that minority of the Dem party which retains some modicum of common sense: the far left has wrested control of your party. It owns uncomprehending Joe who sees every criticism of your party through the 1960 -70s lens of the Kumbayaa campfire! You want the illegals as a massive cadre convinced that you alone admitted themto this undeserving cornucopia. Of what these unfortunates are not apprised is this: that your saviors, once you have served their revolutionary ends, will return you to the familiar grasp of new "El Jefes. Examine the history of the 20th century for proof!

  8. Jack, the comparison between Nixon and Cuomo is an intriguing one. I can think of one obvious similarity: neither man genuinely believes he's guilty of anything more than being misunderstood. And here's another: a promise of a pardon could seal the deal on resignation for Cuomo. Did it for Nixon? He always said no such promise was made. Frankly, even if it was, a mere promise doesn't count for all that much, especially in Cuomo's case, because federal crimes may be involved in addition to state ones.

    Jack, I'm agnostic on the question of whether the Dems truly want chaos at the border, because they see long-term gains in it for themselves, or if they're simply too thick-headed to understand that their policies are enabling human trafficking, illegal immigration, drug smuggling, etc. Never underestimate human myopia! They may actually be THAT dumb.