Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Cuomo-Gate is Heating Up!


Friends, it ain't easy bein' Cuomo.  The entire New York State Congressional delegation has now called on him to resign, and so has "President" Biden, in the wake of a report from the New York Attorney General's Office claiming that Cuomo sexually harassed numerous women.  Cuomo, for his part, has been entirely consistent: he says he's innocent of everything, except maybe a few harmless gaffes.  He also refuses to resign.  Will the New York Assembly initiate impeachment proceedings against him?  Perhaps.  Heaven knows that the Dems would love to ditch him long before the 2022 election cycle.  He's become an albatross they could do without.  For that very reason, I hope he hangs in there!  He's the GOP's best hope, after all. 

In addition to Cuomo's travails, in this week's Newsmaker Show, Brian and I cover such pressing topics as: the tightening restrictions against the unvaccinated, both in Europe and here in the USA; the persistence of Islamic terrorism and the dangers of our withdrawal from Afghanistan; and China's shamelessness in covering up its complicity in the release of COVID-19.  It's a great show!  Check it out:

In other news, the CDC is ignoring the federal courts and its own legal counsel to renew, yet again, the national eviction moratorium.  Here's hoping that an upstanding federal judge will throw this moratorium in the dustbin of history where it belongs, and soon.


Speaking of COVID craziness, New York City has taken a step well beyond any other American jurisdiction: it is banning the unvaccinated from indoor dining, gyms, and public performances.  One assumes a flurry of lawsuits will follow...  Remember, these vaccines have not even been formally and permanently approved yet!!! 

Finally, Governor Newsom, according to the polls, is fighting for his life in California.  I'm glad to hear it, but I'm still less than confident that the voters in the Golden State will do the right thing.  Remember, COVID-era voting procedures are still in place in California as well, meaning that every voter will have a ballot mailed to him/her/it, regardless of whether any ballot is requested.  If the result is close, one could easily suspect that more than a few of those ballots weren't returned by the voter in question.  In other words, fraud could easily make the difference in California's recall election.  And that would be a crying shame, because we all know who that fraud would/will benefit...


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Your comments on the broadcast about State Senator Borello receiving calls from military personnel on "woke" ideology being forced on the troops ties in with news of DC Metro police suffering misgivings overJan.6. Those police did their duty, even though it meant protecting many who despise them and who celebrate the nationwide found attack on police. Many of those DC troopers had to be devastated by the need for physical confrontation with those with whom they sympathise! Of course some of them express resentment at how they were ignorantly misused by some rioters who should have known better. And, having Federal jobs,and lives like most of us,they may fear to say the wrong thing within earshot of Madame Pelosi. Who can blame them? She is totalitarianism brought to American earth!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack : One must wonder at this contradiction: " We are being trained to risk our lives for our country. At the same time we are trained to doubt about the fundamentals of our country supposedly justified by knowledge of past injustices. What duh...? You can't have it both ways! " And the resultant dysfunction may well be what so many of the leftist civilians giving the orders at high levels are seeking in the first place!

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: During the Lewinski scandal, George Will opined: "We must never have another President like this". We NYers should make a similar resolution. Spitzer, Weiner, AOC, Schumer and the piece de resistance, the son of St. Mario. What's the common thread here? NYC and Demhood. Enough is enough.There must be a way to free ourselves of the onerous sway of that unapologetically counterintuitive entity at the mouth of the Hudson! You are right, the longer Macbeth II hangs on, the worse forthe Dems. But oh! Yet many more months of him and his cavernous motormouth in the public eye? Yeeech!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack : There is some measure of justice in seeing the two most obnoxiously far left governors in the land on very thin ice.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Afghanstan:its often described as the most primitive nation on earth. We must consider: did we do the right thing in tasking the doctrinally medieval Taliban with regular ground troops? We did delay the now certain Taliban holocaust by 20 years and did devastate the Al Queda they harbored, against whom we had consummate grievance. But Americans may not be willing to pay the price of our continued presence in force there. At least that is what the Biden administration would have us accept; its far left cadre would of course be pleased to discredit the military which is always the prime object of its vicious derision, in hopes of another post Vietnam style period of demoralization. Since our main object was to deny AlQueda its home, should it come home there, let us resolve to use air power and our superb special forces to stymie them . For Afghanistan , may God help them: we spent American blood in holding off the hellish onslaught they now face. If they have the will to defend themselves, they have not shown it in those 20 years with as much organized and motivated force as is necessary. But oh the innocent! We have incalculable luck in living in an advanced civilization which spares us such atavistic yet tota!itarian horror, at least for now.

  6. Jack, I'm sure many Capitol policemen despise Pelosi and what she's done to weaponize January 6th. I'm equally sure that none of the policemen who feel that way will be allowed near her "committee".

    Jack, I have long held that retaining Cuomo in office yields political benefits for Republicans. I still feel that way, but removing him also leaves the Dems vulnerable.

    My other concern with impeachment and removal, however, is that I'm not convined that Cuomo, although he's a despicable man and a bad Governor, has done anything criminal. To me, the opposition to Cuomo, on the Left and on the right, is basically political. And that's what we have elections for, no?

    Yes, Jack -- thank heavens we don't live in Afghanistan! Do I believe Afghanistan is important to anyone but the Afghanis? Nope. Not even remotely. On the other hand, we've held a lid on the worst forces in the country for decades with the expenditure (recently) of relatively little blood and treasure. Withdrawal could be a mistake. I'm comparatively certain that withdrawal from Iraq (a much more consequential place) would be a grave error.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I do not know what standards the NY Constitution sets for impeachment and conviction. Certainly
    a political dynamic is very much evident. I wonder if it motivates the four DAs who are considering criminal charges; DAs often are political animals. The "me too" movement' s apparent desire to make condemnation automatic upon accusation hascaused much injustice. It is satisfying to see one of its most reflexive supporters hoisted on his own petard. He was so very blithe to discredit Justice Kavanaugh. Yes,the evidence against Cuomo appears exhaustively and creditably garnered but let Cuomo feel the sting of being the object of a consequent public feeding frenzy.

  8. Oh, he feels it, all right! He must be fuming.

    Basically, the requirements for impeachment and removal are the same in NYS as they are nationally: a simple majority in the Assembly and a two-thirds majority in the Senate. Ordinarily, you'd think that would give Cuomo pretty good odds, seeing as his party controls two-thirds of both chambers! These are not ordinary times...

  9. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I was referring to the standards of conduct whichwould justify impeachment (eg. high crimes and disdemeanors?)I did a cursory search online but could find nothing more than a comment: " there are no set standards for impeachment in NY" and " the Constitution lays out a very broad framework for impeachment but very little documentation "(of causes). May just have to wait to see what charges are made. Could "presumption of unimpeachability" be an apt accusation?