Saturday, August 28, 2021

From Bad to Worse


Friends, our headlong retreat from Afghanistan has transitioned from a mere fiasco into an epic tragedy, as 13 American servicemen have lost their lives at the Kabul airport.  We're not out of the woods yet, either.  Interestingly, it's our old foe, ISIS, that's claimed responsibility for the attack.  One has to wonder whether a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan will become a sanctuary for ISIS plotting (with or without the Taliban's blessing).  Any way you slice it, the political costs of Biden's humiliation in Afghanistan just doubled and redoubled.  The news cycle will move on, of course, but Americans' low opinion of our Bumbler-in-Chief may well remain. 

Compounding Biden's headaches is an historic surge in inflation that shows no signs of abating.


Finally, kudos to SCOTUS for slapping down the CDC's dictatorial eviction moratorium, and super-kudos to the Texas House of Representatives, for finally passing common sense election reform, despite the anti-democratic efforts of the so-called "Democrats" in that body, who were determined to block passage of the bill. 


  1. Don't forget that any President (regardless of party) is a "slave" of his closest advisors. Of course The President gets the blame for whatever goes wrong, but the real "culprits" are his/her advisors. This is true of any crises, foreign or domestic. Who advises Biden?

  2. Ray from Jack: True, but doesn't an assertive President select his own advisors? It may well be though that this guy is competely managed and is just a mouthpiece.

    1. Could be Jack, but most Presidents (both parties) very often choose good friends (though not always of course) as close advisors, and sometimes presidential advisors actually "criss cross" party lines on presidents they do serve.

      In any event, take a look at Biden's current close advisors, at at least one of them. I suspect that a lot of presidents sometimes go with the advice of their closest and most immediate supervisors as opposed to cabinet members who are not always around. Lots of influences around any president, all the time. Hope that makes sense.

  3. Dr. Waddy fromJack: The TexGOPers have set us a good example of how to stand up to the TexDem juveniles and leftists in general where the will and electoral numbers obtain. Leftists have made much use of shaming to offset their disadvantages in states with conservative cultures; they have striven, with some success, to establish automatic,intimidating condemnation upon the mere accusation of terms like "racism,sexism" and a potentially unlimited list of other imaginative "isms" casually, presumptuously and dictatorially pronounced by the left.The TexGOP has driven an insolent thumb in the eye to this totalitarian tactic! Good for them.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Day by day this Scotus inspires our confidence and gratitude. A recent partially leftist commentator on this post has acknowledged and apparently not ruefully, that this Scotus cleaves to the rule of law. That IS what it is s'posed to do and I credit that observation on the part of that commentator, if I understand it.

  5. Ray, it's certainly true that any presidency is a "team effort", and the President himself is often not the most important player on the team. That may be especially true of Biden. I suppose that gives him an opportunity to fire...someone, in order to deflect blame from himself. It wouldn't be a bad idea to try.

    Jack makes a good point that, since the President chooses his own inner circle, ultimate responsibility resides, and should reside, with him. Those are the political realities, at any rate, whether we like them or not: the buck really does stop with the top guy.

    I too applaud the perseverance and -- as it were -- shamelessness of the Texas GOP. One weapon the Left loves to deploy against recalcitrant red states is the boycott. They've tried with Georgia and Texas recently, but clearly the results have not been impressive. This is a very good sign. Threats of boycotts have often succeeded in the past. Maybe the lefties are running out of steam (in their outrage machine)?

    Yeah, SCOTUS upholds the "rule of law", but I fear that's about as clarifying a statement as "water is wet". It's true, as far as it goes, but it leaves a lot of important stuff unsaid!

  6. Ray rom Jack: Yes, you made alot of sense above.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack:One can hope that the left might despair of their almost reflexive "feelings" that any enacted doubt of their wisdom is by definition purposeful "oppression". But they are demonstrated perfectionists, in my opinion. Their goals are always grounded in ideals for the future, which cannot be challenged by empirical evidence, for the future, for which such evidence is obviously unavailable. What freedom of conjecture this lends them. How much more intellectually rigorous is the consideration of the past and the realities it has taught! But when conservatives , say, cite the monstrous 20th century record of Marxism by way of doubt of today's irresponsible Marxism, the left sneers: " oh, we didn't do it right the first time". Oh there IS a right way to apply an idea which killed (past tense, history!)100 million of its forcefully compliant citizens? Only the dreamiest of logically unburdened flights of perfectionist fancy could make any sense of that. And this onus is anathema and Nemesis to those causes the left yet seeks to ride to tota!itarian control .Economics, politics? They are utterly discredited in those by proven catastrophic practice. Human caused climate ,their latest vehicle to dictatorship? It is similarly tainted, similarly utterly untrustworthy and unworthy of the consummately disruptive change the left characteristically and threateningly advances!

  8. To paraphrase Stalin, Jack, one victim is a tragedy, 100 million is a statistic. Remember: the Left always gets to decide which casualties MATTER. Lucky for them!