Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Yet Another Reason To Root Against The New England Patriots


Friends, we've known that Bill Belichick, the Head Coach of the New England Patriots, was Satan's bride for some time now.  This confirms it: he's refusing a Medal of Freedom offered by President Trump because Trump is, you know, "evil".  Boy, Trump sure is finding out who his friends are, and how few in number they are.


Bill Belichick isn't alone.  Many U.S. and international companies are getting on board with a boycott of all things Trump.  The PGA even cancelled its plan to hold the PGA Championship at a Trump-branded course.  Meanwhile, major corporations are stopping all donations to Congressmen and Senators who voted against certifying any of Biden's if their votes in themselves amounted to "insurrection"!  This is what we call a "full court press", and the Left has really mastered it!


It's possible, however, that the wide-ranging purge of social media of Trumpers may be backfiring, as a host of political leaders worldwide are condemning Twitter's lifetime ban of President Trump, specifically.  Twitter's stock price has tanked. 

File this one under "good news": Fox News is being beaten out in the ratings by CNN and MSNBC.  Hardly surprising, since leftists are glued to wall-to-wall coverage of the recent "insurrection", while conservatives are abandoning Fox in droves. 


Lastly, while you probably won't see many Republicans vote to impeach President Trump for his alleged role in the assault on the Capitol, you will see some.  That's a sign that his grip on the GOP is loosening.  Will there be an impeachment trial in the Senate?  If so, will many Republican Senators vote to convict?  Don't be shocked if they do: a lot of establishment Republicans have had it up to here with Trump.  If Trump is convicted after he leaves office, the only practical effect will be to prohibit him from ever seeking federal office again.  I can think of one or two Republicans who might support that idea!  Never mind, of course, that impeachment and removal is supposed to be a deliberative process, not a rush job.  In addition, the evidence linking Trump to the "riot" at the Capitol is weak.  Since when did evidence matter to Trump haters, though?


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: So far your predictions appear to be well founded. RINOs are nothing new though. I have to think they have less influence than when they were supplying apologetic conservatives for President(the 2012 ticket in particular) but their cringing pusillanimity still has some adherence. Many of big Tech's decision makers have shown themselves to be obsequious SHILLS of the first order. If it achieves complete sway, the triumphant left will turn on them with cynical resolve. The tumbrels are ready. We are of course in the opening phase of the Pelosi/Schumer political cleansing of recalcitrant America. This vicious, vindictive harridan and the most openly disdainful of "Senators" (a traditional honorific but much degraded by this sneering demagogue) are in full attack mode!



  2. Well, so far what you have been saying has been right on point (agreeing with Jack). Since I have been fact checked and been "canceled", I believe karma will be a ((beep beep)) for those are doing this to people. I look forward to that day, grin.

  3. Jack, yes they are (in attack mode)! You're spot on about the Left turning on Big Tech, though. They may do so quite soon, in fact. I could easily see a legislative majority forming for breaking up their monopolies. The Dems are walking contradictions, after all: they despise big corporations, on paper, but they nuzzle up to them to capture and maintain themselves in power. I guess the key question is whether Pelosi and Schumer will allow action against Big Tech to come up for a vote... Also, what will be the attitude of Garland's DOJ?

    As for RINOs, I don't judge them too harshly. Politicians have always been self-interested, and most are also establishment-oriented. That's fair enough. Given the intensity of the attacks against Trump, I'm actually surprised so much of the GOP has fallen in line behind him.

    How were you "cancelled", Linda? By whom?

  4. Twitter feed was cancelled and then a former professor who sponsored my final paper/semester cancelled me said I was such a disappointment (and more) to him. I 'cancelled' him off FB and blocked the emails. I am not kidding, this is real serious. It's quite scary to know how much hate there is out there. More like lunacy really.

  5. Dr.Waddy et al fromJack:Linda: Kudos to you for enduring such injustice!My 1965 PoliSci prof got it right when he roared "the essence of politics is POWER!" Day by day we are being reminded that our country is plagued by a movement which fully subscribes to this view and convincingly, openly, demonstrates utter contempt for principled public behavior. Their single, clear object is the permanent establishment of their totalitarian rule. That done, it shall be only that which, day by day, suits their fancy. Accusation and protestation of such as hypocrisy, bigotry and lawlessness are as "dross, dust" to them and we who oppose? Insects! Witness NY UNDER Cuomo.

  6. Linda, Twitter is no great loss, but flesh-and-blood humans are obviously more precious. I'm sorry to hear that your prof cut ties (and vice versa). Tempers are hot right now, to say the least! You'd think people who "won" the election would be inclined to be gracious about it, huh? I guess not!

    Jack, I hope you exaggerate, because, if you don't, handing over the Executive Branch to such people is a HUGE risk. The dictatorial moves that were a matter of speculation under Trump could become business-as-usual under the Dems. Remember how they blanched in horror at the idea that he could employ the Insurrection Act? Why, it's now easy to imagine that they'd use it themselves on day one! And to what purpose? I think we all know the answer to that. To silence and stifle you and me!