Friday, January 22, 2021

"Trump Judges" To The Rescue?


Friends, now that the demoniacal Dems control the White House and Congress, the $64,000 question is this: how much will "conservative" judges, like those appointed by President Trump, serve as a check on the ability of so-called progressives to implement their radical agenda?  

Case in point: "President" Biden has decreed from on high a 100-day moratorium on deportations.  As you can see here, Texas says that's illegal and unconstitutional.  Is it?  That's, as always, a matter of opinion, and it's judges' opinions that count.  It will be interesting to see how the Biden admin fares judicially, to say the least.


In other news, President Trump says he'll be back "in some form".  Well, the Dems are going to try him in the Senate in some form as well.  The problem?  They're going through the motions, in the sense that it's increasingly unlikely they'll obtain a conviction.  Even "Moscow Mitch" is being warned against voting with the Dems. 


There's great news about the gradual rise of social media alternatives.  Parler will be back soon.  In the meantime, other tech newbies are growing fast, at the expense of Big Tech. 

Lastly, Senate Dems are pursuing ethics complaints against Senators Cruz and Hawley for voting against the certification of Biden's electoral college win.  I mean, how dare they!  "Insurrection" has a broader and broader definition every day, it seems.


What are the chances that Cruz and Hawley will be ejected from the Senate -- the only sanction that really matters?  Somewhere between "nil" and "virtually nil".


  1. The three faces depicted above are really "Captain Marvel", "Captain America", and "Captain Midnight". They will save our nation from the menace of "SPECTRE", the organization that now controls the world from deep inside a super tech complex located in The Himalayas.

  2. Ha ha. They didn't save America from Biden. In fact, they didn't even try. Still, they might blunt some of the sharp edges of Bidenism.

    1. While our U.S. Supreme Court could not prevent a federal income tax, Americans could count on the court to uphold the constitutionality of Executive Order 9066 authorized by FDR in 1942 to intern Japanese Americans during World War II.

      I know Americans can count on the court again should JRB authorize an executive order providing for the internment of those Americans who voted a Republican ticket during our recent presidential elections. However, I know that such an order would would never be issued again because we have learned our lesson about that sort of thing, haven't we?

  3. How about the Federal Income Tax we have to pay, or go to prison if we don't? The Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional over 100 years ago, but the 16th Amendment too care of that. So much for the "effectiveness" of the Supreme Court.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack :test

  5. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: I want the rule of law enforced by a lawful Scotus. I think we have one, though it may be 5-4 sometimes. I would be glad to live with its decisions because I am confident that they will be opposite to those desired by the lawless left.

  6. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: Constitutional amendment is a process in which the lawless left must necessarily run smack up against the real America on it's home grounds. When the 16th Amendment was approved we did not have within our country a faction powerfully and obviously seeking our nation's destruction. We do now and the prolix process of amendment would make their intentions most obvious. The real America is slow to rouse (it's busy working and leading positive, productive live) but it does rise when the left shows it's true nature!

  7. Ray, you're wise to ask how assiduously a "conservative" court would protect conservative citizens from persecution. Much depends on which way the winds are blowing...

    Jack, I'm not sure I'll be "glad" to live under SCOTUS's erratic sway, but I prefer Barratt and Kavanaugh to Schumer and Pelosi. Sometimes in life we have to compromise!

    I agree with Jack that the chances of the Dems passing amendments are slim to none. Fortunately, from their perspective, they don't need to, because every law and every line in the Constitution mean whatever they say they mean. Voila!

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Yeah, that's true as far as it goes but I expect this Scotus to call them out for it. If and as the left tests this court they run the risk of exacerbating the ehh, doubts the majority on this court has as to their sincerity and their allegiance to the rule of law. Too,Justices are human beings with feelings which cannot have been but effected by the left's vicious personal onslaught on them and the touchy feely left would ignore this only at increased risk of laughable hypocrisy.

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: An early manifestation of the left's adventurism in this is this ridiculous misuse of the Impeachment provision in the Constitution. Even their factotum, Biden, has recoiled from it, though of course they will make him pay. But more importantly, it shows the withering fear they have of Donald Trump and the real America he stands for. We must needs take heart from this!

  10. Jack, whether SCOTUS will be full of righteous indignation, because of the Left's threats, or cowed by them, is hard to say. Based on history, I'd say there's more a chance of the latter than the former, but let's hope sheer numbers will be telling. We've got one "spare" conservative. That should be enough to do some good, no?

    Quite so! The impeachment of Donald Trump is a transparent effort to short-circuit his 2024 campaign. It's also doomed to failure, and I suspect the Dems have known that from the start. More than anything, it's one more sop to the Trump haters.