Friday, January 8, 2021

This Guy Gets It!


Friends, George Orwell, pictured above, gave us a glimpse of totalitarianism in his brilliant novel, 1984, and now, in January 2021, Big Tech and our woke thought masters are giving us a taste of our own dystopian future.  It's official: Twitter has banned President Trump -- one of their best customers! -- permanently, and other social media platforms are itching to destroy conservatism root and branch. Meanwhile, Parler, which has become a haven for conservatives, is facing unprecedented assaults.  BTW, Parler already bans speech that incites violence.  Anyone who claims otherwise is ill-formed or is intentionally misleading you.  Note Twitter's twisted logic in banning Trump.  None of his tweets today directly or indirectly encouraged anyone to do anything violent...but they could, according to Twitter, be "interpreted" that way if one really tried hard, so off with his head!  This, frankly, may be a blessing in disguise, because all of us who believe in liberty should probably be done with Big Tech anyway.  I plan to say adieu to Twitter imminently.


Even Senator Hawley is on the chopping block.  Apparently his objections in Congress were tantamount to firing potshots at his colleagues. 

One wonders whether any free speech will be left when this insidious purge is over.

Meanwhile, there's some evidence that Antifa figures may have been involved in the melee at the Capitol, although no one can deny that Trumpers were also implicated.


Dem and leftist hypocrisy on the subject of politically-motivated violence stinks to high heaven.  I don't have to tell you that.  But just in case anyone needs proof, here it is: 

And props to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who is opposing the call for pointless, wasteful $2,000 checks for every American:


Finally, we have to start wondering: when will Blogger, which is part of the Google imperium, decide that WaddyIsRight is dangerous and subversive?  How long will this blog be active, in other words?  I wish I was joking, but I'm genuinely curious.  If the worst should happen, and Blogger pulls the plug, most of you have my private email, but in case you need it in order to keep in touch, it's:  (That's assuming Yahoo doesn't ban me as well.)


Hey, America -- it was fun while it lasted, right?  I'm sure totalitarianism will have its moments too.  No more agonizing over who to vote for, no more confusingly contrary points of view...just one world, one voice, one ideology.  I can't wait.


WaddyIsLeft!  WaddyIsLeft!  WaddyIsLeft!


  1. Nick, I thought you were a capitalist. Well, Facebook and Twitter and Google and Apple and Simon & Schuster are all private companies, and are doing what is in their best economic interests.

    For example, Simon & Schuster did not want its brand associated with Hawley after his actions on Wednesday. It was a business decision, pure and simple.

    As for the rest, I am in full agreement with at least suspending Trump until January 21. He had already riled up his followers on Wednesday, and could have continued to before the inauguration. After that, the companies could review.

    I am not on Parler, so I don't know if there were posts that were related to planning more protests (or worse). Unless there was, I am uncomfortable with Apple and Google deplatforming it, but, again, if there was an issue with public safety, then taking action may have been necessary.

    I don't think you will see more of these actions. There is a lot of antipathy to the Big Tech companies on both the liberal and conservative sides of the aisle, and Big Tech does not want to lose either Section 230 or be aggressively pursued for possible anti-trust violations.

  2. Rod, you are far behind in your thoughts, where have you been the last 24 hrs? I think every single American ought to be scared.

    It is only a matter of time before internet servers will censor everyone, not just Google, Apple and many others. Scary stuff coming down the pike. As for Simon & Schuster being private, true. BUT the 1st Amendment is under attack, again, be afraid.

    Waddy is NOT left, LOL. I about spat out my coffee on that one.

  3. Linda,

    Please read the First Amendment below:

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    The First Amendment prevents the government from restricting (most) speech (except for that creating a clear and present danger). It does not cover private companies.

    So, no, the First Amendment is not under attack. Josh Hawley can speak without fear that the government will shut him down. He just has no right to insist Simon & Schuster provide him the platform of a book to do it.

    1. Rod, I wasn't referring to Simon & Schuster. Whether you want to believe it or not, the 1st Amendment is under attack.

  4. Rod, I think you're right that Big Tech is petrified of losing its monopoly position, which is precisely why it's attempting to curry favor with the Left by persecuting, deplatforming, suspending, labeling, and fact-checking ONLY conservatives. Big Tech made a big contribution to the Dems' "victory" this year. What will that act of kindness buy them on Capitol Hill? We shall see.

    And I am a capitalist, and to the extent that there are viable alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., people should exercise their right to choose those alternatives. The truth, though, is that Big Tech is maneuvering to prevent such alternatives from becoming viable (look what's being done to Parler). Many of these companies are, in effect, monopolies, and they are working to protect one another's monopoly positions. That's not capitalism.

    Linda, I think you're right that the internet itself might be culled, before long (and thus certain sites blocked). Sleepy Joe might consider asking his friends in the PRC for some tips on how this can be done?

    No, Waddy isn't left just yet, but he is practical! What could be more "conservative" than self-preservation, right? :)

    Rod, your logic re: free speech could apply to China or Russia too. Technically, a person can say what they please in those countries -- they just can't share those thoughts on a wide basis, because the press and social media are state-controlled and/or subservient to the party line. Is that the kind of "freedom" you recommend for the USA?