Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Day That Will Live In Infamy


Friends, today something transpired that will reverberate in the annals of history for a thousand years.  I speak, of course, of the shuttering of the CNN Airport Network.  That's right!  You know that insipid news coverage that's beamed into almost every airport, and then poured down the gullets of passersby like molten lead?  Well, it's no more!  Hooray!  This is OUTSTANDING news (no pun intended).  Why?  Because it's a sign, and one among many, that the mainstream media's vice-like grip on the American mind is loosening.  Truth be told, it's been a long and steady decline, and conservative and alternative media sources are the clear beneficiaries.  That bodes well for America's future.  There's a reason, after all, that the MSM and Big Tech are fighting like mad to maintain (and, they hope, expand) their control over the public sphere: it's because they FEAR that public opinion is slipping out of their grasp!  And so it is.  Long may it last.


In other news, I guess there was another impeachment today.  Yawn.  Big deal.  "Impeachment" is the new "censure", apparently.  It can be deployed at a moment's notice to display the opprobrium of the House majority.  So be it.  The only real "news" here is that 10 Republicans voted in support of impeachment, including the Republican Conference Chair, Liz Cheney.  Now there are calls for her to resign that leadership position, which I wholeheartedly support.  I DO NOT support the expulsion of any Trump hater from the GOP or the Republican Caucus.  That would be silly.  We need all hands on deck if we're to slow down the express train to socialism.  Be that as it may, those who rashly cross President Trump, and his legions of Trumpers, cannot, in the short term, be leaders in the Republican Party.

Also, something to cheer you up in these dark times.  When you analyze the results of the 2020 election on a more granular level, you'll find that there's plenty of reason for Republicans to be optimistic about the future.  Despite Dem underhandedness, the GOP gained a net of 141 seats in state legislatures around the country.  Doesn't sound like much of a "blue wave", does it?  In the battleground states, Republicans more than held their own.  One assumes, therefore, that reports of the death of the GOP are greatly exaggerated and that, under more propitious circumstances, we can rally the troops and win solid victories in the years ahead.  A stumbling, mumbling, and possibly incontinent POTUS would probably bolster our case!,_2020:_State_legislative_seats_that_changed_party_control#Overview


 Finally, here's my latest contribution at Sputnik News:


  1. As of right now, I have little faith in our government, especially the GOP. Yawn is right about the impeachment. I have better things to do, lol.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: This is a most perceptive and encouraging post. "Good looking out" Doc Waddy! I take great encouragement too, from the certainty that the cynical movers behind the tawdry spectacle of the last few days are oblivious to the fact that they continue in open, presumptuous overreach. First, they are completely gainsaid in their denunciation of President Trump for his ostensible crudeness; their support for the most obscene public figure ever to disgrace our White House and our national life, Slick Willy, puts paid to any effort on their part to condemn President Trump or his constituency, the real America. And their easy presumption that they have the upper hand exposes their flanks: their arrogance and conviction that their beliefs are questioned only by the objectively ignorant and morally bereft. 1992, yeah, but then '94! It's gunna happen to yas again! Oh sorry, we inland deplorables can't help it!

  3. Linda, the Grand Ole Party isn't so grand these days, but it is, sad to say, our only hope of avoiding progressive tyranny. I think we might find it develops more of an identity and perhaps even more of a backbone once Dem misrule sets in. We were pretty good at opposing Obama. Let's hope we get back in that groove.

    Well said, Jack! I think you're right about the overreach. It seems like the thought control-censorship angle is getting a lot of attention, and it has cross-party appeal too. The Left may realize that, but they seem to be naive enough to think that one big push will allow them to capture control of the public sphere for good. Well, good luck with that! The American spirit of liberty (and cantankerousness) won't be defeated so easily.

  4. Dr Waddyfrom Jack: Megadittos!