Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Disappeared


Friends, Stalin and his propagandists were masters of what today would be called "airbrushing": doctoring photographs to eliminate references to those who became persona non grata, in this case because of the (hyper-paranoid) Purges.  Well, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, right?  Now the Dems are trying every trick in the book to make conservatives and Republicans disappear...for good.  Their latest tack?  Unable to convince 67 Senators to convict Donald Trump of "incitement of insurrection", the Dems are proposing that Congress can, by a simple majority vote, declare anyone guilty of "insurrection" and thus ineligible to hold or seek public office.  Trump is the obvious candidate for this treatment, but maybe they could throw in Cruz and Hawley for good measure?  If the Dems really get on a roll, maybe they'll exclude 75 million Trump voters from the voting rolls too.  I mean, why not?  If you're going to purge, then PURGE!  Of course, none of this is legal, constitutional, or (I hope) realistic.


In other news, the Dems appear to have won their battle over the Census.  Reapportionment of House districts will provide representation even for illegal aliens.  What a relief, right? 

Here's a warning shot across Mitch McConnell's bow.  Any Republican who perpetuates the lie that Donald Trump "incited" or "provoked" the attack on the Capitol will pay a steep price.


The idea that "As California goes, so goes the nation" is monstrously passé, needless to say, but the travails of Governor Gavin Newsom could prove politically significant.  If Newsom gets recalled, we'll know for a fact that the modest blue wavelet of 2020 is entirely played out.


Check out these stories, which document the Dems' difficulties in taming the Senate, despite their paper-thin majority in that august body.  The last story is the kicker: if they can't abolish the filibuster, they'll accomplish nothing of real import in the next two years. 

Finally, kudos to my hero and yours, Rand Paul, for standing up to the "lamestream" media and rejecting its oft-repeated whopper that criticism of the accuracy of the 2020 election results is "baseless":


  1. Speaking of Stalin, the current regime in The PRC is equally as ruthless as Comrade Stalin ever was, certainly less crude, but ruthless none the less. I would be willing to bet money, that in next the four years, the world will see the PRC taking over Taiwan. When that happens, the PRC desire to exert complete control over East Asia will begin. It will be interesting indeed to see the reaction of the current U.S. Administration when the PRC decides to make that move.

  2. On the contrary, the DemoSocialists have already accomplished a great deal of import in a very short period of time. In signing all those Executive Directives/Orders the other day, President Biden has already screwed our already fucked up economy by cancelling the Pipeline, and making sure that any construction on the border wall stops. Those are two giant steps, not to mention screwing up our economy even more by rejoining the Paris accords. THE DEMOCRATS HAVE ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED A GREAT MANY THINGS OF IMPORT WITH THE STROKE OF A PEN, LITERALLY.

    The fact that the border is now open again for business as usual means the continued flow of drugs, sex traffic, illegal weapons, possible terrorism, and unchecked future pandemics. Everything is normal again, and this multi billion dollar industry is safe again and free to IMPORT all of these wonderful benefits into our country. Hey there! Got to have those drugs to sooth the loss of jobs, and got to have those illegal weapons after gun control kicks in. Only an open border with a progressive country like Mexico can ensure these benefits.

  3. Ray, a Red Chinese attack on Taiwan would be quite a game changer! Boy, would that put Biden on the hot seat... Did you notice that Biden recently adjudged the Chicoms guilty of genocide? Those are strong words...which I trust will be backed up by no action.

    I would agree that loose enforcement MAY radically alter the situation at the border. It could be a real train wreck there. On the other hand, I wonder if Biden is playing a double game: pouring money into Central America and Mexico to bribe them to enforce our borders for us. We'll see.

    1. Facing facts, one reason that Central America is fucked up is that President Reagan kept sticking his nose in their business down there, constantly, and caused a lot of civil wars. BINGO! What do you get but lots of unemployed former war fighters who form gangs in already screwed up, poor, and corrupt countries.

  4. Ray, we've played a role in Central America's travails, sure, but blaming the current influx of migrants on Reagan is like blaming the Uighur "genocide" on Chiang Kai-shek. Reagan didn't make Central America poor. In fact, it's now a lot less poor than it was then. Porous borders cause illegal immigration, period! That's my view.