Sunday, April 26, 2020

A Cure Is Found!

Friends, as you know, I've been recommending the medicinal qualities of a crime spree for months now.  Well, it turns out I was right!  According to a recent study, COVID-19 ripped through an Ohio prison, infecting the vast majority of inmates, but, of those infected, fully 95% had no symptoms!  That's right: no symptoms at all.  What does this prove?  Either that the disease is a whole lot less dangerous and deadly than we've been led to believe -- but CNN and MSNBC assure us that can't be true -- or it proves that becoming a bloodthirsty desperado makes one virtually invulnerable to the disease's worst effects!  Either way, I can't see any downside to inflicting a little mayhem on your inveterate enemies...  It's very cathartic, or so I'm told, AND you'll be sent straight to prison, where apparently the coronavirus can't touch you!  A win-win.  So start polishing that "enemies list" -- you may need it!  Just try not to get shanked in the yard.  Hey, I never said the cure didn't have side effects, did I?

And note the good news coming out of Europe: the return to normalcy is accelerating, even in the hardest hit areas.  But note also that each country is charting its own path to recovery.  The takeaway is that pan-Europeanism/trans-nationalism/globalism really is hanging by a thread these days -- just how we like it!


  1. Dr. Waddy: OK, who gives a good God damn how it affects the prison population except for that bunch of touchy feely degenerates or the cadre of criminal supporters and apologists we have always suffered in a free society? What about the vast majority of those who are their victims or have creditable fears of becoming so?

    Of course this crisis gives the inmates ever renewed leave to bleat their cause; that is, the putative fundamental injustice of their incarceration.Believe me, as I worked among them for twenty years, this IS their sociopathic conviction .

    Deny it them, I say. Are they dangerously concentrated? They invited it! Draw what empirical conclusions you will from objective examination of them. But do not afford them any sympathy for having been examined so. Paramount, I say, are the views of their victims and these can hardly be of advantage to the criminal population.

  2. I quite agree, Jack. It's outrageous that prisoners are being released all over the country in the interests of their health! It's part and parcel of the trend in blue states to de-emphasize the rule of law and to view criminals as victims and actual victims as whiny bourgeois clods. But, as our Governor would phrase it, COVID-19 "is DEATH!" A furloughed serial rapist, on the other hand, "is NOT death" -- it's just a mild inconvenience, apparently. And if the rapist is TRANS, well, by golly, count yourself lucky to be raped!

    I jest, but there is value in studies like the one in the article. A prison is an ideal environment -- a closed system -- in which to observe the effects of a virus. And what we seem to be learning is that a whole lot of prisoners are getting the virus, but not many are succumbing to it.

  3. Speaking of MSNBC and CNN, I sincerely believe those two networks have manipulated this virus situation through deliberate disinformation and misinformation. No need to blame foreign governments of doing this, since our own people in the media have learned to do this very well.

    In the end, our worst enemies are right here at home, and always have been. Also, I believe that our media decided to use this so called pandemic as a weapon against Trump right from the beginning,

    I am beginning to wonder how much China helped our media do this, and how many people in our media got paid to help. That's hard to prove of course, but it always wanders around in the back of the mind.

  4. Eventually, medical science will come up with a vaccine for COVID-19. Regrettably, there has never been a vaccine, and might not ever be, for the deadly virus called Marxism that rots people's minds, and that has killed far more people than any other virus. Marxism has also killed more people than any prison inmate could ever think of killing. Marxism, the ultimate killer coming to you since 1848, non stop.

  5. Ray: Excellent, excellent point. Dr. Waddy: I can confirm; I've worked with people, at my low level and at high decision making positions in law enforcement and corrections who believe that convicted criminals are simply unlucky. They say we all commit crimes and that those of us that are free have been just lucky not to be caught. What they purposefully ignore in asserting this is the documented disproportionate frequency of actual commission of crime it takes to be convicted most of the time. Most of 'em have rap sheets two mile long and attitudes to go with them. A criminal once said to me "I know of a DA who did what I did; he wasn't jailed so I shouldn't be either". Ehhhh, not! If the DA was guilty he should be brought to justice but that doesn't mean a thug should get a break.

    Marxists (and I think I worked with some) value the identification and mobilization of "oppressed" classes as revolutionary vanguards. I'm convinced they have embraced the prison population as such a force. Exacerbating societal conflict and "contradictions" is SOP for Marxists in their campaign to destroy traditional, positive civilizations to make way for their anathema. Failing to take victimizers firmly and unremorsefully in hand is sure to serve this end both by breeding cynicism among the lawful and exposing them to criminal violence.

    1. Jack

      Too bad we still don't hang criminals publicly, after due process of course. Anyway, speaking of criminals and law enforcement and so on, one of my favorite TV series on this theme is "Longmire". Have you ever seen it? It was filmed in Buffalo, Wyoming. It's about a Wyoming Sheriff. I have been to Wyoming many times, and in fact it is just a day's drive for me. Not a whole lot of lefties there, and the attitude towards crime is a lot different than what you have experienced in New York. Also, the people in Wyoming are very friendly. Anyway, places like Wyoming and New York are radically different, to say the least.

  6. Ray: That makes much sense to me. As far as I can see, Wyoming is at the heart of the real America (that part of our country which does not casually condemn us to "fundamental transformation" with complete dreamy inattention to the monstrous consequences of this consequently terribly scalded misapprehension in the 20th century.

    You have posited a perhaps dominant argument against Marxism in your comments above. It is fair to attribute to several influential Americans (Obama and his presumed successor), Marxist principles and intentions. And they are blithe to apply them even to this present crisis, in disingenuously tasking our President. Why, their darling Cuomo is condemned by his state's dismal record so far. But is the leftist not the first to cite statistical variences in denouncing such as "Equal Opportunity"? Why, equality of result is all!

    OK, lets examine Marxism in that light as you have so very rightfully proposed. EHH: Ukraine Famine, ehh, Russian POWs straight to the Gulag, ehh, Great Leap Forward in China killing 20 million Chinese, ehh, Pol Pot , ehh, Mengistu Haile Meriamm in Ethopia with his economical use of dynamite, ehh. North Korea et al. Well, lefties, what do you think of the statistical verities now, ehhhh?.

  7. Hear hear, Ray! I believe you're right: the virus was weaponized against Trump almost immediately. Probably the media felt some panic when the public started to (gasp!) approve of the President's pandemic leadership, so they stepped up the propaganda and smears accordingly -- and not without some success, it must be admitted.

    A virus against Marxism? How I wish it were true! Living in a socialist country appears to be the best treatment for ideological Marxism -- experience is a great teacher!

    Jack, you have correctly diagnosed the Left's sympathy for criminals as a symptom of their lionization of all things debased and corrupt. Their fondest wish is to convince all of us that we are "victims" who can only benefit from a revolutionary transformation of society. Of course, that worked out brilliantly for the Russians in 1917, so why not rinse and repeat?

    I agree with Ray that a more liberal application of the death penalty is called for. We had a much lower violent crime rate back when we used more violence against criminals, did we not? A little violence against naughty schoolchildren might be instructive too. Violence ought to be seen as a tool for the maintenance of civilized standards and public order. It ought to be judiciously applied (both in the moral and the legal sense), but it does have its place.

  8. Dr. Waddy and Ray: When I started school in the '50's corporal punishment was common, as it had been for centuries. It took an unhinged generation to arrogate to itself the presumption, now discredited, that this, but certainly not its proscription, was by definition evil. When I subbed in 2010 I was astonished by the liberties allowed callow youth in defiance of common sense. I was admonished by a very good Principal on my confrontational criticism of an anarchic class's behavior as "stupid". ""We don't use that word, sir". OK I don't fault him; he was doing his job as it is now defined, appalling as it is.

  9. Dr. Waddy and Ray: Competent managers of mass violence are among the most exalted figures in our history. Washington, Grant, Eisenhower etc. This is as it should be, though it is meet to purpose the end of their profession, as they did with comprehension granted perhaps to only those with their dolorous experience.

    The death penalty? Why it is enacted every day without due process or any regulation, by criminals. This is plain, irrefutable fact. A dead murderer is incapable of further mayhem. In principled execution of capital punishment will there be loss of innocent life? Most assuredly. Is it to be profoundly regretted? Yes, of course, as is always loss of life in the defense of human well being in warfare, as terribly necessary as it sometimes is due to appalling human fault and recently proven human potential for unimaginable wrong.

  10. I fully agree, Jack. Corporal punishment is another "institution" that the Left has frivolously dispensed with, and with predictable results: our young people have gone feral. More alarmingly, self-centeredness runs rampant. Ultimately, people need to know that there are lines that they cannot, must not, step over. Clearly, that message is not getting through.

  11. Dr. Waddy: Well, restraint in the control of school kids produced a completely predictable consequence, indiscernable only to the myopic boomers and those corrupted by their airy presumptions. The kids have gone wild! Surprise, surprise, you of 1965.

    And just as certain is that the obvious leftist campaign to do the criminal justice (and to hell with the "putative" victims)will have results obvious to all who dwell in the real world. The thugs will bustle. That may well be the intent of the left in their ever intended anarchic prelude to totalitarian control. Ya gotta admit, the Nazis and the Stalinists had NO fear of street trash once they took over. And that was not unnoticed.

    It was a common understanding in corrections that "once you give the inmates (ehh, criminals yes?) something, you can't take it away". Oh it can be done, I saw it done , but it takes backbone, courage and conviction most unusual. But haven't these always been the hallmark of those who have faced and conquered consummate evil?

  12. Well said, Jack. It's always much easier to let standards slide than it is to re-erect them. Having said that, all the damage now being done by the Left CAN be reversed...but I pity the future generations that will need to tackle that immense challenge. Let's try to do a little of that work for them, shall we?

  13. Dr. Waddy: Oh yes , I agree and as is so very much true, confrontation at the very nexus of their power, which may be nigh, may be critical. We may well be at that point!