Sunday, April 12, 2020

On the Mend

Friends, not only is the Western world approaching "peak corona," and therefore not only do we have better days ahead of us, but British P.M. Boris Johnson is also out of the woods!  He's been discharged from the hospital and is showing marked improvement.  Good!  He'll be blowing into his vuvuzela with gusto again soon.  More importantly, he'll be back in the saddle as Britain's leader and as the world's chief Eurosceptic.  Boris, we need you to put the nail in the EU's coffin!  Get well soon.

It's Easter, my friends, and it's Spring!  New life and new hope is blossoming everywhere.  Have a Coke and a smile, I say!  :)


  1. Dr.Waddy: Can't access the Fox article yet since your post hasn't yet appeared on my Email (Fox allows me that portal but no other; why? I do love them so!).

    Anyway, news of Johnson's apparent recovery made my day (or even two days). This great leader is indispensable. I cannot doubt he will carry Brexit through to consummation irrevocable. And in doing so he will redeem the capital civilization of the Western world. Their day is NOT over and their partnership with us, promised by a Trump-Johnson alliance, heralds further advances toward what Churchill foresaw as "bright sunlit uplands". Compared to his day of reckoning, we have achieved it but against an internal threat he might not have fully expected in all its malign spread, we must yet strive.

    Johnson enjoys a clear vision of this and I rejoice at his recovery!

  2. Great news. Have a Happy Easter Jack, Ray and Dr. Waddy.

  3. Happy Belated Easter to you too, Linda!

    Boris's recovery is wonderful news. I agree, Jack, that he and Trump could accomplish much in tandem, assuming we retain Trump as our President all the way to 2025. The sky's the limit! In fact, the pandemic may have done more to undermine the EU than any politician ever could, which would make Boris's life's work, as I see it, far easier.