Sunday, April 5, 2020

The China Syndrome (Reconsidered)

Friends, we can be thankful that President Trump cut off travel to and from China as soon as he did (even though Democrats chided him for it).  Nonetheless, it's clear that his move came too late, and included too many loopholes, for the U.S. to be spared the pandemic.  In future, we're going to have to consider whether the ease of international travel, which has so many cultural and economic benefits, is worth the inherent epidemiological risks.  That's an especially vexing question when some other countries obfuscate when a new illness materializes (I'm looking at YOU, President Xi).

In other news, there are indications that Italy and Spain may be past the peak of virus-related deaths.  That's extremely heartening.  Gov. Cuomo even thinks that NYC may be leveling off.  Let us hope and pray that he is right.


  1. As soon as our DemoVIRUS party gets back in power (I dread the day), they will start pimping for the China Whore again. Sorry to put it so crudely, but that's the way I feel about our DemoVIRUS party. You know, it's not really China or Russia that is the threat to our country but our DemoVIRUS party that constantly works against our best interests. The Chinese and the Russians do what is beneficial for their countries, while our DemoVIRUS party works to destroy us. When such people do these things in China or Russia they are either imprisoned or shot. Guess we can't do that here. Damn!

  2. Dr. Waddy: It may not have been the focus of your intent in posting the first article but what jumped right out at me was the expression of Dems of concern for "discrimination" against certain countries, apparently no matter the reason. (Unless, surely, Israel could in any way be implicated).

    When the left adopts a term like that (or racism or sexism or lookism etc, etc) they mandate and enforce only their interpretation, application or presumption of its meaning. They've been doing that for so long now that it is mindlessly reflexive on the part of so many of them. And that is demonstrated in the casual use by liberals of the term discrimination.

    Does the left not discriminate against Fox News, against traditional values, against Western civilization, in its selection of standards for policy, conduct and morality? Do they not discriminate in a car dealership or a shoe store? And in a truly free society, are they not just in these choices, as are we?

    They must be held to sound definitions of the kind of discrimination to which they so presumptuously object and in that they will surely be found at fault. First, because they are not used to being challenged and are, when confronted by it, almost always prone to reflexive ad hominem sneering accompanied by much emotion and illogic.

    In defending our world against the existential threat of these promised totalitarians we must confront them on such forward grounds. They think they have breached our frontiers and are driving for the homeland. We must be resolute; faithful to our well supported beliefs and fully mindful of their consummate onslaught on all we value.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Re: the second article: A knowledge of history and past crises helps. The British in 1940 come immediately to mind. They were reachable by modern mass media. They could not have been blamed for sliding into the "slough of despair" once the Blitz began. But their indomitable nation, led by one who fully understood their strengths, stood fast. Hitler, as one of a completely different culture, could not have grasped this.

    Our country has many fundamental bases for confidence and faith and these can serve us now if we allow them to. If less able nations can successfully combat this scourge, so can we.

    Andrew Cuomo may grudgingly acknowledge some progress and I do not gainsay that observation but I do not credit him with it, not yet at least, and would never afford one of his consummate totalitarian intent any benefit of the doubt. I have no misgivings about assuming he will attempt to ride the aftermath to unprecendented leftist sway. And I KNOW he would ride a similar wave.

  4. Jack

    With reference to The British and 1940, this year is the 80th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain.

    But look at Great Britain now. That country is the left over trash heap of decades of brain-washing by the Left (in Labour Party form), and not to forget that great betrayer Kim Philby. If you never heard of him, look him up.

    Great Britain was able to stand up to the outsider Hitler and defeat him, but was unable to defeat their own people who trashed the country. That's where The United States if now. How much longer do we have before we become a second world nation?

  5. I don't disagree, Ray, that the Democrats are frequently happy to take the side of foreigners AGAINST the US...but are the Republicans all that different? And no, I'm not talking about Russia (what a canard!). I'm talking about the GOP's subservience to special interests, which generally seek profit wherever it can be found: often, in the Third World.

    Jack, you're right: terminology means much to the Left. They know it's a powerful tool to construct new "realities" out of whole cloth. They're very good at such manipulation. We must be very watchful re: their use of language.

    Jack, the sad part is that Cuomo doesn't need the opportunity offered by the virus to capture total power in NY. He already has it. I read recently that Republicans haven't won a statewide office since 2002. Truly pathetic. We live in a one-party state. It's a miracle we patriots haven't been rounded up. Take away the supervision of the federal courts, and we perhaps will be.

    Ray, I think you are a little hard on Fair Albion, but you're right that socialism has had an even more enervating effect there than here. Even the Tories are pretty thoroughly "whipped" and shamelessly PC.

    As for the First World and the Third, frankly, given immigration and globalism, the distinction is less and less relevant every day.

    1. Dr. Waddy,

      You need to get the Hell out of New York. seriously.

  6. On the other hand, I've visited the developing world, and it ain't so bad.

  7. Ray: I know about Philby; the monstrousness of his deliberate empowerment of the Soviets is almost unfathomable. I think only my experience working with sociopaths(I was a state prison worker) enables me to imagine it.

    There is something seriously wrong when a farmer repeatedly victimized by thugs is sent to prison for resisting them and then sued, with the government paying the thugs' legal expenses. This is the fruit of leftist madness, presumptuousness and, if it is allowed, predicts the utter destruction of Western civilization. But post war Britain did stand up to the inexplicable siren song of the dreamy left. Churchill's return to power in 1951, Madame Thatcher's noble tenure and Johnson's (God save him!)recent smashing victory over the left all exemplified British determination to beat this curse someday. Whether the real Britain will in the long run prevail is a question with existential importance.

  8. Dr. Waddy: Probably the only solution for most people who cannot abide Cuomo's leftist dictatorship is to bail; there is no end in sight, saving Federal intervention. But I'm still suggesting, with respect for your prediction of the improbability of him succeeding, that he may try for national power, given this perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity for him and his unlimited ego. How he would conduct himself with such power is completely predictable; he would manifest complete disdain for traditional American values and would employ the full extent of his authority to suppress all who have the temerity to doubt him. Given full totalitarian power, which he cannot acquire, we can trust he would prosecute it to the full and then of course, people of our convictions and our expressions thereof, would be put at extreme legal disadvantage. Monsters like Stalin and Mao might, in democratic settings, have acquired authority but would not have been able to give their sociopathic convictions full sway. I think of that often when I consider the radical American left; how many potential murderers does it cosset?

  9. Ray, you're right -- NY is not ideal. On the other hand, I'm currently living high on the hog on taxpayer dollars, so hey... Always a bright side!

    Jack, it's true that Britain wavered between supporting watered-down socialism (Labour) and watered-down capitalism/classical liberalism (the Tories), and at present it would appear that the latter is in the ascendant. All one can really conclude, though, is that Britain, the US, and every Western country is seriously compromised by leftist/Marxist infiltration, as you and Ray know all too well. Our powers of resistance to this plague are weakening, I think it's fair to say.

    Jack, while I believe it's unlikely that Cuomo will ever be President, I concur that he would be formidable and very dangerous in the role. He would be a COMPETENT tyrant, whereas Biden would be...asleep at the switch. Which is ultimately worse? We may, I fear, be in a position to find out.

  10. Dr.Waddy: But the left would be fully aware of its figurehead's impotence. they would make haste to marginalize him , I do not doubt.

  11. Jack, I think a lot of presidential leadership is window-dressing. It always has been. The power to appoint judges, however, has real and lasting significance. Even if Biden were to win, Trump has already bought us a reprieve from leftist dictatorship...but we want more than that!