Monday, April 27, 2020

The New (Ab)Normal?

Friends, quite a few liberals seem to be psyching themselves up for a permanent virus-related lockdown.  The state of siege, they say, must persist, because, even if cases and deaths decline, well, they could go up again later!  Only when the disease has ceased to exist can we venture out into the wide, wide world. 

Here's an analysis that suggests that the time has come to get back to something resembling normal life.  It's also an analysis that underlines the steep price we are paying -- not just financially, but in lives lost -- because we remain in lockdown and paralyzed by fear.

Take it for what it's worth, but I'm inclined to agree with Dr. Atlas and to think that we would have been better off from the start if we had locked down the most vulnerable and otherwise gotten on with our lives.


  1. Can't help but think that in Peking (old spelling), some Chinese "high rollers" are sitting around toasting each other and having a few laughs, with a large map of The United States of America nearby. Another victory over the foreign devils. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  2. Once again, I truly believe that the left wing media has promoted this virus far beyond the danger that it is in reality. And they have done so deliberately as another tactic to prevent Trump from being reelected. This is the real danger. If Biden takes office he will resume business as usual with China.

  3. Well said, Ray. I've little doubt that the Chinese are amused by our hysterical reaction to COVID-19. They're licking their own wounds, for sure, but they have the luxury of telling the public whatever they want about the pandemic, and calibrating the response to the actual threat. In a free society, sadly, we're free to be as detached from reality as we please.