Friday, February 14, 2020

When in Rome...

Friends, today I bring you some great articles -- none of them written by me!  I know, I'm shocked too.  The first concerns the jaw-dropping decision of FBI agents to hand over secret information to Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, in Rome shortly before the 2016 election.  They knew he was working for Hillary Clinton and digging for dirt on Trump -- and they gave him sensitive information regardless AND they paid him to boot!  Incredible.  If the shoe was on the other foot, and the FBI had worked with the Trump campaign against Hillary, how do you think the media would be covering this story?  Duh.  Now, whether Steele's meeting with the FBI took place in the form of a toga party -- on that question we can only speculate, although I have heard that the sorority sisters of Delta Delta Delta were present...  Draw your own conclusions.

And here's a very interesting poll on the Biden family's dealings in Ukraine.  Lo and behold, huge numbers of Americans agree that Hunter Biden's stint at Burisma was inappropriate.  Thus, one might conclude that investigating such matters isn't necessarily impeachable, but might be...wise and prudent!  Note that the media never bothered to poll on this question until the Senate trial was over.  A bit late to be asking the question, don't you think?

Here's a perceptive analysis of the headwinds many of the Dems face on Super Tuesday.  My guess is that the picture after that big day will still be cloudy.

Lastly, here's our old friend Nigel Farage's take on the 2020 election.  Fingers crossed that this guy has it right.  He usually does.


  1. I am having trouble wrapping my head around the FBI and the thought of this handing over secrets (and I don't claim to be real smart on intelligence matters-but to me, it is cut and dry). Isn't that treason? There is a real coup de tat' happening, right under the peoples noses and its coming from our own government. I think that is the bottom line, the government wants to keep the people down and dumb so they can't figure out what is really happening (hope that makes sense). Of course, folks who question this stuff are called 'conspiracy theorists' (there was a great program on the History Channel yesterday concerning similar topics).

    On the second and third topics, Biden is done, stick a fork in him. Way to many gaffes and issues. I think one or two things will happen; the democrats will have to whole heartedly endorse socialism/communism or not. I foresee a brokered convention with Hillary entering the race. I also have concerns with Bloomberg and buying himself into this race. Kind of calling the kettle black, right?

    Good ol' Farage. Oh, I see Boris Johnson is backing away from embracing America and or meeting with Trump. Interesting. I think Great Britain ought to deal with what is going on in their country first (high crime, the muslim issue and so many others issues). Ah, I see in Ireland, the elections have been proven to have issues of their own as Sinn Féin have taken like 36% of the win. Interesting. I'll leave it at that.

  2. Linda, there ARE legitimate reasons to share intelligence with foreign actors, and the FBI can hide behind those reasons, BUT can you imagine sharing valuable "dirt" on a politician with the opposing campaign in the weeks leading up to the election??? That ought to have set off alarm bells all over the place! But it didn't, because any and all efforts to blacken the name of Trump are, apparently, above board, ipso facto.

    I believe you're right that Biden is cruisin' for a bruisin', BUT the critical question in politics is always timing. Will he get himself out of the way in time for another centrist to emerge against Sanders? I dunno. I believe the Dems have time versus Sanders, though, because he's nowhere close to locking up the delegates he needs. Whether Old Moneybags Mike Bloomberg can claim the crown I have my doubts. He makes too many Dems' flesh crawl.

    Boris will always keep a certain distance from Trump. So be it. The Huawei issue seems to be causing a major rift, though. I hope the Brits will relent.

    1. Oh, I agree, Dr. Waddy on the legitimate reasons for sharing info. I am just deeply disturbed by the double standard into which Manafort, Stone and others have been treated.

      I agree, the Huawei issue is a causing a major rift. It seems they sold their souls to the EU and now China. Doesn't make sense to me.

  3. Dr.Waddy and Linda: Last things first. Trump backed off on Boris during his election campaign, in order not to cause him any difficulty and perhaps Boris is simply returning the favor now. He DOES have weighty matters to deal with at home and if he concludes that Trump is likely to triumph, would be very wary of doing him any harm. Dr. Waddy: you are our proven expert on Brit politics; am I making sense?

  4. Dr. Waddy and Linda:I can half follow the details of this lamentable hurly burly as it is related in this fine article and it reminds of some of the baloney I observed in the NY Corrections Dep't. But I cannot on my own synthesize it beyond, possibly, this: It would appear that the end object was to gain the favor of the presumed winner, Hillary. And it but affirms the general understanding of her as being willing to employ "all means necessary" to secure incipiently totalitarian and immediately upon ascension vindictive power. No doubt she benefitted from her amoral "husband's" experience in low life chicanery but her resolute goal and her visceral determination to realize it, is in this account the background. So also is this question: How deep has the leftist infection, its infestation, its tragic reach - how far has it compromised American democracy? I see far, far more penetrating examination of this existential question in a second President Trump term.

  5. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Farage:" 'E's a right miracle worker 'e is then" and the willingness of Fox to access his commentary further commends him to me. I'm very encouraged by his observations and look to rejoice as never before in President Trump's reelection and the redemption of our country from the leftist curse.

  6. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Re: The Dem race. Its an edifying experience to see them devouring one another like blood crazed predators. And it is, of course, firmly within the tradition of the left. Ask such as Trotsky and many of the old line Soviets; ask Lin Piao, Liu Shao Chi, Teng Hsiao Ping and myriad other revolutionaries who gave all for the cause only be discarded as so much offal ( well yeah, they WERE offal except for Teng, but it just goes to show what the left is ever about).

    I'm especially encouraged by this onslaught on Bloomberg, featuring the time honored and recently affirmed leftist tactic of character assassination. Let them prosper in this; his wealth is a real threat, although Donald Trump might be able to meet him head on in this respect.

    Main thing is, elevate Bernie to the very Dem summit, from which his subsequent fall in November will herald an avalanche of Dem misfortune and marginalization unto irrelevancy.

    An encouraging side story is in Tulsi's libel lawsuit against imperious Hillary. May it set that consummately arrogant and thoroughly corrupt elitist and still perhaps aspiring totalitarian and vindictive '70's style man hater back many a notch. I think she is headed for a lonely retirement and I wish Tulsi was one of ours.

  7. Linda, I totally agree about the double standard: lying is apparently a minor infraction for Dems and Trump-haters, and a capital offense for Trump supporters. It's pretty rich that the Dems are criticizing Barr as Trump's stooge, when his department is still brimming with officials with an axe to grind against Trump and his ilk. I doubt Barr could turn the Justice Department into a tool for the oppression of Democrats even if he tried (given the personnel at his disposal). That he HASN'T tried is obvious to anyone with a wit of common sense.

    Jack: I think you're right that no fundamental break between Trump and Johnson is in the cards. Huawei is a touchy subject for the U.S., clearly, but neither side will give up on the goal of a free trade agreement over Huawei. The future still looks bright! Who knows -- maybe the Brits can even find a way of turning Huawei's penetration of Britain into a Western penetration of Huawei...

    And I'm sure you're right that the FBI's cooperation with the Clinton campaign in 2016 was, if you will, a down payment on what the security and law enforcement establishment might have been willing to offer her as President. Can you imagine? Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and indeed the Trumps themselves, might be, not just in legal jeopardy, but swinging from the nearest lamppost...

    Jack, Tulsi may BE one of ours, when all is said and done. And as for the Dems and their rising bile, I say let them stew in it! The attacks are really coming thick and fast now, and yet I sense that the Dems still have a long way to go before they reach the pinnacle of internecine nastiness. I don't know if things will boil down to Bernie vs. Bloomberg, but if that's the case I'd say the election is about as good as won, because I can't imagine either man holding the broad coalition that is the Democratic Party together. In fact, I could easily see whichever of them doesn't get the nomination running as an independent just for spite!

  8. Dr. Waddy: Sanders has to know he has little chance of being elected and he is getting on, so if not nominated he may well run on his own just to advance the cause to which he has devoted his misguided life. Then again, he has to know that we will make the return to lawfulness of SCOTUS permanent if the President is reelected.. Either the sagacious Marx or the visionary Lenin said the triumph of communism would be assured by a popular American reaction to an unbearable capitalist. Well, if Bernie is a Marxist (uhhh!) he may foresee that.

  9. True, Jack. Unless Bernie is an idiot (and no one has ever accused him of that), he would know that running as an independent or a Green would reelect Trump. Then again, he may not care, or he might be arrogant enough to imagine he could win a three-man race -- given the record-setting turnout he anticipates among the young and the disaffected. But I believe you're right: the chances of him running as a non-Democrat aren't high. Pity!

  10. Dr. Waddy: He may not have to do so; in my experience he may have secured the emotionally dominated young leftist throng: Sancta Simplicitas! How much did they benefit the silly McGovern?

    I am glad of his naked attack on the productive real America;

    how much of it did he discredit?