Monday, May 6, 2019

Laying Down the Law

Friends, despite the fact that the Mueller investigation was obviously biased and illegitimate, out of an abundance of caution and respect for the rule of law, President Trump allowed the "18 angry Democrats" to complete their inquiry utterly unhindered.  In fact, he cooperated with it at all levels.  You would think, having been exonerated by a hostile team of investigators and prosecutors, and having cooperated with their work, Trump would get a lot of credit.  But of course he doesn't, and he won't.  There's no appeasing the Democrats or the mainstream media -- they will crucify Trump, more or less regardless of what he says and does.  Ergo, there is nothing to be gained by humoring them or cooperating with their inquisitions in any way.  For this reason, I'm glad that the Trump administration is refusing to turn over the President's tax returns, that Attorney General Bill Barr is declining to appear before the House Judiciary Committee, and Trump's lawyers are seeking to quash subpoenas seeking his financial records.  Good!  The Trump administration is finally developing a backbone, and it's treating these inquiries with the contempt they so richly deserve.  Remember, the Dems and the media will be outraged no matter what -- so don't sweat it.  Let them stew.

In other news, you might want to read this fascinating article about the genesis of the Trump-Russia hoax, specifically as it relates to George Papadopoulous.  How easy is it manufacture an intelligence inquiry and/or an FBI investigation?  Mighty easy, when you're willing to set the bar for evidence monumentally low -- and when you're willing to ignore the huge conflicts of interest that many of your star witnesses possess.

Lastly, things are coming to a head in our trade war with China.  Within a matter of weeks, we will either have a deal -- and that would be a big political win -- or we'll have much stronger tariffs, and the dispute will escalate significantly.  That may, of course, lead us to a deal too, but by a more circuitous route.  The important thing is that the Trump administration is playing hardball, and that's exactly why the American people elected Trump in the first place.  Let China have it, Mr. President!  Let them know that we won't be trifled with, and, when they make an agreement with Donald Trump, they better honor it.  All we want from China is a fair shake in their market, and honesty and integrity in their trading relationships.  In other words, we want them to live up to the commitments they've made time and time again.  Put up, or shut up, President Xi.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Excellent point: our canny President knows there is nothing to be gained by doing anything meant to create in the Dems any sense of cooperation or obligation. Its incumbent on his supporters to let him know we laud him for his increasing intransigence toward these disdainful and haughty people. He's fighting our fight. I'm going to call him.

  2. Good for you, Jack! His support is ticking up in the polls, so that makes it clear that he pays no meaningful price for his "intransigence." My thinking is: the more you give the press and the Dems, the more they demand. A firm "no" goes a long way.

  3. Dr. Waddy: You are consummately perceptive in saying that. In having dealt with prison inmates many(not all) of whom for which it is folly to show an accomodating attitude, I see an analogy to the Dems. Like the criminals they excuse and empower, even unto Presidency, the Dems sneer at perceived weakness and compromise honestly offered by their opponents. For example: Charles Schumer, who has withering contempt written all over him in commenting upon ANY Republican position.

    Our gutsy and canny President knows this and is fully cognizant of the fundamental truth that, like amoral criminals, the Dems must be rendered subordinate and dealt with from a position of strength and dominance. Some good can come from it, just as it does at times when you put criminals in a position where you, not they, are firmly in control. I know; I've seen it work, consistently. I have no interest in reforming most Dems mind you but I think it vital to force them into the stagnant political backwater in which they belong and in the noisome setting of which they can recite their Marxist "verities" to deaf ears. Some of them are of good will and they may choose to join us, should they realize we are not to be despised.

    Donald Trump's unlikely ascension, revealing as it does a strength of character in him we could not have anticipated, provides for us in his example of defiance of leftist dissembling, a perhaps one time opportunity to save our country from cynical radical destruction.

  4. Hear hear. I agree that dealing with the Dems from a position of strength is the way to go. The other side of that coin is the fact that, from my perspective, the only tolerable Democrat is a chastened Democrat. After the 2016 election, the Left engaged in some soul-searching. It lasted all of five minutes, and then they went back to looking down their noses at us, but it was a start, at least. Clearly we need to deal them an even bigger setback. It's the only way they'll ever learn.