Thursday, May 9, 2019

Could Coal Light A Fire Under Kim Jong Un?

Friends, something momentous just happened: the United States seized one of North Korea's merchant ships, alleging that it was involved in the illegal export of coal.  International sanctions are supposed to put irresistible economic pressure on North Korea to abandon its missile and nuclear programs, but of course the North Koreans have been cheating systematically for years.  The fact that we are now prepared to enforce those sanctions and seize North Korean ships and assets is a major escalation of the sanctions regime, and it threatens the viability of the North Korean economy and state.  I say: kudos, President Trump!  The North Koreans need to understand that we mean business.  The sooner they realize that obfuscation and intransigence aren't feasible strategies, the sooner we can get back to the negotiating table, and peace can finally prevail on the Korean Peninsula.

Also, check out this superb editorial in the New York Post.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  The trade war with China may involve some short-term pain, but the matter needs resolving.  In fact, we've put off this battle for far too long.


  1. Dr.Waddy: I was able to read the Fox article via my Email. Kudos also to our gutsy President for once again proving, in enforcing in a manner which, historically, has sometimes meant war, the certainty that he means what he says. North Korea - do not doubt his resolve and pay no mind to his domestic detractors; they are in for a devastating setback. I am optimistic about our present state of negotiation with China. I'm sure they are consummate litigators and I'm confident our President is equal to the task of engaging them on equitable terms and with expectation of results favorable both to us and China.Luckily for us, our President does not shrink from the fray.

  2. I share your guarded optimism, Jack. I think we are more likely than not to strike a deal that will lead to a long-term improvement in bilateral relations.