Saturday, May 18, 2019

Race: America's Achilles' Heel?

Friends, it is an article of faith on the Left that Trump=racism, and therefore the victory of Donald Trump in 2016 must have unleashed a flood of racist incidents and attitudes throughout the nation, right?  There is a lot of evidence that the supposed cresting of American racism under Trump is purely imaginary.  This article helps to illuminate the truth: that racial attitudes are, broadly speaking, about as tolerant as they have ever been in our history, despite the Left's constant efforts to stoke division and discord.

Don't count the Left out yet, though.  They've been wanting to undermine the use of standardized testing in American college admissions for years.  The reason?  Blacks and Hispanics don't do as well on these tests as liberals think they should.  Moreover, concerted efforts to make these tests more "accessible" to people of color have had little effect.  Clearly, the only solution is to throw out standardized tests altogether, or grade black and Hispanic students on some kind of a curve, right?  Assuming you discount the idea of judging people on their individual merits, sure.  This article argues that the "adversity score" that the College Board is instituting could be a bridge to an even more naked adjustment of test scores to give students of color a leg up.  Could be.  In any case, the analysis here is superbly well-informed.


  1. Dr. Waddy: One takes one's reputation, finances and soon perhaps, if the left roars back, one's very freedom, at hazard,should one venture to take to task,for any reason, one or more black people.Though this is unjust, surely this is strongly indicative of a society determined to answer for oppression of minorities.

    But this reality and its practical manifestations seen everyday (eg.affirmative action, ubiquitous black participation in advertising, a black President twice elected in the privacy of the voting booth) disserves the fundamental purpose of the left, the destruction of a supposedly unrepentant, unreformed and irredemable America. Donald Trump stands foursquare against that principle and that quest and inspires those of good will to value his leadership.

    Though this is perhaps beside the point, having just returned from a sweltering Civil War reenactment, I'm moved to pose this question; do those who urge reparations for minorities propose to give America credit for the measures it has taken to end racial injustice? Those start with 300,000 Union deaths in the Civil War. I mean after all, even criminals often get credit for time served or consideration for positive deeds when sentencing is considered.

  2. A great point, Jack! Should the descendants of Union soldiers killed in the Civil War receive reparations, along with the descendants of former slaves? The Left will say: don't be silly! White people are white people. They are privileged by definition. From this we can deduce: it isn't victimhood or privilege that ever interested the Left in the first place -- it's race, pure and simple. They hate white people, and they adore people of color. They want to debase the former, and enthrone the latter. Their agenda IS racist, to their eternal shame.