Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Bay State Goes Bonkers

Friends, you my be taking issue with the title to this post.  After all, hasn't "the Bay State," i.e. Massachusetts, been "bonkers" for quite some time?  I concede the point.  Nevertheless, those Massachusetts liberals are taking it to a whole new level.  They seem to have decided that their own flag is racist.  Why?  Because it has an Indian on it!  Not only that, but there is an arm with a sword on top of the flag.  Never mind that that is a common heraldic device that has nothing to do with "racism" -- in fact, you'll find the same thing on the Waddy family coat of arms.  Hmm.  Perhaps I just undermined my own case, since presumably liberals would assume that racism is a hereditary trait among Waddys.  Well, the fact of the matter is that the Massachusetts flag is innocuous, and in many ways it celebrates the role of "Native Americans" in the state's history.  Perhaps the flag's real crime, though, is that it is mostly white.  No doubt the PC redesign will fix that problem!

Meanwhile, the ratings plunge at MSNBC and CNN continues, and conservatives should be cheering.  This article makes a wonderful point.  Not only have these networks failed the American people from a journalistic and moral standpoint, but they are also failing the shareholders of their parent companies from a capitalistic standpoint.  In other words, it's time to clean out the barn and give MSNBC and CNN new leadership.  I cannot overstate how salutary a development this could be from the perspective of American democracy.  If there is one force that is tearing America down, and tearing it apart, it is irresponsible broadcast "journalism."  Anything which has the potential to remove this scourge from American life is a prospect to be enthusiastically embraced.

Finally, check out this update on the DOJ's pursuit of the truth about the Trump-Russia hoax.  The connivance of the intelligence community -- foreign and domestic -- with efforts by the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign, the DNC, the FBI, the State Department, etc etc. to paint Donald Trump as a Russian agent must be investigated thoroughly.  Was anyone questioning the propriety of this political hit-job?  Were the people involved aware of how thin the pretext was to suppose Donald Trump might be working for or with the Russians?  Did they care about the truth or falsehood of the accusations, or did they simply view them as useful?  Was Trump himself surveiled, and if so to what effect?  Who had access to his personal communications?  So many questions!  Stay tuned.


  1. Dr. Waddy: I'm reminded of the very leftist Prof I had in 1966 who told us " you may submit your paper in a folder the color of which is your choice but red, white or blue are unacceptable". But he didn't get tenure; common sense still had some influence on campus. No doubt Mass. will commission a flag featuring symbolism tasking the country for failing to live up to that state's unimpeachable standards. I do sympathize though with those who hold that the dolorous history of European - Native American relations may lend lend a bitter irony to some use of Indian portraits.

    As much as freedom of expression and inquiry are anathema to the left and would certainly be extinguished if it prevailed, I think the unforgiveably free market still rules, even in those shamefully compromised enterprises in which those principles are only faciley and cynically honored. Its completely understandable that steadily increasing numbers are becoming disgusted with outlets they once thought reliable because of the presumptuous and exceedingly tiresome leftist biases expressed ad nauseum by the networks you cited. Enough is enough. They may run themselves either out of business or into the hands of owners who will take them in hand and to task and return them to respectability. Doing so would go some way toward undoing the shameful and appalling disservices these ingrates have done their country.

  2. Dr. Waddy: On the investigation of the investigation: one thousand and one dittos; this must be prosecuted fully. The left staked all on a finding of collusion, not only because they thought it would sink the President but also that it would be the antidote to any criticism of their methods."Now they must pay the price for their terrible folly" and the President and his administration must be true; Trump nation trusts him and will support them!

  3. Jack, I'd like to believe that the mainstream media is inches away from insolvency, but the truth is that even declining ratings won't silence them. Corporate America will prop up the likes of CNN and MSNBC, if necessary, because it is thoroughly cowed by the activist Left. And unfortunately in some ways Trump has been good for business: the NY Times and WaPo are thriving, thanks to the burgeoning outrage industry. Still, a slight retreat from left-wing fanaticism, in the light of declining ratings, is something vaguely achievable. My fingers are crossed.

  4. Dr. Waddy: One collapse, just one failure of a leftist outlet,especially in the whirlpool of insane radical despair after the President is reelected, might grease the slippery slope. If the left goes underground after such a catastrophe, the MSM would have to endorse the blatant physical lawlessnes which might commence. Since liberals of good will would be repelled by this, the MSM would have to abandon its sine qua non and when one comrade goes down, the rest might follow, ala Eastern Europe in '89.

  5. You're right, Jack. All it might take is to get the ball rolling... And the connivance of the MSM with a truly violent "resistance" might be the final nail in the coffin.