Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Now Kids Are Fair Game?

Friends, there aren't many better examples of the sheer viciousness of the modern Left (and the liberal media) than the way it treated Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann -- for having the gall to stand there and smile as a Native American activist banged a drum aggressively in his face.  The rush to judgement on these white, male, Catholic teens was something to behold, and we can take some satisfaction in the fact that at least a few leftist commentators have backtracked on their criticism.  Nonetheless, this episode should set off alarm bells regarding how reflexively venomous -- and racist! -- the Left has become. 

We talk about all this on this week's Newsmaker Show, as well as Brexit, the "big government" political legacy of the Lyndon Johnson administration, and more!

You may also want to take a peek at this superb piece of investigative journalism that examines one of the most successful con jobs in history: the Democrats' effort to frame the Trump campaign for collusion with Russia.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Being out of the country for awhile I hadn't heard of the Covington incident but it sounds like what we must expect from the left, which, as a whole (despite the good will of some who identify with it and that's a caveat I mean whenever I attack the left - nonetheless, the totalitarians are in the drivers' seats), is motivated by implacable HATE and vindictiveness. This was but one more of the reminders which we must heed.

    So the Infanta Alexandra has decreed on the certainty of imminent meteorological immolation. Sancta simplicitas.

    I agree with you: the left arrogates to itself the irrefutable righteousness and perception to make definitive judgements on sex, gender and by the way, marriage. Of course the law making process must give them pause and their contempt for that yet reality is manifest.

    I also agree that Kennedy would not have fluffed on the communist threat in SE Asia. He was "tempered in war", a war brought on by the appeasement of totalitarian evil and he had faced the Commies down in an almost existential confrontation. He would have stayed the course, though the baby boomers might well have savaged him too.

    I think President Johnson practiced restraint on North Korea because he knew the boomers had seriously compromised, in the tragic naivete of so many of us, our country's ability to direct its power to the just purposes fully realized by the Greatest Generation's experience of the price of freedom.

    I agree also that Johnson will be best remembered for a sincere but wrongheaded effort to perfect American society which has been proven counterproductive. He had guts to face down those of his compatriots he had to confront on fundamental civil rights and he was done wrong by the American left on a war we could and should have won, just as the Brits did in Malaya.

    You are right: the left

  2. Jack, it's wonderful to have you back in action!

    I'm amazed (but somewhat gratified) to learn that the Brits weren't transfixed by the Covington nonsense as we Americans were. It's a classic example of how these days tempers flare at the slightest provocation. It's also a testament to the unrepentant racism inherent in modern leftism.

    In many ways, I think Kennedy could count himself "fortunate" that he died young and popular, because his job would not have gotten any easier after 1963. You're right -- the flower-power crowd presumably would have turned on him just as they did on LBJ.

    North Korea got away with a great deal of misbehavior throughout the Cold War, and presumably they think that now they can continue to transgress international norms without consequence. Sad to say, they're not necessarily wrong. The US is clearly intimidated by North Korea. I'm not sure we were ever serious about launching airstrikes against them, and they appear to know it. Even the toughest sanctions in history don't seem to impress them. I hope Trump's second meeting with Kim will produce results, but so far it's been an uphill battle.

  3. Dr. Waddy: The behavior apparent in the Covington incident further discredits the left's blithe misuse of the term "racism". Why don't they just admit it (well I guess I know why - they want to win and bad faith is of essential import for them) - they intend consummate revenge when they take over, followed by the customary murderous Marxist betrayal of all the disingenuous principles they trumpeted and most of the cadre who were misled by them. Gee, where have we seen all that before? Is the American Stalin doing time for bank robbery even now?

  4. Jack, I think there are a few leftists who would frankly admit their racial animus. Of course, they would see it as entirely justified... A settling of accounts, if you will. You're right, though, that, should they take power, not many Americans would be in the Left's good books. Men, Christians, heterosexuals, whites, the well-to-do -- the list of bad actors is a mighty long one, and most of us are on it.

  5. Dr. Waddy: The Hill article afforded yet more of the credible empirical evidence you muster so frequently. Thanx again! Marx said they were free of traditional restraints and his avatars today derive unlimited license from that incalculably destructive pardon - the latest of course being their reprehensible onslaught on Donald Trump.

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