Sunday, January 27, 2019

Does Mueller Wear a Six-Shooter on His Belt?

Friends, in yet another sign that the Mueller probe has become a bad parody of justice, a platoon of heavily-armed FBI agents recently arrested Roger Stone at his Florida home.  The drama was wholly unnecessary but -- lo and behold! -- CNN was there to catch it on camera.  In fact, Roger Stone's alleged crimes implicate President Trump and members of the Trump campaign in no crime whatsoever, but the purpose of Mueller's actions seems, as usual, to be to showcase the most tangential links between Trump and Russia so as to damage the Trump presidency.  What fictions will Mueller spin in his final report?  Stay tuned.

You may also wish to read this depressing article about the American Psychological Association's recent conclusions regarding masculinity.  Here's the brief version: gender is all in our heads, but masculinity is still dangerous and abnormal.  Figure that one out.  Please!  Remember when the APA thought that homosexuality was a mental illness?  Well, those days are long gone...but now being a man -- or at least a manly man -- is seen as similarly cuckoo.  My esteem for the psychological profession has reached a new low.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Except for those organizations which seek specifically to protect true academic freedom has the entirety of the American academy surrendered to politically correct slavishness? Sounds like the man hating commissars have taken over the APA as they have the library "profession". Even before the harrowing resurgent leftist onslaught in which we find ourselves now, I always thought that Psychology had achieved about the same degree of understanding which the medical profession had in, say, 1850. In many ways they don't know what they don't know; the widely varying views on criminal psychology are examples. Well, in many ways, the Soviets subverted science to politics and their avatars (who bid fair to eclipse them in fantastic "reconstructions" of human nature and organizations) are honing their skills for the day of their complete empowerment. Yet again we are given unmistakeable prediction of their intent. They must be isolated and encased as the oyster does the irritant; better still their transportation to irrevocable marginality.

  2. I agree, Jack -- psychology as a discipline is profoundly suspect. Having said that, it's also immensely intriguing. One wonders what ordinary therapists make of some of these pie-in-the-sky pronouncements... Much of psychology also strikes me as hugely vague. So "aggression" is bad? What's aggression? Seems like a certain amount of self-assertion is absolutely essential in this world, no?

  3. Dr. Waddy:It may well be that many modern therapists are wary of being frankly critical of notions like masculinity being fundamentally malign; they may fear professional sanctions. To the radical leftist mind aggression is whatever they say it is and that's that. The fashionable concept of "microaggression' enables and excuses all manner of convenient speculation and intimidation. If its for them, aggression (assertiveness certainly) is good; if it presents them with (by definition insolent), opposition, then it is to be denounced. I think psychology is an essential discipline but still perhaps in its adolescence. In 1965 everybody was majoring in it; maybe that wasn't a good thing.

  4. Yes, you're right that it's hard to imagine anyone more "aggressive" than some of the feminists adamantly opposed to male "aggression". That's the story of the Left, though: its Orwellian thinking can only be sustained by a stunning absence of introspection and intellectual honesty.

    As for psychology, I think even "adolescence" might be generous. It strikes me as so fuzzy-headed that it's easier to misuse it than to use it for a constructive purpose.