Saturday, January 26, 2019

America's Shutdown Fever Finally Breaks

Friends, I share the disappointment expressed by many conservative commentators re: President Trump's decision to end the shutdown without a guarantee of wall funding.  In my view, as I've stated previously, Democrats were beginning to fragment on the issue of whether to negotiate with Trump.  Some were saying it would be necessary to meet him halfway, or to make a deal to protect the Dreamers.  By ending the shutdown, Trump has handed the Dems a propaganda coup, and he has sacrificed much of his leverage.

Having said all that, the shutdown may resume in three weeks, if the Democrats refuse to play ball.  In addition, Trump has other cards to play.  Take note of this article in which Sarah Sanders makes the very good point that, if Trump builds the wall by declaring a "national emergency," the courts may well uphold his decision, and Democrats would get nothing in return for the wall, because they would have been sidelined.  She makes a lot of sense, no?  Perhaps, just perhaps, the Dems will behave rationally for a change, and we will see a deal by mid-February.

In other news, the Trump administration has begun returning Central Americans to Mexico, where they will remain until their (bogus) asylum claims can be processed.  This is a major development, in many ways MORE important than the wall.  Under current law, it is very hard to deport asylum seekers, and by the time their cases are considered they may already have been living in the U.S. for years.  If this new policy survives court challenges, it will be a game changer.  It will take away the incentive for these "migrants" to make the journey in the first place.


  1. Dr. Waddy: I still trust the President and agree with you that the issue of the wall is far from resolved. I like Ann Coulter but she needs to back off a notch; this may be a tactical retreat on the part of the President. History affords us numerous examples of eventual successes which met with harrowing setbacks on the way; I'm going to call him tomorrow to express support for his continued and determined effort.

  2. Dr. Waddy: Thanx for this heads up on asylum policy. If it has the effect you propose it could well be a major step in establishing a credible border and that is an existentially important issue.

  3. Good for you, Jack! He could use some words of encouragement. A three-week deadline might just concentrate the attention of the Dems and bring them to the table. At some point, if I were Trump, I'd give them a deadline: make a deal by so and so, or else I declare a national emergency. Incidentally, an emergency could have lots of other benefits, including speedier deportations? I wouldn't trust Mexico to keep accepting these migrants either. They seem to be wobbling, but, if we keep the pressure, up who knows... Closing the border is another card Trump has to play.

  4. Dr. Waddy: More power and good tidings to our courageous President in this time of his travail. Its incumbent on the real America to return his loyalty in a big way and put the lie to the MSM's assuredly, characteristically and consistently negative depiction of his efforts and their consequences. Civil War II is getting intense and 1863 may be here. So very much is on the line.

  5. Truer words were never spoken! Once the Dems choose a nominee, I suspect it will be even clearer that 2020 represents a reckoning of historic proportions.