Monday, January 28, 2019

Mueller Time is Fast Approaching

Friends, the tea leaves are starting to align, and we may finally be approaching the end of Robert Mueller's inquiry into "Trump-Russia collusion".  By and large, that's good news, since this nonsense has been hanging over our Fearless Leader for almost two whole years.  My sense is that there's very little indication that Mueller has found anything close to "collusion" between the Trump camp and Russia.  In fact, his vindictive attacks on Trump associates like Roger Stone are more a sign of weakness than of strength.  That doesn't mean Trump is out of the woods, however.  Mueller could still try to make a case that Trump has lied or obstructed justice.  Both crimes can be opportunistically defined.  Luckily, whatever Mueller and his liberal prosecutors whip up will be sifted through the filter of the acting Attorney General, or possibly Attorney General Barr, if he's confirmed in time.  I suspect that Mueller, in the end, won't be capable of delivering the goods, and "the goods" means ending the Trump presidency, which has always been the goal of the Dems and the deep state.

This poll about the Mueller investigation bears out my thinking.  Whatever Mueller produces, many Americans will suspect his motives and will doubt his fairness.  That's all to the good for President Trump.

In other news, the deficit continues to be alarmingly high.  President Trump's stewardship of the economy has been good overall, but his free-spending ways, combined with his tax cut, have put us in a tight spot, fiscally speaking.  Of course, voting for Democrats is no answer: they'll spend money like it's going out of style.  My concern is...what happens if we have a recession?  Deficits are already high -- how much higher can they go???


  1. Mueller's investigation still has time to play out. You don't indict Stone and grab all that evidence if you are planning to wrap up shortly. In addition, Whitaker is not going to be around for the report. Barr will be confirmed next week, and Whitaker will be out of a job.

    In addition, no one knows what the report will say. It could be that Trump escapes any charges, but it is clear the campaign won't emerge unscathed.

  2. Yes, a lot of questions remain unanswered. I can't disagree with that. Lots of signs that Mueller enjoys charging people with lying and being uncooperative. No sign whatsoever that he's found any real collusion. Obstruction is another story. I won't be surprised if he does his best to make that case. As you say, it will be up to Barr to make the next move.

    I anticipate a battle royal in the House over impeachment: Dem versus Dem.

  3. Dr. Waddy; 2020 is shaping up as yet another crucial one; the real America must stand up to fanatic anti Trumpism and disempower those who have advanced it. First, we must because it is vicious and wrongheaded; second because it once again, ad nauseum, gives us irrefutable notice of how they would rule - amorally, dictatorially (check out New York State these days) and with unrepentant bigotry. Regardless of his intentions, Mueller's investigation serves the purposes of the totalitarian quest for President Trump's political and personal destruction and the repudiation of the 2016 election.That 50% of Americans may recognize it as such is encouraging.

  4. I agree, Jack. Mueller has gotten the benefit of the doubt from way too many Americans, and he has done so much to bring his own credibility into question. If "Russia collusion" is so vile, for instance, how can Mueller justify failing to investigate the Dems' own collusion with Russians (via Christopher Steele)?

  5. Dr. Waddy: Yeah - ditto! That is the criticism which most discredits his effort and makes highly plausible the view that his conduct reflects an overt bias against the President and a firm determination to work toward the President's downfall. I had always had the impression that Mueller was a principled man at law but he may be another of those who honestly believe that Donald Trump's accession was a catastrophe which must be met. How wrong history will prove them to be (if honest historical exposition continues to be possible in this country); Donald Trump may be a great President.

  6. Jack, I shudder to think who will be writing the history books (or history vlogs) hundreds of years from now...

    It's hard to square Mueller's reputation for integrity with his decision to employ only hardcore Democrats, and to completely eschew any investigation that could embarrass the Democrats. His hardball tactics against Trump associates are also a red flag. Having said all that, his antics could be more self-justification than anything else. We'll know soon enough.